Dreams Related To Danger

Sensing danger

If you sense danger in your dream, such as while you are walking down a dark alley or you find yourself in a seedy neighborhood, then this is a strong warning about actual threat that is present in your surroundings in the waking world. Be extra vigilant because this danger could manifest in a variety of ways. It could be an environmental threat like a natural disaster about to happen. It could also be a psychological threat from your rivals who seek to break down your defenses so they could advance their interests.

Impending danger

Sensing impending danger in a dream, such as feeling like you are going to be attacked or an accident is about to happen, signals the sudden recognition for your accomplishments. You are going to get noticed by colleagues and your superiors after achieving or completing a particularly complicated task. This can also mean getting the respect and reverence you deserve from your peers. Since you try not to flaunt your accomplishments, someone else could point out your strengths which would influence others to act respectfully towards you.

Children in danger

Seeing children in danger, such as when kids play on the railroad track or near the edge of a pool, reveals some troubles piling up for you in wake life. You may soon run into a string of bad luck. For example, you may get sick and then have to take time off from work, leading to financial troubles and a deteriorating quality of life at home.

Saving a child from danger

Traditional sources of dream interpretation suggest that saving a child from danger in the dream realm is actually alluding to some medium-sized issue that would cause you financial difficulties in wake life. For instance, you might owe more taxes than you expected, or you may need to buy a new electronic device or gadget to replace an older, inefficient model. You may have to commit to a slightly tighter budget to make this happen, but in the end it would only be a bump on the road.

Frightened by danger

Getting frightened by danger or a dangerous situation in your dream, such as a bomb threat or a shooting incident, is actually a good sign in terms of romantic relationships. Specifically, this means that your partner or spouse will finally stop dwelling on your past relationships or mistakes so you can focus on building a better future. In addition, if your partner is the jealous type, then this signals the end of unnecessary jealousy and digging up the past whenever you have misunderstandings.

Running from unknown danger

Running from an unknown danger is associated with running away from your problems in reality. In turn, it can be seen as a warning to look at aspects of your life that need improvement and acting upon them accordingly. In this case, however, you may have more than one issue bearing down on you or, alternatively, you may not be aware of all the problems or their potential consequences. Therefore, this is not just a matter of briefly surveying your current situation but carefully analyzing your circumstances for current and possible trouble.

Running away slow from danger

Being unable to move away from danger quickly is a sign that there are many obstacles in your path toward a better life. You may need to accomplish a number of basic tasks before you are able to move on to the next level. For example, you may need to work on your exercise schedule, eating tendencies and other habits before you are able to become healthy and fit.

Feeling impending danger

The dream meaning behind the feeling of impending danger or doom, such as irrational fears and phobias or worries about catastrophic occurrences, depends on how the dreamer felt upon waking up. If you felt normal and unconcerned, then those groundless feelings of danger just mean you are going through a stressful period which will eventually pass. However, if the fear comes out of nowhere in your vision, then this could signify unexpected luck and fortuitous events about to steer your destiny for the better.

Being saved from danger

Dreaming of being saved from danger can make you feel a sense of relief and help in your waking life. Generally, it suggests that there may be a situation in your life where you need assistance or support from someone you trust. It is important not to speculate or rely solely on others for rescue, but rather actively seek help and communicate your needs to overcome challenges in your life.

Danger from wild animals

To dream that you are in danger from wild animals, like a cheetah or a polar bear trying to attack you, portends the possibility of getting injured from an accident. This usually points to road accidents involving vehicles, like a car crash or skidding on compromised roads, so be extra careful when you are driving or a passenger of a public transportation vehicle. Stay alert and cautious so you can protect your well-being as well as the people traveling with you. Also be extra aware about signs on the road to keep yourself safe.

Being subjected to danger

If you dream of being subjected to danger, for example deciding to climb a mountain or participating in other risky and extreme adventures, reveals your current state of restlessness. You are still not ready to settle down or follow the well-trodden path, so your mind wanders since you want to explore and experience more out of this world. This could also reveal uncertainty. Your indecisiveness could stem from your lack of understanding about what you really want and what role you want to fill in this lifetime.

Unable to avoid danger

If you were unable to avoid danger in dreams, such as getting injured from accidents and natural disasters, unfortunately means you are going to experience a big slump in your business, work or current project. This downturn could also occur in your household with family members and loved ones giving you a cold shoulder. For couples, this dream symbol portends failed plans and bad investments. In worst cases, this can signify a big rift that would lead to your eventual break up.

Danger from weapons

The threat or danger from weapons, like a gun or a knife brandished by an unstable person, means there is trouble brewing in the workplace or your business. This will give you a lot of problems and create opportunities for your rivals to swoop in and take advantage. This problem could arise from negligent co-workers or someone unfairly questioning your leadership as well as your capabilities. People could undermine your qualifications and try to kick you out of your current position.

A situation involving danger

A situation which you deem dangerous and risky in dreams, such as saving someone from a burning building or going free diving with sharks, reveals your anxiety and high-strung personality. You tend to be emotional and moody whenever things do not go your way which does not help you deal with the situation better. You need to learn to control your emotions, especially when it comes to loved ones, so you can clear your head and make better decisions. When you allow emotions to dictate your actions, you are bound to make more mistakes.

Flying away from danger

Flying away from a dangerous, unsafe situation in dreams can be considered a metaphor for running away from your problems in wake life. You may be in a difficult situation, such as having trouble with someone in your life or running short on cash. You may be attempting to ignore these issues by indulging in drinks, getting lost in a book or ignoring the person who is bothering you. However, this vision can also be considered a warning that ignoring a problem may make it worse than simply dealing with it head on.

Being slow in the face of danger

This is a recurring dream. I'm running from someone or something and it's very vital to my life to get away. But as hard as I try, I cannot run fast at all. It's very slow motion and I fall a lot and have a hard time getting up. Sometimes I crawl, but I never seem to be able to run when I need to. Never see who or what is chasing me and they or it never gets me. I just feel hopeless because I'm so slow.

Running away from some unknown danger suggests that you are coming to the realization that things in your life must change in order for you to get to the next level. You have even been beating yourself up because you have not been doing the things you need to do. Falling and struggling to run away indicates facing obstacles on your path to turning your life around. While this could make the process long and arduous, the benefits of committing to change are likely worth the effort.

Trying to apprehend a dangerous person

A scary person able to hurt physically. Cannot get away. Try to put in handcuffs, but shrinks wrists and slips out. Cops just keep saying they are on their way, but never get there. Hard time waking up from this dream. Woke up very scared.

Experiencing frightening dreams such as the one you had points to negative emotions and setbacks in your waking life. The fear which manifests as a scary person or some threatening presence suggests psychological aspects or emotional parts of yourself that you no longer recognize or possibly want to get rid of. You could be yearning for freedom from the darker side of yourself or your personality. However, in the dream you had a hard time handcuffing the person, which means you may be having trouble controlling your rebellious or misbehaving side. The solution lies inside you and not any external influences, hence the absence of the cops.

Dangerous waters

Hello, I keep having dreams that involve danger and water and my family. Within the past two weeks I've had dreams about flooding, swimming through a murky river, paddling in a murky river with an alligator, and just about every dream I'm having involves dangerous waters.

Water represents your subconscious state and the quality of the water in these dreams alludes to your state of mind. Hence, the flood, murky rivers and dangerous waters all point to inner turbulence and negative emotions. Perhaps there is some ensuing discord within the family that is stressing you out. Interestingly, the alligator is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. There could be a person close to you who you feel cannot be trusted and who is manipulating people to get his or her way. In order to clear up your mind and find peace, it may be necessary to identify the source of your problems.

Escaping danger as in a game

Female. I dreamt that I am running down a hill. The pathway looks a little dangerous at first, someone is chasing me, it's like I am in a game played by athletes. Sometimes I am the player, sometimes I am watching. Then as if it's a deja vu. I don't know if it's a story or I have dream of it back then. I saw kids, they asked my help to escape from their father who maltreats them. Then I remembered I have no money, so I told them that I will be back tomorrow. I returned, but I don't know if we escaped.

Finding yourself running on a downhill path in the world of dreams points to some unfavorable changes in reality. These changes would likely have a significant impact on you, especially in terms of your physical well-being or mental health. The amount of stress generated by these pivotal events could decrease your overall stamina and agility with time. Part of the stress may be due to your innate need to help others. Your generosity and empathy would make a whole world of difference in their lives but could take a lot out of you as a result.

Family members in danger

Envisioning your family members in danger in a dream realm symbolizes feelings of worry and concern for your loved ones and the state of your relationship with them. Furthermore, the dream is a reflection of your fears and anxieties about your family's safety and well-being. If you feel fortunate and are able to protect and save your family members, it indicates that you feel capable of handling the problems or challenges you are facing. If you feel helpless, it suggests that you should improve personal connections with your family. The dream is a signal or a warning for the dreamer to pay attention to their relationships and look for the answers and solutions to the problems their family is facing and to work on improving them to have a better future life.