Dreams Related To Curtains

Seeing curtains

Curtains as dream symbols, whether they are hanging on windows or neatly folded in a pile, symbolize worries and apprehensions about or related to an unexpected guest or visitor. Perhaps a senior executive would visit which would determine the direction of your career. So your performance during his or her visit is crucial. Or it could be someone from your past and your negative reaction may be because you do not like this person or you are afraid that this individual would trigger painful memories.

A damaged red curtain

I dreamed about a curtain with a red color and damaged, with a lot of holes, but under it there was a yellow bright color and in good condition?

The red curtain that appeared torn and damaged represents attacks against you in reality. Someone with a grudge against you or your family may try to ruin your good name by slander and other malicious attacks. They could post false or misleading information about you on social media or point out your flaws in a public space. This situation would initially cause you much distress and would likely disrupt your daily life. However, the yellow color curtain beneath the red represents coming into money or gaining something beyond value. Perhaps you would be able to file a lawsuit against your accusers and win your case. Alternatively, their attempts may blow up in their face, and your friends would reaffirm their loyalty to you.

Taking curtains down

Envisioning yourself taking the curtains down, perhaps to hang new curtains or wash the curtains you removed, means misfortune is about to fall on your household. You or a member of your family may experience hardships that could be personal in nature or work-related. The affected member may suffer both emotional and physical setbacks. It may be up to you and other members of the family to pick up the slack and support the suffering member until they are stable or strong enough to function normally again.

White curtains

White curtains as a dream symbol tend to have a positive meaning associated with fashion. For example, the white curtains may be out drying under the sun or hanging on your own curtain rods at home in this dream. This means you likely have a style that comes naturally to you. More importantly, an upcoming event or occasion at work or with your friends may highlight your fashion style to great effect. Instead of going with the trend, you may be likely to start a trend as you effortlessly stand out.

Curtains drawn shut

Curtains that are drawn shut, maybe because people inside the house are mourning or using drawn curtains to conceal something illicit inside the room, suggest that you could uncover a very controversial secret. This could pertain to someone in your social group who is hiding a big secret that when revealed may completely change your perception of this person. Alternatively, it could also be something much bigger than you and the information may affect a lot of people in your community. It would be up to you whether revealing it would be best for all involved.

Hanging curtains

Seeing hanging curtains in dream visions, on curtain rods or a clothesline as they are hanging out to dry, suggests an upcoming festive occasion or a celebration in reality. You can expect a lot of people to attend this party or banquet in your honor or perhaps someone important in your social circle. The fancier the curtains, the bigger the event is going to be. You could meet new faces who would play an important role in your career growth or your personal life. Certainly, it would be quite memorable for you.

See-through curtains

See-through or transparent curtains in dreams, made of flimsy and sheer material such as chiffon or lace, represent your strong appeal to the opposite sex. Maybe you project a certain quality that is deemed attractive by others. It could be your confidence, your poise, your innate charm or just the general way in which you carry yourself. Whatever it is, this dream implies a very fortuitous period ahead where you would turn heads and maybe get a few suitors along the way.

Sun shining through curtains

Dreaming that the sun is shining through the curtains, casting shadows of the curtain's lace patterns or bathing you in silhouette against the light spilling into the room, is an auspicious sign regarding the fulfillment of your dreams. You could get a major headway when it comes to your current goals or undertakings. This may also refer to positive progress in your personal relationships. It may be a slow and steady progress, but at least you know you are getting closer to achieving your heart's desires.

Fancy curtains

Fancy curtains, perhaps curtains that are made of velvet or highly intricate with detailed embroidery, portend a meeting or an encounter with a duplicitous individual. This person may put on a trustworthy facade or use charm to get your trust. Be warned, however, because this slick and smooth-talking individual may be trying to scam you or trick you into participating in an unlawful activity. Perhaps it is best not to quickly commit to anything or sign anything binding when you do not know the other party that well.

Curtains which do not exist

Dreaming that your windows have curtains when in reality your have bare windows means you feel detached or alienated from the things that are happening around you. You may be too focused on your own issues or you are preoccupied with your future to be bothered by the troubles of your peers or even sociopolitical matters. This tendency to not feel invested in matters that are affecting your friends and family may eventually put a strain on your relationships.

Wide open curtains

Wide open curtains, perhaps draped over windows that are overlooking a lush field of flowers, usually convey positive dream meanings. More often than not, this has something to do with new opportunities or blessings coming your way. You may receive special privileges or rights that would make your life infinitely more comfortable and prosperous. These new perks may be due to your improved social status or professional advancement. After proving your worth, especially in terms of specific skills, perhaps you may earn the right to choose the projects you want.

A stage curtain

A stage curtain, especially at a moviehouse or theater when the curtains are still drawn closed prior to a screening or performance, symbolizes your disappointment in something that you have been looking forward to. It could be something as simple as a book or film that failed to meet your expectations. Or this may point to an encounter with your heroes, only to find out that they are horrible human beings. This dream symbol may also point to less than stellar results in your exams or projects, so you would beat yourself up over it.

New curtains

Having new curtains in your home or apartment, probably because you are having a party or you want to change up the room's design, means you would soon welcome guests in your real-world residence. The visitors could either be expected or it could also be a surprise visit. If it is a surprise visit, then perhaps this visit would be an enlightening one as you would be updated about people you may have not seen in a long time. If it is expected, then you could learn a great deal from their life and travels.

Green curtains

Green curtains as dream symbols, such as seeing them hanging over bedroom windows or blowing slowly from the wind coming through open windows, refer to the possibility of finding a new partner. This could be a romantic partner, like a spouse, or a business partner. The dynamics of your relationship would inevitably change over time, however, a certain event may test your loyalty towards each other. There is also a likelihood that external circumstances would break the two of you apart, forcing you to find another partner.

Changing curtains

Changing curtains in dreams, during a spring cleaning session or laundry day, implies a tumultuous period ahead of you because of your erratic emotions. Perhaps your hormones would go awry and this would result in terrible mood swings. A recent failure or a fight with your significant other could also trigger emotional outbursts. You may end up projecting your frustrations and anger on others, including colleagues and friends. Prepare to find a quiet place to release your anger or channel your negative emotions or else you may end up hurting others.

Drying curtains outside

Hanging curtains outside to dry, after laundry day as the sun is shining bright and hot, signifies possible conflicts and disagreements with your loved ones. You may get into an altercation with close friends due to differing opinions or misunderstandings. Alternatively, you and your significant other could quarrel over little annoyances. Unfortunately, if you do not learn to compromise, things could get worse and bigger problems could arise. It is up to you whether you allow petty things to damage your relationships.

Someone hiding behind curtains

Sensing as if someone is hidden near the window or seeing a silhouette of a person in a dream vision suggests that you might be feeling torn with your own emotions. You want to be straightforward but fear that the other person involved might misunderstand your words and intentions. Hence, you just bottle up what you feel or your worries instead of looking for answers. Conversely, you might be testing your luck in investment, but the outlook might not be too good at the moment.

Purple curtains

Purple-coloured curtains, such as a plain purple fabric or printed curtains dominated with purple designs, point to an upcoming bonding or quality time with the closest and most important people in your life. You could go on a quick outing at the beach or a hike with your best friends, family or relatives during a weekend. It could also be a long vacation at a resort or an overseas trip. No matter where you may end up spending this time together, you would definitely create more great memories and happy moments.

Curtain halves that do not match

Mismatched or drapes that do not match, especially in a space with eccentric designs and furniture, mean that your partner may be cheating on you. You may have noticed clues or signs in reality yet you choose to ignore the warnings because you trust your significant other. This dream symbol points to the possibility that you would find out about the indiscretion which would lead to a heated discussion. It is your decision whether you need to part ways or choose to fix your relationship.

Wringing wet curtains

Wringing wet curtains before hanging them to dry, such as while you are washing the curtains by hand or manually doing your laundry, means you could get involved in some shady deals, shameful acts or illegal activities. A good friend may encourage you to take part without letting you know the full details of this transaction. This could be the warning you need to be more cautious about entering agreements or trusting people who could be resorting to fraudulent acts in order for you to get out of a tricky situation.

Silk curtains

The imagery of silk curtains, hanging on your bedroom windows or neatly displayed on racks at the department store, refers to the possibility of acquiring a new property. You may get the funding you need to buy a new house or even to build your dream house. Your loan may be approved so you can finally move to a different residence or a generous relative may lend you the money for the down payment. Alternatively, housing prices would drop so you would be able to afford a bigger place.

Old-looking curtains

Old-looking curtains, such as dusty old-fashioned curtains or faded curtains due to usage over a long period of time, mean a disagreement or conflict could force you to reveal your true nature. A contentious topic could make you lose your temper and push you to utter words you would not ordinarily say or behave in a vastly different way. Your words or actions may be unbecoming, but this would allow you to get to know yourself even better. Perhaps this would provide a great insight about your strongly-held beliefs.

Pink curtains

The dream image of pink curtains, like in a girl's bedroom or perhaps a room with very feminine interior design, is a reflection of your promiscuous nature. You may tend to flirt with people you fancy, both in your social circle as well as strangers you meet at parties or similar events. This could eventually lead to romantic flings which would end in an eventual parting of ways and no real commitment. Depending on the other person's reaction, it may have no negative consequences or you may have to contend with serious issues.

Curtains belonging to someone else

Focusing on curtains that belong to someone else, perhaps when you borrowed the curtains in your dream or you are in someone else's house, means you are about to discover something new about the owner of the curtains in your dream. The information could be sensitive in nature or something that would be surprisingly pleasant. You can use this uncovered secret to get to know the person a little more. Maybe you would find a really good friend in him or her that would stand the test of time.

Curtains on fire

Dreaming about curtains or drapes that have caught on fire is symbolic of some sharp turns and big bumps appearing in your once peaceful daily existence. The consequences of these events could be either positive or negative, depending on the situation. However, this may not be apparent until after everything is said and done.

Dirty or torn curtains

Dirty or torn curtains, like curtains in the laundry basket or damaged curtains of an abandoned building, imply character assassination. Your enemies may resort to dirty tactics in their mission to get ahead of you. Part of this plot may be to defame your character by insinuating unprofessionalism or spreading controversial gossip about you. Alternatively, someone who has a lot of power and influence may criticize you harshly or say something bad about you and this would lead to the loss of opportunities.

Inspecting the curtains fabric

Looking closely at curtains and inspecting the fabric, for example as you trace your hands on the patterns and intricate details as well as noting the material used, is an indication of your emotional or psychological distress. You may be fixating on certain issues because you cannot figure out how to fix them. You could be replaying bad decisions or mistakes over and over in your head just trying to make sense of them. Unfortunately, dwelling on negative things may only serve to exacerbate your issues.

Focusing on curtains

Focusing on curtains, for example looking at the curtain up close or scrutinizing the craftsmanship of the curtains, means you would be entrusted with an important secret. In addition, what you do with the curtains determines whether you would be able to successfully keep the secret or end up spilling the beans. Drawing the curtains closed refers to your ability to protect and keep the secret, while opening curtains or drawing them open usually means you would divulge the secret voluntarily or inadvertently which could have either positive or negative outcomes.

Darkness behind curtains

To see darkness behind curtains, such as a dark room when you are looking at the windows from outside or the darkness of the evening if your point of view is from inside the room, means that you may have to deal with other people's ignorance. Friends, family members or acquaintances may not understand your point of view or your stand on certain issues. It is also possible that they would not fully support your dreams because they do not necessarily get what is aspirational about it. Their negative attitude and reactions toward things you are passionate about could deeply hurt your feelings.

Black and white curtains

To see black and white curtains in your dream, like in a home improvement shop or a well lit room, is an indication that you are probably working too hard or dissatisfied with your job. The daily grind could be taking its toll on you, both physically and mentally. Exhaustion without feeling fulfilled professionally may be making you more susceptible to stress and emotional breakdowns. Perhaps you are thinking about taking a break from work or your daily routines to recharge.

Yellow curtains

The presence of yellow curtains in dreams, inside a room in the vision or even as part of a painting or picture, portends the possibility that you would acquire a large sum of money in a short period of time. You may win the lottery, find fortune in gambling or similar high stakes game. This gives you the opportunity to have a more financially stable life, either by investing it wisely or using the money to start your own business. This could also test your discipline as you would be tempted to splurge instead of managing your cash wisely.