Dreams Related To Crowd

Being cheered by a crowd of people

A crowd of people rooting for me.

Dreaming of a crowd enthusiastically rooting for you or your speech may indeed reflect a desire for support and approval, but it doesn't necessarily indicate loneliness. Instead, it suggests that you seek recognition and validation for your ideas or actions. This dream highlights your need for positive feedback and affirmation from those around you. While dream interpretations are subjective, this one encourages you to consider the importance of receiving support and encouragement in your endeavors.

Being pursued by a crowd

Fleeing a crowd of people about to attack me.

Having a dream about being attacked or chased by a crowd of people signifies unfavorable news coming your way, perhaps a call to amend or reevaluate your recent actions or plans.

A crowd of people attacking

An aggressive, unruly crowd of people, like sports fans after a major event or political protesters, may represent soon being the receiver of unfavorable news. You may hear through the grapevine or from a direct message that something terrible is about to negatively affect your life. You would feel hopeless and powerless in the face of this new, distressing information.

Being in a crowd of coworkers

My dream was about a meeting. It was like there was a general staff meeting. Very crowded in one meeting room, while people were finding seats, I managed to also find a seat, but deep in the middle of the crowd. When the head that was to coordinate the meeting entered the meeting hall, he asked for me. When I told him here I am, he responded saying why are you seating among the crowd when you and I need to coordinate this meeting. While attempting to join him on the stage, I found myself awake.

Being surrounded by a multitude of co-workers or company employees during the course of a dream vision suggests you take your relationships very seriously. You are probably very careful with your words and actions so as not to upset or offend anyone you come across, whether they are of a higher or lower status than you. However, being hand-picked from this crowd to join the higher-ups on stage represents your drive and desire to be separate from or above the rabble. While ambition is certainly important and useful, it would be wise not to let your plans for the future turn you into someone you are not.

Looking for someone in a crowd

Searching for a specific person in a crowd means you are waiting for a sign. Someone could be pursuing you romantically, but you are not sure if this is the right person for you. The crowd is also a metaphor for indecision. Too many people are pulling you in different directions, so you are unable to tune out the noise to listen to what your heart really wants. The mystery of this person you are looking for has to do with your aspirations. You need to look within yourself to find out what will make you fill proud and fulfilled.

Being swept into a crowd

I was standing on the pavement watching a procession go by and we were all swept up with them and got sucked away across the country to another place. The feeling at the end was of amazement and gratitude that I had survived such an ordeal.

Seeing a procession or parade go by may indicate plans to reunite with people you were once close to, like distant family members or friends from school. These people were quite close to you in the past, although it has been some time since all of you were together, perhaps due to the physical or emotional distance that occurs with time. This distance is further seen in the image of being swept up in the crowd, which represents feeling overwhelmed or stressed because of juggling the schedules and relationships preventing you from planning and actually having this meeting or reunion. You may even feel as though you simply do not have the time or energy to make it happen. However, feeling relieved at the end of your dream predicts eventually being able to find a way to pull all this off to the satisfaction of yourself and others.

A crowd taking an ex lover away

Former lover. Recently got into contact again in reality. Had a dream. We were in an old fashion setting. Old-fashion clothing. Seems we were at an airport or possibly an old-fashion train station. A swarm of people came out of nowhere and took her away from me. Think of an absolutely crowded airport and you couldn't avoid this swarm or move people out of the way. This crowd took her away from me as she looked back at me (made eye contact). Like needing my help. I felt helpless. Dream ended.

Seeing your old flame in a dream is not uncommon, especially because you saw her in reality quite recently. Your strong relationship in the past predisposes you to seeing her in your visions. The old-fashioned clothing can point toward old money or good fortune based on past actions. However, it is not clear whether this is related to your relationship with this woman or not. Whether you were in an airport or a train station, the location is suggestive of both receiving news and being at a crossroads of sorts. The crowd that pulls you apart further supports this interpretation. Perhaps you may want to emotionally distance yourself from the problem at hand in order to make the most logical, rational decision based on what occurs.

Losing grandma in a crowd

My grandma and I were in a huge crowd of people and she was with me, so she walked off in the crowd and I lost her, I kept yelling for her and that's when I woke up.

Losing your grandma in a crowd could be a manifestation of your anxiety about the current pandemic. Being part of the high-risk population make her more prone to contracting viral infections in crowded situations. This could be an omen of your grandmother's susceptibility not just to illnesses, but also to being influenced by other people. Perhaps you worry about her falling into the trap of conspiracy theories and fake news. The mystery of this dream scenario lies in your relationship with your grandma. Your subconscious could be urging you to reach out if you have been busy or distant lately.

Being part of a crowd

Seeing yourself as being part of the crowd is a sign of luck. This foretells that you would soon receive good news about something you have been working on or waiting for. This is mostly true if the crowd of people in your dream is celebrating. However, if the atmosphere within the crowd is distressed or enraged, then this is a warning that some sort of conflict might arise in your community or workplace. The exact interpretation of this vision relies on the perceived context in the dream world.