Dreams Related To Crime

Being accused of a crime

Being accused of a crime or other unsavory business is actually a positive symbol to perceive in your dreams. It means you would soon accomplish something great, possibly related to the accusation. For instance, being accused of bribery may reveal that you would successfully negotiate a deal with someone. Alternatively, being accused of murder could mean you would gain the upper hand over your rivals through your own effort and strong work ethic.

Someone committing a crime

Dreaming about witnessing someone committing a crime indicates the possibility of being subject to scrutiny or becoming a victim of harsh judgments. People might soon put your life under the microscope for something which you have done recently which affected them in one way or another. It could be related to your work or business, such as being a part of decision-making which could have put some people in bad light. It could also be something more personal, like a small incident which happened while you were with your romantic partner which gave him or her reasons to question your loyalty.

If the criminal was not brought to justice in the dream, it indicates that you could become subjected to heavy criticism or extreme ridicule for your recent actions which have put others in trouble in waking life. Otherwise, if justice was served and the criminal received a fair punishment, it means that your recent action, although viewed as adverse and detrimental at first, would prove justifiable and your accusers would realize that they were in the wrong.

Murder as a crime

Dreaming about a crime involving murder symbolizes deep hatred and apathy towards a person or an ideology. The person or people harboring such a negative attitude may not necessarily include you. However, it is possible that the victim of such a crime in the dream may also be the subject of this hatred or apathy. But the target could also be an entity, such as a religion, a race or a political group.

Someone committing a crime arrested

A dream about someone being arrested for having committed a crime is a symbol of rejection or intolerance. Contrary to your previously held beliefs that people in your close circle or at work would accept or tolerate your opinions or ideas like they did in the past, you would be surprised to learn that it might not be the case from the time you had this dream. Whereas they used to keep an open mind and believe in whatever you had to say or do in the past, they would now be more critical of your views, and you might have to make a little more effort to make them side with you again.

Being threatened by criminals

To dream about receiving threats from an individual or from members of an organized crime group predicts temporary and trivial issues which may have to be addressed in wake life. Although it is best to act upon them as quickly as you could in order to avoid future complications, these problems would not really put you in grave danger if you decide to put them aside in the meantime.

Yourself committing a crime

If you dreamed about being the one committing a crime which is something you would never do in wake life, such as sticking up a bank or killing someone, it signifies committing drastic and desperate acts which could change your life forever. These acts could have a positive effect or a negative outcome. For instance, taking out a loan to try to save a losing business could be risky in that it could either turn your business around or plunge you deeper in debt, depending on how your efforts would go.

Together with someone committing a crime

Being with someone who was committing a crime in a dream, like you were in cahoots or acting as an accomplice or accessory to the crime, reflects a similar situation in real life where you could be used by people to advance their own interests. This dream vision is a stern warning that you should watch out for those who could have vested interests and who would stop at nothing to gain unfair advantage, even at your own expense. You certainly would not want to become their next victim.

Witnessing a crime

Dreaming about witnessing a crime in progress portends the likelihood of getting involved in shady transactions and fraudulent activities soon. Before you get yourself entangled in a mess such as these, this dream vision is warning you that you can still bail out and save yourself from a lifetime of self-loathing, and possibly a long time spent in jail. Conversely, this dream vision serves as a warning that you might encounter shady and dishonest characters at work or in your personal life who could do real damage, so you need to watch your back.

A bloody crime scene

I had a dream that I was a part of the FBI and there was a terrible shooting of gang members and I went out to the crime scene and it was so bloody, you could walk through the blood, but it was an unusual crime scene. It had several people out there and they were all sitting in bleachers and I got there at the last minute and one of the agents was announcing the crime the person committed and how long he was going to jail for and then we all started leaving and I woke up.

The bloody death of gang members in your dream depicts the end of your suffering in wake life. Their death in the dream world symbolizes your triumph over adversities in reality. However, it is not likely to be an easy victory. You would have to struggle and exert a lot of effort to overcome the challenges set before you. The gang members represent bullies or oppressive forces in the waking world who may be making your existence miserable. On the other hand, the bloody crime scene means that your passion and ambition would provide you with enough motivation to be successful in overcoming these hardships.

Befriending a criminal for young women

If you are a young woman, befriending or associating with a criminal in a dream indicates the possibility of experiencing strains in the relationship due to insensitivity. Your excessive demands from your romantic partner could push that person to the edge. For instance, you could be treating the person like a slave whom you could order around whenever you want. It is also possible that your vivacious personality, whether you are aware of it or not, may be driving your romantic partner crazy. You need to have some sensitivity if you still want this relationship to work.

A stranger wanting to kiss at a gun point

Hi! I am female. I had this dream when I was in grade 5 which was 7 years ago. In my dream, I was lying in a bed in a small room and when I saw that the door is open, I ran outside but the man whom I assume is my capture followed me and because I know he's near, I played dead. When he caught up, he crouched or knelt where his face is above my face and I knew that he will kiss me, so I turned my head to the side, but he pointed a gun on my head. I was scared so I just let him kiss me. The kiss felt real.

Being trapped in a small room likely means that you feel oppressed or limited by your circumstances in the real world. This probably mirrors your dissatisfaction with and desire to be free from your parents' authority. The open door which allows you to run outside represents opportunities for you to exercise some freedom. However, in your dream someone catches you and forces you to kiss him. This means that despite enjoying freedom outside your home, you still tend to submit to dominant personalities and easily fall under the influence of unscrupulous characters. Perhaps you need to heed the advice of your parents and elders to avoid being taken advantage of.

Inviting a criminal to enter your house

Inviting a criminal into your home in a dream right after he or she had committed a crime somewhere else, whether or not you had been aware of it, is a grim indication of financial hardships which could soon happen to your entire family. If you are currently having financial issues or compromising your basic needs to try to make both ends meet, this could be the beginning of a long period of your struggles with money, or the lack of it, which could even escalate to poverty if not addressed immediately.

Being abducted and family in disbelief

I'm a girl. In my dream, three men stalked me, followed me home, shoved me in the trunk of their car and took me to a basement where I was raped. I stole a car and escaped. I didn't go to the police when I left, I went home. I tried to tell my family but no one believed me. Strangely, my whole family went to a restaurant. Even my dad, who isn't a part of my life anymore. The men walked in and I began sobbing, desperately trying to get my dad to listen to me. I woke up sweating and shaking after that.

Being stalked in a vision tends to be a vague symbol, as it reveals that one of your personality quirks can be both positive or negative depending on your current situation. This is opposed, however, by the symbol of being raped by the three men. This sign suggests authority figures are trying to box you in. In a sense, you may subconsciously feel that your parents, teacher or supervisors are pushing out the traits that make you who you are. The location of the basement is also very telling, as it could be the manifestation of intuition or subconscious thoughts in the back of your mind alerting you to the fact that others are trying to change you.

Confronting a criminal organization

A dream about fearlessly confronting a crime group in an attempt to put a stop to its criminal activities is an ominous sign which indicates some difficulties in finances. You are currently or may soon experience a bit of a problem in meeting your financial obligations, such as paying your bills, your mortgage, your car's monthly amortization, or your college loan. You might also be forced to cut down on your regular comforts, and even your basic needs, just to get by.

Walking on the road with a criminal

Dreaming about walking down the road with a criminal in tow is a good sign which indicates a delightful or fortunate occurrence which would come as a complete surprise. Winning a lottery jackpot or meeting a person who could change your personal or professional life for the better are but some of the possibilities which might happen to you after experiencing this rather awkward and uncomfortable dream vision.

Robbery as a crime

Having a dream about a crime involving a robbery symbolizes wants and desires being pursued in wake life. Like the robber in the dream who wanted to acquire material possessions albeit through illegal means, you may also want to achieve or acquire some things in life, although it does not mean that you would go as far as committing a crime to get them. This dream vision is also a sign of your willingness to admit your mistakes and to get punished for your acts of indiscretion even through the infliction of physical pain, which may be deemed masochistic. On the other hand, it could also mean being able to sense an upcoming threat and therefore having enough time to avoid it.

Going after a criminal

Chasing or going after a criminal who was scurrying away from the crime scene is a prediction of happiness and contentment which is rightly deserved. It is possible that the way you handled the situation in the dream is only a reflection of how you would squarely face your struggles in wake life. You believe that people who immediately address their problems as they come will have less to worry about, and are, therefore, generally happy.

A horrific crime

Visions of a horrific crime in a dream, such as a bedroom with a dead body lying spread-eagle and soaked in blood by the bed, with blood splatters on the ceiling, walls and floor, is by no means a reflection of something terrible or sinister about to happen in wake life, but speaks only of personal regrets and struggles. There may be things in your life you wish were different or you would want to change if you had your way. There may be personal traits or behavioral patterns you hate about yourself but keep expressing anyway for reasons you do not entirely understand. This is a good time for you to look inside your heart.

Having this dream vision seems to validate the notion that humans have a dark side, whether expressed in the subconscious state or in waking life. However, we also have the power to supress evil and let the good prevail at all times, which is what makes us human in the first place. On the other hand, this dream vision could just be a subconscious reminder of a crime which the dreamer actually committed in the past. In this case, the belief that your crimes would haunt you to your grave might carry some truth to it and become expressed through these visions.

Being a part of criminal organization

Dreaming about being a part of a mafia, a crime syndicate or an organized crime group indicates the possibility of attending a wild and raucous party or social gathering where every one is expected to toss their inhibitions out the window. While it could be nice to let your hair down once in a while, you would still want to exercise due prudence and to exhibit some sense of decency in all your actions on these occasions. In this day and age, you certainly would not allow very compromising, revealing and vulgar moments of your personality to be captured for public view or splashed across social media for all to see.

Someone fleeing the crime scene

Witnessing someone fleeing the crime scene in a dream predicts the possibility of accidentally uncovering a secret or obtaining damning information from people who had been trying to keep it from the public. This secret or piece of information could be damaging to you or to someone you know, and you would wish you had never known about it in the first place. On the other hand, it is also possible that the people who were keeping this secret or piece of information could just be waiting for the right time to spill the beans on you in order to ensure maximum damage. Therefore, having advance knowledge about it might save your face or at least enable you to contain the damage.

Being held against own will

In my dream I was being held against my will, throwing a fit about not being able to wash my laundry, talking to an undercover cop, seeing a little kid with burn blisters on them, hot frying oil, and walking around an unknown village.

Being held against your will in a dream is a manifestation of your feelings of being restricted in the waking world. All these surreal images point towards your current state of mind. It seems as if there is a great deal of turmoil going on and you need to get some respite. Talking to a cop represents searching for an authority figure who could help you deal with these problems. The child with blisters represents impeding problems which you may have to face because of your inability to break free of limitations. Similarly, the image of walking around an unknown village could symbolize financial losses. Perhaps your indecisiveness is what may cause you to lose your financial footing. Make sure you take the necessary measures to help you get out trouble and try to reassert yourself to gain control of your life.

Being scared at a crime scene

Female. A friendly stranger in my room. Felt like my home was a hotel. When alone, she threatened that I will be her husband's second wife because he chose me, but I won't be loved more. Didn't want any trouble, I obeyed. At night she was killed, don't know who did it. Stayed at our home with crime scene, people there all the time, all staring at me. I'd walk right up to bathroom to talk with a detective many times, telling everything I knew. He knew I didn't do it. I saw a scary montage in mirror, yelled to mom call detective!

The idea that you have been chosen to become someone's second wife probably is related to competition in reality. You may be up for a promotion or are expecting a boost in your social status sometime in the near future. Perhaps there are individuals in your social circle who would become envious of your achievements. Additionally, you may make a specific person jealous by taking his or her place. Being accused of murder means you could feel some guilt for your success. It is possible that you would not be completely happy with your achievements, possibly due to the fact that you would feel bad for benefiting from other people's loss.

Granddaughter raped

Granddaughter being raped.

Dreaming that your granddaughter was raped is rightly a disturbing and horrifying image. In the context of a dream vision, this symbol suggests she is about to go through some difficult, trying times in her life. Actual rape is highly unlikely in this case. Rather, the rape can be taken as a metaphor for her lack of control and the severity of the situation. Because you were the one who saw this vision, you may have subconsciously realized that trouble is brewing. As an older, wiser family member, you may be morally obligated to step in and provide guidance and support in this situation. This extends from advice and a friendly pat on the back to actually teaching her what she needs to know and providing financial aid.

Being framed for a crime

Being framed for a crime you did not commit, such as murdering someone or stealing a fortune, means that you are subconsciously worried about being found out for something that happened in your past. You are likely hiding a secret, while probably not criminal in nature, that would end the good relationship you have with some people you know in wake life. Your fear of getting discovered is the source of this vision, so perhaps doing something to rectify that past or doing good work that would mitigate past wrongs would go a long way towards easing your conscious.