Dreams Related To Crawling

Crawling through small spaces

Squeezing through or crawling into tight spaces and small openings in the dream realm is a reflection of your emotions in the waking world. There are instances when you feel you are walking on eggshells around some people. This results in you feeling depressed and experiencing fear of letting people down. Having this dream is also a metaphor for a big secret you are keeping. Perhaps you are struggling to keep it to yourself and are looking for options on how to relieve yourself from such pressure.

Crawling on the ground

According to sources of Christian dream interpretation, crawling on the ground may reveal that you feel humiliated or repentant, depending on the circumstances. What is clear is that you have been through a period of time marked with certain challenging and unhealthy patterns. This sign represents the lingering negative energy upon you, but it also can mean that you have the choice to make something better of your life and move forward toward more fulfilling future. You just need to find the mental and emotional strength to rise to your legs and take the first step.