Dreams Related To Crush

Someone having a crush on you

Having a dream about someone having a crush on you signifies that the person you think you are in love with will remain cold and indifferent towards you even though he or she may occasionally exhibit some signs of interest or give attention to you.

This dream can also symbolize something unexpected happening in your life, either positive or negative in nature.

A childhood crush

Dreaming about a childhood crush, a person you had feelings for in your youth, symbolically represents deepening ties with people you have known a long time. This means you are likely to learn new things about someone you have known for many years or go through an experience with this person which would bring you closer together.

Having a crush on someone with no reciprocation

Having a dream about experiencing a crush on someone but, at the same time, suffering because they do not reciprocate symbolizes your loneliness and dissatisfaction with your life.

Having a strong crush on someone

Dreaming about having a strong crush on someone is a symbol of strengthening of friendship or professional relationship. It can also signify periods of happiness and satisfaction with life.

My high school crush

To dream of your high school crush reveals your frustration about the realities of life, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. People just have too much baggage, including yourself, so your former naive concept of love seems so out of reach and unrealistic now. Still, you long for this pure and uncomplicated attraction like a breath of fresh air. Fortunately for you, this vision foretells a serendipitous encounter in your waking life which would lead to a sweet romance. Bumping into someone in a concert or a chance encounter during one of your travels will bring back all the feelings of having a high school crush.

My ex crush

The presence of someone you once had feelings for in the dream world is often considered the manifestation of personal baggage you are holding onto in reality. In a sense, it suggests you are having trouble letting go of something that is holding you back from achieving your full potential. In some cases, this can literally refer to your feelings for someone in reality. However, it can be interpreted more generally to mean any emotions or concerns that prevent you from making the most of your present situation. Until you can make peace with yourself, you will be unable to make progress with your goals and dreams.

My crush and their ex

Seeing the person you are currently in love with rekindling a relationship with a lover from their past is a symbol connected with the idea that when one door closes another door opens. Whether or not your crush is interested in their ex in reality, this symbol is a reminder to consider your options and not to settle for less than you deserve. There could be other paths or chances you would miss by jumping into something too quickly.

Crush helping family members

I'm a girl. In my dream we had guests who came to visit my sick dad. The guests were my crush and his family, he drove them to our house and I was standing by the door, so I saw them pull their car in front of me. I heard my crush tell his family that he won't come in, but then turned around and saw me and told his family that he changed his mind as he smiled at me. They came in and I welcomed them. Then my dad asked me to bring them mineral water. I looked all around the fridge and I couldn't find any mineral water, I found a few but they weren't enough since we had 10-12 guests. I was really embarrassed.

Whether your dad is sick in real life or not, this dream may be pointing to some unresolved or ongoing conflicts with someone close to you, possibly a family member, relative or good friend. The sickness your father is experiencing indicates concern about physical well-being, specifically safety and health, although this may or may not be the cause of your issues with this person. Sharing water in a dream vision is symbolic of helping others, and seeing yourself spreading thin but not being able to provide water for all the guests, like what happened in your dream, suggests giving too much of your time and energy to others. Despite your generosity, they may not recognize or appreciate your efforts on their behalf. While this dream shows that you are caring and thoughtful, it warns that you should also consider your own well-being and existing needs.

My former crush

Your former crush represents your past, although it could also indicate that you have lingering feelings for this person. In general, this may suggest that you are having a hard time moving on or learning from your past mistakes. This inability to let go and move forward could be hindering your personal growth and path to success. So in order to find peace and clarity about your goals in life, you may need to confront unresolved issues and make peace with things that you cannot change. Ultimately, your former crush represents personal baggage and stuff that are holding you back from realizing your full potential.

Your crush staring at you

Envisioning your crush staring at you in a strange way may likely be interpreted as them having something to tell you in the real life. The feeling of hesitation to express yourself openly and completely is quite common in budding relationships, which is why they might have something to tell you lately. You might have overlooked the obvious signs when they or you lack the confidence to have this initial candid exchange.

Holding hands with a crush

I'm a female. I dreamt of holding hands with my crush. We were looking forward to go opposite directions, but we both were not able to let go because our hands were held very tightly without our knowledge as if they were bound with super glue.

Holding hands with your crush means your lives will forever be intertwined. This is further underscored by the super glue binding your hands together. An incident will solidify this bond, especially since this situation requires trust or exposes vulnerability for the both of you. While being closer to your crush might at first glance seem like a good thing, there is a downside to this. For instance, their knowledge of your weakness also gives them the power to humiliate you if you have a disagreement.

Having a crush on someone

Dreaming about yourself having a crush on someone is a sign of your boredom and dissatisfaction with your life, lacking love or affection coming from your loved one. It can also mean that you may never experience true love in your life.

This dream can be a warning about your selfish and pointless desires which can ultimately lead to some conflicts and tricky situations. For a young woman this dream can be an indication of some form of forbidden romance or affair leading to more stable and peaceful relationship with a love partner. For married women this dream can be a sign of dissatisfaction with their current sex life and a desire to seek for pleasure elsewhere.

Being deceived by a crush

My crush told me that he liked me back and wanted to be with me, so I became his girlfriend and was so happy, he was all lovey-dovey with me, but soon after, his best friend started texting me more and more and told me he also liked me. I was confused and told him that I'm in a relationship with his best friend, and that is when he told me that his best friend didn't really like me and was just playing with my feelings. I was hurt and I didn't know what to do, I woke up after that.

Dreaming about being led into believing that someone loves you but later discovering that this is not true means that you have good chances of eliminating someone's attempts to degrade your name and ruin your image in the eyes of others because you will be able to always be a step ahead of their intentions and deceitful actions. These actions are not necessarily related to romantic affairs or dating, and could equally be expected from your general social interactions.

Holding my crush hands

Holding hands with your crush represents your growing fondness for this person. You may be thinking about your crush more and more so your mind has conjured this situation as a wish fulfillment of some sort. This way, you are able to experience the development of your relationship to give you the courage to take the first step of getting to know this person better. Alternatively, you could also be worried that your crush is in trouble and your subconscious has picked up hints of your crush needing some help and companionship. If this is the case, then holding hands represents your readiness to lend a hand and support your crush in times of trouble.

Foot being held by crush

I love a person and he did not. And in my dreams he caught me by a foot by hand. What does it mean?

Unrequited love signifies misfortune in romantic relationships. If you felt hurt by the lack of reciprocation of your affection, then this means you might encounter a new love that could end up hurting you. This pain from a heartbreak could end up holding you back. This dream vision serves as a friendly reminder to guard your heart.

A funeral of a crush

My crush died and I was the only one not crying out of all of his friends, and when the funeral was over, the person who hated him the most and even killed him was crying in a room alone next to her boyfriend which was my dead crush's best friend.

Attending a funeral in the dream world usually carries positive connotations. It means that you would experience good fortune or acquire wealth in the near future. While this symbol is usually associated with physical wealth, your lack of tears may indicate that this is something of sentimental value instead. The death of your crush in the dream could translate to a stronger bond between the two of you in the waking world. In addition, the grief from his killer could be an allusion to their damaged friendship. Perhaps the weakening of their ties would result in the development of your connection with your crush.

Crush with someone else

Seeing your crush with someone else in the dream realm is not necessarily a prophecy that your love is doomed for ruin. It does suggest, however, that something in your life is bound to disappoint or hurt you in the near future. This may be anything as simple as a bad grade on a test you studied hard for to more troubling issues like discord among friends or family members. You should be prepared for trouble in the near future so that you are not shocked or caught off guard by this situation.

Looking at a picture of a crush

My dream was about me looking at a picture via the Internet of my crush with an older woman. Also, there were 3 kids in the picture with them, but one of the kids wasn't his. What does this mean?

Dreaming about looking intensely at the photograph of your crush points to your desire, if not obsession, to establish or maintain a long-lasting relationship with this person. Your subconscious mind has painted a picture of an old woman, which is probably just a projection of your own self, imagined together with the children as a representation of the family or union you would like to have with this man.

A crush wearing ugly clothes

I had a dream where I was having dinner with my crush and her friends, and she was wearing ugly clothes. She was wearing a blue and yellow striped sleeveless dress with a "Coca-cola" singlet on top of it. What does this mean?

Sharing a meal with those who are close to you may predict one of them leaving or moving away for a long time. While the motive is unclear, your crush's ugly clothing could reveal one of two things. Ugly, dirty or ill-fitting clothing represents deceit in the dream world. On one hand, it may mean she has not been honest in her intentions and is planning to forsake you at some point. Another interpretation could indicate that she reciprocates your feelings but would act badly in order to force others to leave your circle of friends so that she has you all to herself. The blue and yellow dress further illustrates the unpleasantness and distress either of these situations would cause.

A crush giving a note

In my dream my crush that I go to school with gave my friends a note to give to me and the note said the girl to your left wants to be with you and she was the locker to my left in the dream.

Dreaming that someone likes you or has a crush on you actually means the opposite in real life. Even though you and the person you were referred to by your crush would talk or have things in common, this is actually about this person just being polite. This is telling you to train your attention towards someone who truly values you and actually sees you worthy of your potential. On the other hand, this can also be an indication of your own high self-regard. Rather than comparing yourself to others, you are very much aware of your own strengths and your capability to attract good people to your persona.

Being in love with a real-life crush

I am 26. Female. I have been attracted to a man for a few weeks. And I have a strong intuition he likes me back. I'm pretty comfortable in my life and I feel secure. I had a dream last night where I saw him, and he was talking about how he was attracted to me and that he wanted to be with me. I agreed and we shared a kiss. We also had an adult discussion on how to move forward, I gave some options and I immediately woke up, not hearing his response.

Dreaming of kissing someone you are attracted to in real life is an auspicious symbol. This ideal scenario in your vision represents your ability to focus on your goals and work hard to achieve them. On one hand, this can be your subconscious giving you wish fulfillment. Since you like this person, your mind manifested a situation where the feeling is mutual. On the other hand, this can also reveal your desire to make a move. Perhaps you are tired of waiting for him to make the first move, so your subconscious is encouraging you to pursue him.

Someone having a crush on someone

Seeing someone having a crush on another person predicts periods of envy towards other people because of their passionate relationship and disappointments related to your own romantic affairs failing miserably.

My old crush

Dreaming about your old crush is generally considered a reflection of your tendency to dwell on the past. In some cases, it can directly refer to lingering attachment toward this individual, but most of the time it simply suggests you are not good at letting go of things. For instance, you may still feel embarrassed about something someone posted about you online a long time ago. Another possibility is that some past hurt, like the sudden return of absent father, could be dredging up old pain that you thought had healed over.

Your crush hugging you

What does it mean when you dream about your crush hugging you? This is a metaphor for your wholesome relationship with this person. Your growing fondness towards this person is projected in this dream scenario. A recent or upcoming encounter could deepen your bond, especially if one of you discloses something personal. You could either become better friends or the potential for romance will become more apparent.

Your old crush liking you

Dreaming that a former crush likes you indicates dissatisfaction in your current life, whether in terms of romantic relationships or the general trajectory of your existence. The magnetism of an old crush could reveal nostalgia and answer the question of what does it mean when you dream about your old crush liking you. Perhaps the waking world simply triggered fond memories from your past. It could also uncover deep-seated regrets that could lead to insomnia as you ponder lost opportunities or imagine other possibilities instead of taking stock of your current situation.

Fighting with a crush

I was fighting with my crush and we were both throwing objects on the floor. It was a very bad dream. When I woke up, I could still feel the bitterness of the fight.

Dreaming about being with someone you like but having the dream end poorly represents feeling shy or reserved in front of people you want to make a good impression on. This might be about your crush, but it could also concern strangers, a superior at work, or another high-ranking individual. You may want to practice or prepare more for any important meetings you have in order to feel more confident and sure of yourself.

Unexpected signs of affection from a crush

Hello, I am a male who is is just wondering about a few same dreams that have been occurring. The girl I like has been in my dreams for a couple weeks now, but this one stood out the most. I remember texting her being mad sitting in my downstairs next to some light. I don't know why I was mad, but then the next thing I just remember giving me a hug and then kissing me a few times on the face. And she was apologizing. Just wanted to know what this meant, thanks.

A recurring dream about the girl you like in reality reveals your infatuation with her. Constantly thinking, or daydreaming, about her could be the cause of her repeated appearance in your dream world. Your irrational anger could be a reference to your real-world frustrations and inability to make your move. Perhaps this recurring dream of her is your subconscious encouraging you to confess your feelings to her, especially since her reaction in the dream is on the favorable side. Dreaming of her again and again is a big clue to the amount of time you spend wondering about her and the prospect of a deeper bond. Fortunately, there is a very real possibility that she would return your affection if only you muster enough strength to come up to her and get to know her better. The kisses on your face signifies respect and admiration. Even if it does not turn romantic, you can still look forward to a good friendship and perhaps mutual admiration on a more platonic level.

Hugging with a crush

Gender: Female. I had a dream that I was with a guy I have had a strong crush on for years who until recently was with someone. I sort of remember he was hugging me from behind I think and we were sort of walking around in a room with people like that. I was talking to someone and he came over and did that. We moved over to a different group of people after. What does this mean, and could it be a good sign of luck with him in the future?

Being hugged by your crush means you need to let your guard down if you want your relationship to flourish in reality. This hug is a positive sign of a possible connection between the two of you, but it seems you are the one holding back. There could be fear and uncertainty about making the first move or showing any sign of affection because you are afraid of rejection. However, nothing will materialize and a bond will not develop unless he sees you a bit more vulnerable and unpretentious while you interact with him. Once you learn to be true to yourself instead of projecting an image which you think he prefers, then you can start building a connection on genuine terms.

Reciprocating a crush coming from someone

Having a dream about reciprocating someone's crush or affection towards you foretells getting ahead in solving your issues or dealing with competitors because of your previously established friendship or knowing the right people who can help you when you need their help.

Talking to a girl crush

I am a girl and I am interested in girls. There was a girl in my college and I loved her secretly. I had a dream last night in which I saw that girl, but she was looking prettier than usual. I was having this strange feeling that she might be dangerous. She was telling me about her ex-partner and then she said "I am happy that you and I are together," at this sentence I was silent and I had this notion in my mind that I am having a girlfriend already.

Given the nature of your relationship with this person in real life, it seems you may be subconsciously projecting yourself onto the image of the person you speak of. This is because visions about someone being more beautiful than usual or glowing unnaturally often point toward medical conditions which alter your appearance, making you appear more tired and drawn than before. In essence, you may not notice a drastic change in yourself, but others are sure to spot that something is not right. You may want to keep an eye on your energy levels and other signs of illness, so you can seek proper care before things have progressed too far.

Talking to your crush on the phone

When dreaming about talking to your crush on the phone, chances are this is not just an infatuation in real life but you are crazily in love with him or her, which is why your subconscious mind is embedded in the process of reminding you of them. This dream might be of a short duration, but you'll keep feeling good vibes thereafter. However, before you take a bold step such as moving on to more serious matters, psych yourself to be fully sure.

Your crush kissing you

The vivid imagery of seeing a crush in the dreamscape represents your growing fondness for this person. Therefore, dream workers interpret what does it mean when you dream about your crush kissing you as a positive development in your relationship with your crush in reality. The magnetism you feel towards this person indicates a level of kinship that will allow you to have a deeper connection. Perhaps you share the same interests or hobby, or maybe you have a common friend who can introduce you to each other.

Crush showing signs of interest for a gay

I'm a closeted gay and my crush is on the football team and very popular. The most important part of the dream was that I felt a tug on my hoodie and turned around and he was the only one standing there behind me just looking into my eyes. Did he want to tell me something? Of course, that's when I woke up.

Dreams about getting attention or being noticed by someone you have a crush on in reality represent your constant thinking and fantasizing about the person in waking life, which extends into your subconscious states. However, dreams of this nature do not necessarily imply that this person is interested in reciprocating your feelings, especially considering his current popularity and place within the social circle. You may want to look at these visions as a reflection of your sexuality developing according to the aspects of human personality and appearance you tend to favor and be attracted to.

A crush in a dark room

I am a female. In this dream, it is very short, a man I had admired but did not know personally was in a room, a dark room. Nothing was in this room except him sitting on either a bench or chair. He did not move, nor did I see his face. He appeared exhausted and seemed to be sleep or unconscious. He looked very tired. I walked up to him in the dimly lit room. He wore a white t-shirt, black pants and his fedora hat. I went to touch him on his chest. I felt him but then I woke up soon after.

The dark room in this dream represents the dark corners of your mind. Usually these are repressed emotions and desires or repository of your more unsavory qualities. Finding the man you admire in this dark room likely means that you associate him with guilty feelings or shame. Maybe a part of you is aware that entertaining thoughts of this person, such as being in a relationship with him or getting acquainted with him in reality, is probably not a good idea. It is possible that while you admire him, he may possess characteristics that are against your personal values or beliefs. Alternatively, the darkness could be a projection of the mysterious nature of this individual. There could be a dark, enigmatic quality that draws you to him.

Saving a crush from stabbing and deportation

I am a woman. I had a dream that I woke up in the middle of the night because somebody was calling me, so I answered it and it was someone telling me my crush got stabbed and I had to go save him. So I grabbed a suture kit and drive all the way to the next town and saved him but the news story got so big that the police realized the reason he couldn't go to the hospital was because he was not legal. So then he got deported and I cried myself to sleep and was woken up again by the phone and the dream kept repeating.

Hearing somebody calling you through the mobile phone or telephone means that you like to participate in gossip. You could be the one actively spreading information and inaccurate news to your social group or just enjoying listening to juicy and controversial rumors. Either way, people are often drawn to you because you are able to catch their attention and keep them interested with your stories. Meanwhile, saving your crush suggests your crush may be in trouble in reality. In connection to the first symbol, you would learn about your crush's struggles and problems through the grapevine which would trigger your desire to help or at least become close enough to him so you can comfort him. Unfortunately, deportation refers to a fear of rejection. You could sabotage your chances of developing a romantic relationship because of your own insecurities and abandonment issues.

An animal having a crush

Dreaming about an animal having a crush on another animal signifies your natural inclination to seek pleasure and fulfillment in life through instinctual desires. It reflects your innate tendency to pursue gratification and enjoyment based on primal instincts and urges. This dream may be a reminder to embrace your animalistic nature and find balance between your primal desires and higher consciousness. However, it is important to remember to channel these instincts in a healthy and responsible manner, ensuring that your actions align with your values and overall well-being. By embracing your natural inclinations while maintaining a sense of awareness and self-control, you can lead a fulfilling and harmonious life.

Going through a love crush

Experiencing a dream about going through a love crush directed at someone is an indication that you are missing a love partner or soul mate in your life. This dream can also be a sign of delightful and enjoyable meeting or entering into a mutually beneficial acquaintanceship with someone.

Having a crush on a beautiful person

Seeing yourself experiencing a crush on a beautiful person in your dream warns about possible evil plans or thoughts of wrongdoing lurking in the depths of your soul. To understand the dream's meaning fully, consider the context and your feelings within the dream, relating it to your waking life. If you have recurring or distressing dreams, seeking guidance from a mental health professional can help you explore your emotions, thoughts, and experiences, providing support and insight.

My crush accidentally saw me

Being discovered by your crush in the dream world can be interpreted as a negative symbol. Whether you were hiding from this man or woman or were simply just avoiding them, this symbol suggests your true, less than noble intentions would be found out by the individuals you were most worried about finding out. For example, if you were making friends with someone to earn their affection but only so that you could ask a favor, they would learn your real reason for befriending them and leave you behind. You should focus on building honest relationships rather than focusing on your own selfish intentions.

My crush and his parents

Seeing your love interest and his or her parents in your dream represents wanting to get to know them better. Seeing the family in your dream, whether they are all together or show up at different times during the vision, suggests you know this individual on a superficial level but that you would like to know more intimate details about them, such as their childhood or family background. Some of this information may be accessible online through ancestry records or old posts, but be careful your crush does not learn of your attempts to dig into their past, as they may find this behavior creepy or invasive.

Having a baby with your crush

Having a baby with the person you are crushing on in reality has interesting implications according to Jungian dream interpretation. It usually means going through a unique or interesting ordeal in wake life. While you may face challenges during this time, you are also likely to learn certain skills and gain inner strength that you did not possess before. For instance, you may try something new and completely fail. However, with patience and dedication you could learn and grow more than you ever thought you could.

Hugging your crush

My dream was about me going to school and going to my math teacher classroom and some people from the 6th grade were there because we did not go on a trip. We were talking to the teacher and students were doing stuff in the classroom. Then we all sat down I got up and I came to the girl that I love and I started to hug her. She did not get mad and I was hugging her until I woke up. The girl I hugged likes me and I like her back. And she knows that I like her because I give her hints and she gives me hints too.

Dreams that center around or take place in the school building suggest you are currently in a stressful situation or feel some agitation in real life. This may be related to the girl you have feelings for due to her prominence within the dream. Hugging the girl you like in a dream only means that she has been on your mind a lot recently. There is no indication about what might happen to this relationship in the future. This vision can only be interpreted as a reflection of your feelings because, while you may both like each other as you have admitted, you are not together yet, and this unfulfilled situation is prolonging the "butterflies in the stomach" stage.

Being with crush and getting a wig

I went to see a play and my crush sat next to me. Then afterwards I told him to meet me in the village because I needed to get a white wig. After all, his eyes were grey on a full moon and wanted him to teach me his power. My crush agreed and said my eyes are beautiful and that they were like the stars. Anyway, I left and got the wig, but on my way home I somehow lost the wig. I told my crush this when I found him, he said he would go back to the store and get me the wig. I agreed and started running, but suddenly a steep slope came, so I quit running and started jogging.

This is a fairly complicated vision with several prominent symbols, so a concise interpretation is rather difficult to find. The first major sign is seeing someone you know in real life in your dream. This is normally a sign of having had a recent interaction with this person or thinking about them often, which is clear given your existing feelings for him. However, because he seems to reciprocate these feelings in your vision, it indicates that, whether anything comes of it or not, you have satisfying relationships with family and friends, so you do not feel lonely or isolated. The last two symbols are probably unrelated to the first two. Losing a wig represents being criticized for something you were working on, such as a school project or some creative endeavor. You may have put on a brave face for others, but their rejection of your efforts may have hurt you deeply. While you may not want to take their harsh words to heart, the image of the play at the beginning of the vision suggests you may not be pursuing the right goal in your life anyway. This means that you should probably reevaluate what is important to you and make decisions that bring you closer to your ideal future.

Being consoled and comforted by a crush

I was standing in the middle of a warehouse, smiling. Suddenly, my crush came to me, kissed me on the cheeks with tears. She said good bye. After that the whole warehouse disappeared. I was left in the middle of a grey wasteland with nothing. The girl came back standing right in front of me. She held me up, suddenly things appeared around me, people, buildings and the blue sky. I couldn't see her as people covered her. And she eventually disappeared, but I was left standing and smiling at something.

The warehouse in your dream alludes to memories, maybe even long-forgotten dreams. Perhaps the presence of your crush in that big, closed-off space is the equivalent of hope. Maybe thinking of her gives you hope and the courage to pursue passions you may have started to think were impossible to achieve. The building and the blue sky at the end of your dream vision symbolize opportunities. She is your inspiration and with her presence in your life you feel like you can achieve anything. Maybe you were starting to get eaten up by your insecurities, fortunately she would give you back the confidence you need.

Having a good time with the crush

I went to my crush's house and he snuck up behind me and tapped me, then he put his arm around me and then I kissed him on the cheek while we up to his room, then we were lying in bed and kissed a few times, then we were snuggled up together and he asked if i was the one and I said I've never been happier and I felt safe. Then we hung out and then I was hanging with his sister then walked by his room to find him and then he told me to come in and we just snuggled and kissed even more.

Dreaming of kissing your crush is an act of wish fulfillment. The idealized scenario helps you solidify your desire to be romantically involved with him. Your mind is basically giving you the option to experience what you want to happen so you can get it out of your system, or strengthen your desire to be with him even more. If after the dream, you felt happy and content, then this is a good sign that if either of you makes a move, things could progress into a positive direction. This kiss itself symbolizes a union, so you share certain interests and passions that could be a good way to start a rapport.

A crush behaving unprofessionally

I had a crush on a guy in high school who is now wildly successful and it intimidates my husband to see his success. In my dream, my husband publicly called him a coward for the unprofessional behavior the crush displayed in public. Neither of these behaviors from these men are normal in real life. What does this mean?

The notions of unprofessional behavior or lack of integrity someone showed in your dream could be a subconscious reflection of your own shortcomings or missed opportunities in reality. Because it was your crush and husband who were present in the dream, it is possible that you are either blaming someone else for these inadequacies or you are sensing someone is standing in the way of your success and self-fulfillment. Perhaps you could analyze your daily work routine in order to identify the person or people hampering your progress and chances to succeed more.

Saving crush from a thunderstorm

There is someone whom I want to be friends with, and have wanted this for a long time. We met at work and I have been pursuing friendship since we both left. In my dream, he is caught in a violent thunderstorm and knocks at the door of the house I used to live in, where my boyfriend and I stay at (in the dream), to seek refuge. We take him in, give him hot food, a hot shower and a place to sleep. I know I want to be friends, just curious as to how this dream could be interpreted?

To see someone being caught in a powerful thunderstorm in a dream vision reveals that the subject of this natural event is about to encounter challenges and hindrances regarding a project he is currently working on or planning to dedicate his time to soon. This vision could also be associated with this person having to undergo hardships and possibly multiple failures. The other symbol of your dream is taking care of this individual by giving food and accepting him in your home. This imagery shows that you are dedicating too much time to him, thinking about helping him or giving too much attention to his life, while all these sacrifices may be only a waste of time.

Being at home with the crush

I was at school with my crush and he came home with me and we studied and then we laid on the floor and I laid in his arms and then we started dating.

Dreams that take place at school, even temporarily, often reflect the stress or tension you are carrying in reality. Perhaps you have a little too much on your plate and are finding it difficult to balance your school work, extracurriculars, and social life. Meeting up to study with your crush before cuddling is simply your mind's way of trying to take a break. Your unconscious mind projected an image that would bring you happiness and peace of mind. To find those feelings in reality, you may need to take a break or step back from some of your responsibilities.

Your crush getting jealous

Seeing your crush in a state of jealousy, whether it appears to be over you or someone else, means that you are ready to try something different. Perhaps you have a tendency to go for the same guys and always wind up disappointed. Upon reflection, you may find the source of your sadness may have more to do with something you have not addressed within you, such as a past trauma or a belief that no longer serves you. When you feel ready, you would be able to make a change that brings you much happiness.

Other people having a crush

Having a dream about other people having a crush on each other portends meeting with a person who will try to make you forget or ignore your morals or values or will try to take advantage of you emotionally.

A couple having a crush on each other

Seeing a couple having a crush on each other in a dream is a good sign of meeting a soulmate for those who are lonely and some exciting and unexpected news for those who are already in love.

A couple having a crush on each other with sex

Dreaming about a couple having a crush on each other followed by scenes of sex signifies that you have some well-hidden fantasies you're not willing to share with your loved one.

Helping someone experiencing a crush on another person

Having a dream about helping someone who has been experiencing a crash on someone signifies that you will show some generosity and willingness to help people experiencing some tricky or complicated situations.

Having a crush on an unattractive person

Dreaming about yourself experiencing a crush on an unattractive person is a sign of noble plans and good aspirations you are having deep inside your soul, which will greatly benefit your life.

Your crush being caged

Seeing your crush or love interest locked inside a cage suggests you would soon be in the position to support them in some major way. The apple of your eye could be at the center of some moral or political disagreement, facing ridicule and hostility from others. You, however, would recognize the wall they have been backed into and would have the chance to step up and voice your support for their views or actions. This would earn you both their respect and their gratitude.

My crush kissing someone else

Seeing the person you have feelings for in the dream realm is often considered either the manifestation of your strong feelings toward them or simply a reflection of their current presence in your mind and heart. As such, seeing this individual kissing or making out with someone else can be interpreted as a sign that you are subconsciously concerned that someone else would steal them away from you or catch their attention. You may even know of such a potential rival in reality. If you have not made your feelings known to this man or woman, it may be a good idea to put yourself out there, even at the risk of embarrassment. However, if you have already confessed to them and have been rejected, you should respect their wishes and try to move on.

My crush ignoring me

A dream that centers on the image of your love interest ignoring or failing to acknowledge you may be a sign of deeper issues in your psyche. This symbol points toward a tendency toward negative thoughts and even depression, rather than prophesying anything about a possible relationship with this individual. You should try to work on having a positive mindset, but seeking therapy or counseling are also viable and recommended options.

Your crush with another girl

Seeing your crush being romantic with another girl alludes to a growing distance between you and your crush in reality. In esoteric circles, the question of what does it mean when you dream about your crush with another girl is an indication of differences or a disconnect between you and this person. You might discover that you have vastly different interests or values that could lead to the dissolution of your interest in this person.

On a motorcycle with a crush

I was sitting in a motorcycle, then my crush sat beside me. Then there was this girl who was pushing him to me, then my crush puts his head on my right shoulder but I looked away. It's like I'm angry or avoiding him or something. Need help! Thank you.

This dream about you being on a motorcycle together with the person you have a crush on and another girl could be a reflection of your close intimate relationship with the person you call your crush, either something that is already happening or desires you have been fantasizing about. Perhaps you fear potential rivalry or feel a threat that the other girl(s) could take your place in these intimate affairs. You could be suspecting another girl of trying to interfere with your own love intentions and initiate an intimate (sexual) contact with the object of your desire. You should carefully think about a possibility of being in competition with other girls to win this person's heart because if you are not strong and resolved enough, this rivalry could lead to disappointments and heartaches. The same results could transpire if you are overprotective or possessive of this male figure.

A guy having a crush on me

A guy came up to me and said that he has had a crush on me... For a very long time.

Having dream visions about someone expressing romantic interest in you or having a crush on you is symbolic of your present position in life when you feel confident, happy and satisfied with the way your life is going. If you know the person who had a crush on you in your dream as someone among the people you deal with on a daily basis, this means that you are actually sensing some signs of affection and interest in relation to you coming from this person.

Dating a crush from the past which ended bad

I finally reunited with an ex-crush from high school. We were hanging out in his house and eating in the kitchen. I started eating like a pig which he found surprising but amusing. Next, we went up to his room and spend hours talking about what we have been up to since high school, anything and everything. It was going extremely well and felt like old times. But the extremely good night ended on a bad note when I asked him a simple question regarding Greek life and he became overly defensive so I felt uncomfortable and left his house.

This dream vision about reuniting with someone whom you had a crush on in the past, but ending in an unpleasant experience in the end, could reveal your feelings of insecurity or being overly shy in front of the people you try to impress, including dates, strangers or even those who may interest you in a sexual way. The notion of asking a simple question which led to the unfortunate outcome in this dream could represent the awkward position you find yourself in when you fall short of delivering what you really meant to say to them. These qualities could be preventing you from getting to know the person in an intimate way, much to your dismay.

Crush with his current girlfriend

I usually see the same person in my dream whom I like, but always he moves around me with no expression. I remember full dream always when I wake up... even can recall all such dreams I have seen years ago, 2 to 3 years. When he was unmarried I used to see the same girl to whom he is married now. Her attitude is always soft in my dreams, but mine is harsh. On the other side, his attitude is always expressionless, but he used to sit or stand around me. Almost all the dreams related to such situations and have similar nature.

Consistently seeing a person you like and have feelings for when dreaming shows that he is still on your mind, even though he has gone off and married someone else. You do not mention whether or not you had a relationship with this man previously, but, in general, his lack of expression throughout the dream indicates that, while he may find you good company or see you as a friend, he does not have any deeper emotions for you. Similarly, his current wife's soft, gentle nature may indicate that she also does not have strong feelings for you, positive or negative. This dream may be, therefore, a sign that you should try to put your feelings behind you and do things which empower you before seeking a new romantic partner, if you are interested in pursuing a relationship at that time.

Having a crush on female professor

I had an affair with a female professor, no sex, I am also female, but I was reluctant to start it or touch her, but eventually I did.

You do not mention whether you are attracted to women or not, but, in general, both having an affair and partaking in a same-sex relationship in a dream vision point toward not feeling fully satisfied with certain aspects of your current sex life. This may be an indication of wanting to try something different or something out of the ordinary. You may feel shy or timid to admit or try this, particularly if you are currently seeing someone, but in order to fully enjoy your sexuality, you should come to terms with your own wants and needs and try to figure out why these images and scenarios keep appearing in your dreams.

A crush writing a letter

This dream was about me sitting in my classroom at school in Grade 6, and I see everyone talking and playing (while our teacher was in the classroom), and it was in the afternoon. So I saw my crush writing a letter about me to someone else in my class, and I saw my name in it, and when I wanted to see it, he just quickly hides it away.

If you are currently not attending school, dreaming about yourself and the person you have a crush on being in the same room means that there could be some information circulating about your behavior or the way you conduct yourself in front of others. The written note your crush was hiding from you could also mean that other people are either discussing your demeanor online or using other means of available communication. However, if you are currently attending school, this dream vision could be just a reflection of the everyday school routine and busy schedule you may have been overwhelmed by.

Crush asking strange questions before a date

I went over to my crush and started talking to her. I asked her out and she asked me if I pee on my bed when I'm sleeping and if I brush my teeth. I said yes to both of them, she said yes, that she was going to go out with me and then she hugged me.

This dream vision about interacting with your crush seems to point out your shy personality, inability to approach people whom you find attractive or simply interesting enough. You could be the type of person who spends most of the time fantasizing about initiating first contact with them but never do in reality. The things you were focused on in this dream pertain more to your physical appearance or how, in your opinion, others perceive you, which could be the main aspects in your life preventing you from being more outgoing and sociable.

Old crush arguing with someone

I saw in my dream the girl I had fallen in love with 20 years ago. I had never been able to date her, she was quarreling with her husband in my presence and for a while during her argument she looked at me with disgrace.

Witnessing these two people, a woman you once loved and her husband, having an argument is a very positive sign to experience in a dream vision. It represents your personal freedom to choose your path in life and do the things that you want to do. You are probably seeing this vision now because you struggled to be independent in the past, meaning you were under pressure to act in a certain way or believe certain things. Now that you are older and wiser you can make these decisions for yourself.

In a tree with crush

I was in a tree, with my best friend standing at the base of it. My crush climbed the tree and I leaned over and kissed him. Then later in the dream he texted me asking if I liked him.

Dreaming of kissing your crush or someone you really like alludes to successfully achieving your goals. You only need to try a bit harder and exert more effort into it and your heart's desire would be within your reach if you choose to continue to strive for them. The tree is likewise a symbol or growth and development, so this vision can also refer to any area you are determined to improve, be it romantic, personal or professional.

Taking care of a crush who is drunk

I dreamed about my crush getting drunk. I ended up having to care for him and keep him out of trouble. I then brought him home, explained to his parents what happened and asked them not to be too hard on him, then I helped him get to his bed, he passed out on the bed, and before I left, I kissed his forehead.

Caring for someone in a dream vision is often associated with the idea of dual realities or being exposed to a completely different side of a person or people close to you. In this case, it is probably your crush (seen literally in this vision). Taking care of and helping a person for whatever reason also suggests that they maintain a certain image on the surface which affects how people perceive them. However, given your special role of a caretaker, you are able to see past the mask and know this person on a deeper, more intimate level.

Spending time with crush's wife and baby

I had a dream of being in a hotel. I was with my crush's wife and his baby. I smiled at the baby at how cute he was, but the wife was upset that her husband wasn't with her, so I went to find him, only to discover he was avoiding me too. I only saw his back in the moments I did catch him.

The hotel in your dream signifies renewal and a need to improve your current condition. The wife and baby of your crush serve to represent your desire to have your own family or to settle down. Their family, at least in your subconscious mind, symbolizes the ideal life you want or your "what if". However, the actions of your crush speak of a need to let go of any lingering feelings you may have for him in order to build a life of your own.

Crush in an empty room

I was standing in my empty lounge and my old love interest was standing and looking at me while in the empty room, he was wearing a hoodie, sweatpants and Nike sneakers with an unimpressed look. It was my house, my lounge, the room is dark-green and looked same as normal.

Standing in an empty room is often thought to predict that the hard work you are putting into a certain project or aspect of your life is about to be rewarded. This is opposed with the image of your past love interest looking unimpressed, a symbol associated with weak interpersonal connections between you and others. It seems that your ambitions and goal-oriented attitude may be distracting you from maintaining the bonds you once had with them. While it is important to work hard towards your dreams, you should not forget or neglect the ones who have supported you thus far.

Crush disappearing at a party

This guy I am starting to like was in a dream I had. We were both at a party in a hotel, and the party lasted for 6 nights. Every night, we would be hanging out. Then, a girl would start flirting with him and I would turn around and he was gone. Every night, this would happen. He would take me to the party, and leave without me.

Being at a party in a dream shows your desire to have more fun and spontaneity. However, it seems as if you are fixated too much on personal responsibilities, which could be holding you back from fully enjoying yourself. Maybe witnessing this constant flirtation and being left behind each time reveals your prejudice about partying and having fun. You may think that having fun has no purpose and embracing a carefree lifestyle would lead others into thinking that you are living an aimless existence. However, these are all just projections of your fears. It is possible to have fun without losing sight of your goals and obligations.

With a crush in a log cabin

I was at a party with my crush and his girlfriend. We were at a huge party in a log cabin. Then I went upstairs into a home office in the log cabin. It was dark and I was working on the computer and then my crush came upstairs. He came and kissed me on the lips and said "Shhhh, don't tell". Then he went downstairs and broke up with his girlfriend. That's when the dream ended and I woke up, I only remember that one piece of dialogue.

The party in a log cabin alludes to your desire for your crush to see you as you really are. Maybe you struggle in socializing when around him and oftentimes end up pretending to be someone you are not. The dream world provided you with a comfortable and grounded setting to express yourself. As such, the kiss that transpired between you and your crush is a kind of wish fulfillment. Ultimately, this dream vision is telling you to be yourself and hopefully this special someone would see you as someone worth pursuing.

A crush crying and apologizing

My crush started crying and then ran into my arms and afterwards he started apologizing for not liking me back and then I wiped his tears away.

This dream vision seems to be the manifestation of both your hopes for the future and your acceptance of the reality of the current situation. For example, envisioning your crush running into your arms and holding you could represent your desire to make something happen between the two of you or have such a connection with someone else you equally infatuated by. His tears and confession that he does not like you, then, would be your subconscious resignation to the fact that it is not yet your time to build stronger bonds.

In a restaurant with a crush covered with ants

I dreamt of going to a restaurant with my friends and my special someone. In that dream, we were supposedly ordering food and after ordering I went back to the car to leave something. I had to cross the street too. While I was crossing back to the area of the restaurant, I saw my special person's car and he was waiting for me inside the car. Also, I saw that he was covered in ants which were going inside his body. I checked on my body after and saw ants as well. Then I panicked and woke up.

Ordering food from a restaurant in your dream symbolically points to a deluge of decisions and responsibilities in the waking world. Due to a busy schedule and commitments, both personal and professional, you may be craving some free time in order to rest and recharge. The ants crawling all over your bodies likewise reflect your frenzied lifestyle. You and your special someone are likely consumed by work and adult expectations that you are both starting to get stressed out. Perhaps this mounting stress is causing conflict between the two of you. Maybe the dream serves as a wake-up call not to be consumed by details too much and to refocus on the big picture instead.

A crush wearing purple and unmatched shoes

The setting of my dream is unknown, but it was about my crush. However, the most significant thing about my dream is how she was dressed. She was wearing a dark pinkish color dress, it almost looked purple. Next, was one heel on one of her feet (a glass platform heel). And on her other foot was a white sandal. Do you guys know what this means? Please I need some answers. I really like this girl, and I'm curious about what this means.

Dreaming of your crush reveals your infatuation or constant preoccupation with this individual. Constantly thinking or daydreaming about her, in reality, would make her likeness manifest in the dream world in order to continue your train of thought from when you were awake. Similarly, the pink or purple dress likely reflects your passionate feelings for her. After all, such colors signify love, happiness, and affection. Perhaps this vision means you are falling in love. As such, the glass heel and white sandal allude to your trepidation about pursuing a romance with her because you may view her as someone too pure and innocent. Like glass, this illusion could shatter if you got too close. Alternatively, the glass heel could also point to your fear of messing up and losing someone precious in the process.

Being a couple with crush who is now dead

My high school crush passed away two years ago and I dream we are back in school and are a couple.

Experiencing a dream in which a deceased high school crush and you are back to school and acting as a couple represents your memories. It has something to do with the experience you had with your high school relationship. Perhaps you are going through similar concerns and thoughts right now and your subconscious mind is trying to help you in your present situation. The past could be done and finished with, but bear in mind that it can reveal a large amount of wisdom to assist you under any circumstances.

Getting fit before a date with a crush

My crush asked me out and my friend was very insistent on us working out.

Positive encounters with a crush in the dream world is partly wish fulfillment. You could be shy in reality, unable to approach the object of your affection, let alone go on a date. Hence, your daydreams may be bleeding into your sleep cycle as your subconscious mind tries to consolidate all the information and thought stream during your waking hours. On a hopeful note, the support of your friend may reveal your increasing self-confidence and the possibility of an opportunity to get to know your crush better.

Running into a crush at a public place

I had a dream last night about my dad and I going to a skateboard or train track thing. I have no idea what it was for. But I found a guy there who was so cute and I've never seen him before in my life. I was hanging out with his friends and then he and I almost started to make out and hug each other. What does this dream even mean? I need someone's help.

Meeting someone who you find attractive and getting close to them reveals your dissatisfaction with some areas of your reality. Generally speaking, new romances or flirtation in dreams point toward a growing desire to form new relationships in wake life, both romantic and platonic in nature. In a sense, you are bored or frustrated with the people you see on a daily basis, leading your mind to form the image of someone new with whom you could share a new adventure. Your dissatisfaction may have been growing for some time or have just been kicked off by some singular event.

In a car with a crush and a police officer flirting

Female. Riding in a car in the backseat with a guy interest from my class at school. He had bought me a dress to go to a dance with him at 1pm, but I planned to go home at 4pm. A police officer appeared and flirted with me over potato chips and sweets (little pies, cake slices, etc.). The guy interest became very jealous. I know this sounds ridiculous. What does it all mean?

Riding in a car is often symbolically associated with your life path in the real world, so being in the backseat while your love interest is driving may indicate that his preferences or opinions are the driving force behind your actions and behavior, rather than your personal opinions or goals. He probably has a lot of power over you, which could worry your family and friends. However, the police officer that flirts with you means you do not like to follow or conform to social norms, especially without a good reason. You may be happy with the way things are now and find the concerns of your loved ones unwarranted.

Uncertainty about the crush

I had a dream where my crush and I were going out but obstacles kept coming in our way. In the end, I can never tell if we're gonna be together or not because I always wake up before the dream can end. I am really confused what my dream means. Can you help?

Going on a date with a crush in the dream world means that your feelings for this person may be growing stronger every day. As a result, your subconscious is showing you scenarios where you get to bond with your crush as a kind of wish-fulfillment. In addition, the abrupt ending of your dream, before anything becomes serious, could be your subconscious telling you to take stock of your fate and make a move to get to know your crush better in the real world. The open-ended nature of your dream leaves you room to muster enough strength to make the first move.

Hugging a crush who appears younger

Hugging a younger version of my crush in a fantasy place.

Hugging your crush in a dream reveals your desire to keep an idealized version of this individual in your mind. The notion that your crush appeared younger likely means you are fond of the former, possibly more innocent, side of this person. Perhaps recently you have noticed changes in appearance or behavior which makes you long for the younger years or memories of your crush. The fantasy setting similarly shows your reluctance to accept status quo and reality in general due to the fact that you and your crush may be drifting apart in the waking world.

A former friend stealing crushes

It's in a mine and three girls I have crushes on are naked and having sex with my ex best friend.

Your dream could be trying to show you that you miss being close with your best friend, but you also seem to be envious of him in a way, so you imagine a situation in which you can see him taking away what you treat as your own personal way of expressing your affection towards others, as depicted by the image of him getting intimate with the three girls you like. Since you mentioned it took place in a mine, it shows that you realize how awkward these feelings are, and so you project it to happen in some sort of a lost place, as if you were glancing at the situation through a keyhole.

Best friend confessing about cheating

I was picked up from school early by my crush. Upon arrival home, I was greeted by my best friend who told me she had slept with my crush. I told him I never want to speak with him again. He was upset. I then told my best friend that I was hurt.

Awkward situations in a dream usually point to becoming involved with someone you should not. However, in this case, your best friend was the one who committed a mistake that you are ethically or morally opposed to. Your dream tells you the possibility that your best friend made a mistake that you are unaware of or she never revealed to you. This act of secrecy given your relationship with your best friend is likely what pains you the most. However, this painful situation would not last since school represents learning and finding fulfillment in your life. It could also mean that you are about to experience great bliss and contentment. This satisfaction may come from knowing that your best friend's secret cannot be hidden for long and eventually finding about the truth would set you free.

A crush with someone else at a carnival

I saw my crush at a carnival holding hands with a really pretty girl and I ran off and he ran after me and tried to explain but before he could I ran off again and then I woke up.

Envisioning the person you like in a dream vision is not an uncommon symbol. Oftentimes it is either the manifestation of your strong feelings toward this individual or the result of a recent interaction you shared together. The presence of a pretty girl standing with him represents your fear that someone else may grab his attention before you do. You may even have a potential rival in mind, and you are concerned their interference would ruin your chances of being with the guy you like. Unless you are strong and willing to put your feelings forward, you may experience heartache or disappointment.

Going to the crush's house

I (female) dreamed of an older married man, Ted, who I have a crush on but never met in person. Ted was dancing near me but I didn't like his body odor, kinda vinegary. Then he drove me to his house. We passed a hick-looking family, and the man had a pregnant belly and an elephant nose. Ted asked me if I thought the belly was real. I knew where Ted's house was, but he drove around the block, delaying our arrival. A sign on his house had his and his wife's name on it, and another illegible name.

Dreaming about your crush or someone you have special feelings for is fairly common and is often simply a reflection of the fact that they have been on your mind, whether or not you have met them in person. Seeing your crush dancing near you is a symbol associated with positive experiences and a feeling of goodwill. However, the unpleasant body odor opposes this happiness by suggesting an undertone of sadness, depression or despondency. Perhaps this is due to his married status or the distance between you two. Moving along, envisioning your crush delaying your arrival to his house represents the time and space you need to put your priorities in order. Your subconscious is trying to show you there is a need for propriety and future planning, no matter what your personal feelings about him could be. This is reinforced by the image of the sign with the names, a symbol that suggests you need to evaluate the likelihood of your crush developing into something more meaningful to you. This vision seems to be a metaphor for your coming to terms with the difficult situation you may find yourself in at this time.

Jumping off a bridge with a crush

I'm a single female. I was walking on a bridge with a guy whom I am interested in. Underneath, I saw clean, calm, green river water. Then we reached the end of the bridge. There was a rock underneath. He suggested we jump onto that rock. I was hesitant but jumped with him. We were holding hands. Before we reached the rock, he looked at me and realized I was scared. He then smiled and lifted both of us to some place even higher than the bridge like from some invisible power. I felt safe and happy.

Walking on a bridge or crossing a bridge is typically a sign that you are entering a new phase in your life. The presence of the guy means you may be associating him with your goals or dreams in life. Perhaps what he represents, or the characteristics you admire in him, moves and motivates you to pursue your own dreams. The clean and calm river reveals your tendency to go with the flow, so daring you to jump points to taking risks. Either you see him as a risk or a catalyst to changing the course of your existence and being more in control of your destiny. Finally, the rock could suggest that you are ready for a long-term commitment. This can refer to a romantic relationship or it could also be a reference to having a more stable career path.

Getting together with a crush after fighting

I am a male. I recently had, or last night, had a dream that me and my crush were dating and we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We recently got into a fight recently in real life, and now she doesn't want to talk to me but yet I had that dream. Please help me understand?

Dating your crush has two interpretations in the realm of dreams. On one hand, this type of vision is commonly thought to be the manifestation of your strong feelings toward this individual. This is clear considering your obvious affection for her despite the fight you had in reality. Taking this a step further, dating your crush in the dream world can also be thought to predict auspicious developments concerning this girl in reality. While this may not exactly mean you would become boyfriend and girlfriend, it is possible you could repair the damage done by your fight. If you need to apologize or learn more about her feelings, now would be a good time to put more effort into the connection between you two.

Mother being hostile towards a crush

My mom was yelling at the guy I liked about me and then punched him. I started crying and she said that I'm just trash and he could be with anyone else. I'm not worth anything. She left. I ran to him and his entire face was swollen and bloody. I took him to the hospital and sat with him.

A parent's disapproval in a dream of a significant other or someone you are interested in usually reveals conflicting interests. In your case, you and your mom are engaged in a tug-of-war, especially when it comes to your choices. The guy, in this case, represents your interests and passions which your mom disapproves of. Punching him actually refers to her tendency to force her views and opinions on you, so you end up arguing over your differences. At the moment, you are not ready to capitulate, this is why you decided to run to the guy and took him to the hospital. You know what you want and you are willing to stand up to your mom for it.

Coworker crush

Having a crush on a co-worker in the dream realm is not necessarily a sign that you have romantic feelings towards them in reality. Rather, as someone you work with, this individual and your feelings towards them represent a need for intimacy in reality. Your needs may include anything from physical touch and kissing to actual sex. This is not a bad thing. It is only the manifestation of your physical needs as a human being.

Your crush kissing you on the lips

Being kissed by the person you have a crush on specifically on your lips is a sign that you lack a strong spiritual connection with whatever higher power you believe in. Your inability to communicate your true feelings and desires makes you feel like you do not deserve the love and understanding of this being. However, this kiss is an esoteric symbol that suggests the one you believe in is well-aware of your struggles and is there to support you no matter what. Have trust and faith in your religious or spiritual path.

Being chased by your crush

Dreaming of being chased by your crush has two possible interpretations although it may be a combination of both. Firstly, it may reveal that you harbor feelings for this person but fear the potential risks and vulnerabilities that come with opening your heart, leading you to push people away when they get close. Secondly, the dream may act as a warning, urging you to observe how your crush treats you and others, particularly under stress, to gain insight into their character and determine if they are genuinely compatible and respectful before pursuing a relationship. Remember, love involves some risk, but being discerning is crucial.