Dreams Related To Curse

Unable to break a curse

That I was in a rundown part of town for a voodoo doctor because someone had painted something on my back that connected me with the Grim Reaper. The only way to make the voodoo curse go away was to kiss every piece of baby clothes that remained mine. With very little help I couldn't get my baby clothes before I knew what was going to happen to me. I woke.

Being cursed in a dream reveals that you are currently preoccupied with making plans or figuring out how to become richer or earn more income. Similarly, baby clothes symbolically represent being limited in abilities or resources needed to succeed, especially it these clothes were perceived or thought of in this dream as belonging to an infant or toddler. You could also be sensing that someone more capable and resourceful is standing in your way preventing you from moving forward in the desired direction. These visions, therefore, could represent and validate your weak spots and shortcomings which need to be worked on before you can succeed in your undertakings.