Dreams Related To Crow

Scaring crows away

Dreaming that you are scaring crows away, maybe by throwing rocks at them or making a lot of noise to scare them off, means you may need to scare off your enemies in reality. They could be closing in on you, trying to diminish your confidence or steal something you value. Perhaps they would try to draw your significant partner away or take a promotion you fully deserve. Whatever plans they may be brewing, your subconscious is trying to warn you of their maneuverings so that you can retaliate or at least defend yourself.

A crow dying in the hair

There were two crows or blackbirds. One was sniffing around in my hair then died on my head. I slowly pulled it off but felt the limp heaviness of it.

Black crows in the dream world are sometimes associated with bad habits and self-destructive behavior. As such, crows perching on your head likely reveal the darker aspects of your thoughts and personality gnawing at your consciousness. The death of one of them shows your firm resolve to control unpleasant urges and actively suppress insensitive remarks. It can be hard, especially during emotional times, to do the right thing, hence the heaviness you felt when removing the dead crow from your head.

A crow with a face of a human statue

So, I had a dream the other day, the part I remember is I had to answer the door and when I did there was a crow perched right on the divider inside the screen door (where a screen and glass would meet, but there was no screen). All it did was stare at me then I stuck my hand out and got closer and as I did, the crow's face transformed to a human face. It looked like a face from an old statue and there was no expression. It looked beat up. I've been seeing crows everywhere too if that means something.

The knock on the door suggests you would receive unexpected news or discover a new opportunity. However, since crows are typically associated with death and other bad omens, the surprising information about to come knocking on your door would likely have something to do with the death of a loved one or a possible brush with death through a freak accident, including that of your own. Perhaps it would be to your benefit if you start taking precautions to avoid health issues or accidents. Similarly, the crow's transformation into a deadpan statue-like face could be a reference to mortality. Maybe you are not taking good care of yourself, hence this vision serves as a warning for you to cut back on self-destructive habits to save yourself from grief.

A crow sitting on the ground

Observing a crow that is sitting quietly on the ground, pecking bits of food or simply looking around the environment, portends the upcoming completion of a project or termination of a contract. This means that this ending may be a positive or negative development for those specific undertakings. Consequently, this could also signify beginnings for yourself, especially your professional life. The end of a project or a job means you would be free to pursue new interests or contemplate a career change altogether.

Fish turning into a crow

Touching a fish from the refrigerator, and it changed to a crow.

Having a dream when you see yourself touching a dead fish is an indication of some type of disease or ailment you could be developing in your body. The symbolic vision of a fish transforming into a crow is also not a good sign in dream interpretation literature. It portends receiving bad news or being negatively surprised by something you are about to hear or discover in a short period of time. Taking both of these symbolic visions together, it could be revealing that either this condition could be progressing quickly or making other people aware of its presence and becoming concerned about your welfare.

A black crow and a white dove

I dreamed of a black crow perched on a dead white dove on the ground, about to eat the dove. I tried to shoo the crow away but it wouldn't let go of the dove and just stared at me.

Black crows represent death and darkness, while white doves stand for peace, unity and love. As such, your dream suggests some kind of disturbance in your subconscious. You could be tempted to indulge in some questionable behavior or habits which would undermine your values and principles. Perhaps you are having trouble controlling your temper because there are plenty of hatred and generally negative views circulating in your surroundings. It may be easier to be selfish, join the fray and not think about the consequences, yet ultimately doing so would tug at your conscience for the rest of your existence.

Crows making nests

Witnessing crows making nests, possibly within the vicinity of your home or even on your rooftop, unfortunately means that an infectious disease which comes from cattle or domestic animals could wreak havoc in your household. Perhaps you are raising cows on a farm or even chickens and other farm animals with the intent of selling them commercially. Even if you do not own cattle, however, you may still fall victim to this infectious disease, so you may need to be more cautious about the quality of meat you consume.

A crow attack in the bathroom

In my dream I was defecating and a crow on window was watching me. He flew out twice and came back. When I was washing myself, he suddenly fly and try to bite at left side of my neck and saved myself by brushing it aside by my hand.

Based on the context of this dream vision, it is possible that the quality of your food has recently declined drastically or that there is a growing imbalance in your nutrition patterns. The image of the crow attacking you could also serve as a warning that some of the food you have been consuming lately is not good for your body or it could be affecting your metabolism and, subsequently, overall health in a very adverse, if not detrimental way.

Eating crow's meat

Eating crow's meat, as part of a meal served on a table or while you are in the wild and you have just roasted this crow in your camp, signifies triumph especially when it comes to money and material possessions. Picking off the meat off the crow and savoring it symbolizes the satisfaction you wouldd experience from being financially successful. Your wealth could come from your hard work or even by sheer luck. Nonetheless, you would find great joy in finally living the life you have always wanted.

A cawing crow

A vision of a cawing crow, such as when your hear the crow cawing from far away like a warning or seeing it perched on a tree within sight, indicates long-term suffering or a particularly tough challenge ahead of you. This kind of obstacle requires a lot of patience and will power from you. Specifically, some dream interpretation sources have attributed the symbol of a cawing crow to a potentially life-threatening bout of food poisoning. It could happen while you are on vacation or even within your neighborhood.

Additional dream meanings behind a cawing crow are related to personal oversights or mistakes. There is a big chance that you would commit significant errors because of an omission or a lack of diligence on your part. Unfortunately, you would have to take responsibility for your mistakes and deal with the negative consequences. Alternatively, an acquaintance or a colleague may be a bad influence on you which could get you into a lot of trouble with the authorities. Finally, for males, this dream symbol does not bode well for your current relationship. Your significant other may only be using you for your connections or material wealth.

A flock of crows in the air

Encountering a flock of crows or a murder of crows flying in the air, maybe when you spot them while you are on a bird watching trip or you see them as they swarm your neighborhood, points to a possible natural disaster or tragedy that would affect the area you live in. Unfortunately, some opportunitistic personalities may descend on your town and take advantage of this tragic incident to make money off the victims or casualties instead of helping them recover.

Crows blanketing ground

A dream of seeing a field or the ground completely covered by crows like a blanket of black, like a horde of crows landing on land surrounding you, is a very bad omen, not just for you but all residents in your area. Specifically, this dream symbol points to harvest failure due to natural calamities, pest infestation or drought. Whatever the root cause may be, there would ultimately be a food shortage which would consequently affect other industries and livelihoods of various people.

A crow in general

Dreaming of a crow, such as seeing one picking meat off a carcass or even just an image of a crow like an artwork, usually means there are ongoing issues in your current relationship. Perhaps you are unsure whether you and your partner have a strong enough bond for a long-term commitment. You may even be uncertain about what exactly attracted you to each other, especially if you have little in common. Although physical attraction and not much of an emotional connection could work for certain types of people.

In addition, a crow can also symbolize an overbearing individual who may be exerting a lot of power over you, usually a female figure with a close personal connection to you like your mother or an aunt. Maybe you are feeling restricted and over-protected by this controlling individual when all you really want is to be more independent. Someone else may be in a similar toxic relationship and this dream is encouraging you to help out this person in becoming more assertive and be free to make decisions on their own.

A lot of crows in the sky

Seeing many crows flying across the sky, like a migration scene or circling in a predatory manner, is usually associated wiith a death in the family. A sibling, parent or close relative may pass away and cause a lot of grief in your household. Alternatively, if the crows are circling over a particular house, like your own neighbor in reality or someone you know, it means a person in that household would meet an untimely demise. You can choose to warn them, but ultimately certain events may be fated to happen.

A crow stealing something

Envisioning a crow stealing your belonging, like a piece of jewelry, an item of clothing or even some money off your pockets, portends an upcoming incident which would turn you into a more cautious person, perhaps even to the point of cowardice. This event could trigger deep-seated fears because it would happen unexpectedly and may be traumatic for you. As such, this vision could be your own psyche trying to prepare you for worst case scenarios so you can be mentally prepared at least.

Many crows perched around you

Seeing a lot of crows perched around you menacingly, like on trees, posts or walls with their beady eyes trained on you as you walk past them, means you would have to deal with a lot of unwanted attention and be the subject of gossiping in your social circle. This is likely due to a past transgression or a minor mistake you have committed which would be blown out of proportions due to misinformation as the news gets passed on to others via social media.

Trying to catch crows

Trying to catch crows in a dream vision, perhaps to save your crops and produce from a vegetable garden or simply envisioning yourself targeting them one by one with a rifle, usually holds an auspicious dream meaning especially when it comes to your role as a provider. If you are the main provider in the family, then this means you would be more financially capable of satisfying your and your family's needs perhaps because of a promotion or a new source of income. For farmers and gardeners, this predicts a plentiful harvest from your farm or patch of garden.

A spouse turning into a crow

Witnessing your spouse transform into a crow, whether this change takes place slowly or all at once like when your husband or wife disappears in a puff of smoke and a crow takes their place when the smoke clears, means you may soon experience a period of depression due to your dissatisfaction about your current existence. This does not necessarily have to be about your marriage or your relationship, rather you may be disappointed in yourself for being unable to achieve your desired lifestyle.

A wounded crow

A wounded crow is a dream symbol associated with familial conflict or disagreements with loved ones. For instance, you may come across a wounded crow in this dream by the side of the road or in your backyard. Regardless of the context, this particular image symbolizes unexpected issues that would drive a wedge between you and a family member or your significant other. As such, the crow's injury represents the state of your relationship with a loved one. You would have to think about the other person's feelings if you do not want your bond to break.

The gravity of the conflict ahead of you depends on other details about the injured crow. For instance, if the crow is still able to jump or flutter around, then it means your upcoming problem would be relatively manageable. On the other hand, a completely immobile crow or one that is just lying on the ground helplessly, then either you may need the help of other people to help you resolve this problem or it would take a long time for things to settle down.

Many crow nests

Coming across an area with a lot of crow nests, either out in the wild or within your neighborhood's balconies, rooftops and similar elevated places, means your kindhearted nature and generosity may be abused by certain unscrupulous individuals. While you are not stupid and you can tell when someone is taking advantage of you, you may still choose to help them. Unfortunately, they could go too far with their pleas, so you would need to draw the line before things get out of hand. Alternatively, your significant other is likely being dishonest with you and you are ignoring the obvious signs for self-preservation. So your mind is likely encouraging you to face your problems head on instead of avoiding conflict.

A crow flapping its wings

Dreaming about a crow flapping its wings, as seen from afar using your binoculars or up close in the wild, points to the possibility of a difficult confrontation with a a friend or acquaintances. This individual may knowingly be spreading malicious lies about you, so you would need to address them personally for you to get to the root of this slander campaign and let them know that you are not scared of them. You may be tempted to spread sensitive information about them as revenge, but this would only mean stooping to their level.

Destroying a crow's nest

Dreaming of destroying a crow's nest, like intentionally taking a nest and dumping it or accidentally crushing it with your hands when you climbed a tree, is your subconscious urging you to abandon a current project or venture because it may be too impractical. A lot of things could go wrong, not just financially, but also the amount of red tape you need to go through may not be worth it. Also, this same dream symbol could allude to a serious accident involving someone you know. While this may be out of your hands, you would play an important role in this scenario.

A crow dropping an item from its beak

A crow which drops something from its beak, like a piece of meat, a twig or any item it may have picked up along the way, suggests unexpected wealth. You could have invested in assets you have since forgotten, only to find out the value has increased significantly over the years. Or perhaps you may come into possession of something you have always wanted to acquire all these years with relative ease. Whatever the source of wealth may be, this blessing that drops on your lap would be very welcome.

Multiple crows on a tree

The dream symbol of multiple crows on a tree, like a vision of several cawing crows perched on branches of a dead or leafless tree, suggests an upcoming family gathering, reunion or meeting where all present members would have to collectively make a big decision that would affect your entire clan or just your immediate family members. This usually indicates a wedding, a relocation or even the impending separation of your parents. No matter the issue, everyone would have to adjust to the subsequent consequences of this decision.

Catching a crow

Envisioning yourself catching a crow, perhaps with a crow trap or an improvised contraption for catching birds, is usually a positive dream symbol associated with your sharp and incisive mind. You may find that all those years of failures and wrong turns have taught you a lot of life lessons. All this knowledge may soon become useful as you successfully overcome a number of challenges and tricky situations that you may have encountered in the past. You would also gain additional valuable insights and become more pragmatic in the process.

Killing a crow

Killing a crow in your dream, such as purposefully hitting the crow with a shovel to get it off your property or shooting at it with a hunting gun, means you would be able to squash your enemies in reality. The same resolve and forcefulness you embodied in the vision would flow through you as you face your rivals or detractors during a crucial event. On the other hand, if you have no known foes at the moment, then perhaps this means you would witness someone else triumph over their enemies, likely a friend or loved one.

Crows pecking at flesh on the ground

I have a recurring dream lately that crows are pecking at something. I go over to investigate and it is usually a little baby or young animal. There are entrails spilling out of the stomach. Never blood though. I am female.

This dream has an overarching theme of health with a focus on your mental well-being. Having your attention drawn to crows that are pecking at something on the ground represents a large social gathering or a series of events which require you to meet and interact with others. This may have been organized by you or someone else, but, in either case, somehow requires your participation. This vision suggests through the repetitive imagery, however, that you have recently been under a lot or stress or are in the beginning stages of experiencing some psychological issue which may need attention. Your full involvement in social activities is probably unwise or may cause you to feel worse than you already do. The young, dead animal you see at the end further supports this idea, indicating a need to focus on your personal health and well-being before doing anything else.

Crows completely covering the sky

It's hard to recall events leading up to this part of the dream, but I remember standing a short distance from my home and had somehow willed millions of crows (enough to black out the sky) to attack a member of my family. I also don't remember what happened after that. Male.

With the missing details it is difficult to come to a concise meaning for this vision. Envisioning thousands upon thousands of birds filling the sky and blocking the light is suggestive of a sudden change or outbreak that causes chaos around you. This is also supported by the birds attacking someone you know well, which indicates that getting involved with certain people may prove disastrous. Because you are the one who orchestrates this event, it seems your actions may be responsible for other people's suffering and instability. However, whether this was done consciously or accidentally, is unclear from this vision.

Trying to cook a dead crow

My ex husband gave me a dead crow, then my mother makes the crow feather less, like we make chicken ready to cook. Then I saw I throw a flesh of heart of crow from my mouth down.

Dreaming about a dead crow symbolizes your ability to overcome hardship and be victorious over the difficulties you face. Given that your ex-husband was the one who presented you with the crow, it may represent moving on past some aspect of that relationship or finding peace with him. Preparing to cook the bird and eating some of it predicts that your newfound tranquility could have positive impacts beyond your social connections, possibly increasing the happiness you feel day-to-day or allowing you to focus on tasks which make you feel productive and efficient.

A black crow landing on the arm

The only thing I remember in the dream is a black crow landing on my left arm.

Blackbirds, and crows, in particular, represent the rise of a powerful rival or enemy in your life. This man (or woman) may at first disguise himself as a friend, attempting to be your right-hand man or someone posing to be irreplaceable. However, you should not trust this individual under any circumstances because this relationship is doomed from the very beginning.

Bats and crows outside the window

I had a dream of crows and bats clinging to the window. Bats were moving slowly, as if trying to get ready for the attack. Crows were watching over, as if waiting for something to happen and getting ready for it. This dream came three days back, since then I am having a very unpleasant feeling and confused. Kindly help.

You are right to feel concerned about this vision as both crows and bats are often associated with terrible things coming to impact your future. It seems, then, that your subconscious is sending a strong warning signal to watch out and be careful. Seeing these creatures outside your window may further point toward this danger coming from the outside rather than something from within your home. It may be wise to avoid dealing with the outside world for some time, especially if you were planning on engaging in social interactions, gatherings or travel.

Crows inside the house

I dreamt that inside my house there were two crows flying and then one of them stood in front of me and keeps looking at me eye to eye. What does this mean? Will I strike the lottery?

A dream wherein you see crows inside your home has negative connotations. In the dream world, crows symbolize dire warnings. It seems that there are some evil forces at work that could put you in great danger. Make sure you keep yourself alert for any mishaps and focus on keeping yourself safe. Since you found the crows inside your home, it could very well point out that any problems you may face are due to an individual you are pretty close to, someone familiar to you, but who may be acting to cause havoc in your life.

Crows trying to communicate with father

Two crows came to my father, sat on my father's hand, and were trying to say something. We all thought it was my father's parents and they were trying to say something to my father.

Seeing your father and crows together in a dream generally represents a warning, suggesting that you may find yourself in an extremely complicated situation or dilemma when you would need good advice from the people closest to you. It could also be indicative of the fact that there are evil forces at work that could ultimately put you in grave danger. After experiencing this vision, try to be more alert and focus on keeping yourself safe.

Trying to help an injured crow

An abandoned building with barrels strewn outside, they blew up as a man was showing or guiding me around the area. Two crows flew into air and headed for me, one injured being guided by the other. The injured crow landed in my arms. I am always happy to see crows, so I was very distressed that it was hurt and trying to get it medical help, but the man with me wouldn't or couldn't drive me to a vet. I felt sad and panicky. I turned and asked another person to help, but my alarm woke me up.

The overall message of your dream seems to be a severance of ties. Specifically, the abandoned building suggests an encounter which would lead to a lot of dissatisfaction with the actions of a close friend or a trusted individual. You could lose the support of this confidante after a series of emotional outbursts and confrontations. The aftermath of those incidents likely makes reconciliation next to impossible. Furthermore, black birds, and crows in particular, allude to powerful rivals. Not only would you be forced to sever ties with a close friend, but this ally could become an adversary. The ultimate betrayal is the fact that this man (or woman) has gained your trust to the point of being almost irreplaceable and yet in the end you have to part ways on bad terms.

A crow in a cage

A crow confined in a cage within your dream may symbolize feelings of restriction, limitation, or entrapment in your waking life. The crow, often associated with intelligence and adaptability, signifies your inner resourcefulness and potential. However, when caged, it suggests that you may be stifling your abilities or facing limitations imposed by external factors. This dream encourages you to explore opportunities for personal growth and break free from any confinements or obstacles. Embrace your innate wisdom and adaptability to overcome challenges and expand your horizons. It signifies the need to seek liberation and spread your wings to reach your full potential.