Dreams Related To Cuddle

Cuddling with a man

Envisioning yourself cuddling with a man, regardless of your gender, reveals your desire to feel an intimate connection with other people. You may have superficial contact with friends or even your loved ones and you want to be able to get to know them on a deeper level. If you are in a relationship with someone other than this person in the dream, then perhaps the seemingly perfect façade of your love is showing some cracks. You could experience a situation which would put your love for your partner in question, whether it is your own transgression or your significant other's.

Cuddling with someone

A cozy cuddle with someone, especially if it is a person you care for in the waking world, implies emotional contentment and a satisfying physical relationship. If this person is a stranger, then perhaps you are looking for the perfect person or a soulmate. It does not have to be romantic. You could be looking for meaningful contact with a friend or you just want to hang out with a man and be able to connect and enjoy this platonic situation.

Cuddling with my crush

To hang out and cuddle with your crush in the dream world could reveal your desire to know this person on a deeper level. Your feelings for this person may develop into love or you may wish to be in a romantic relationship with this person. As such, this emotional hugging with your crush symbolizes wish fulfillment. Alternatively, someone else may be crushing on you, and if given the chance, you may find comfort in this unlikely relationship.