Dreams Related To Crafts

Being involved with arts and crafts

I always dream of art work, drawing pictures, first I was at my late aunt's home, I saw myself owning a handmade products, school teaching people to make handmade mats, baskets, handbags, clothes, table mats etc. The next dream I was in my old school. I saw 3 people giving art pencils and art brushes, the next dream I was in a school only known to me in my dreams. I saw people making strings of blue and white beads and other handmade products, I wanted to join them but I hesitated, I left the place.

Dreaming of arts and crafts, either as a participant or an observer, usually depicts a desire to create or pursue a passion project. Art can also represent resourcefulness which is why this dream symbol often appears in visions when the dreamer is experiencing a creative or mental block. In the first dream, being the owner of an arts and crafts school means you are eager to turn your dreams into reality. However, being an owner and not a teacher suggests your lack of practical experience which could be a hindrance to success. In the second dream, you are watching others give away pencils and art brushes probably because you feel insecure about yourself especially when you compare yourself to the achievements of your peers. Perhaps you doubt your skills and abilities. Finally, the string of beads in the third dream refers to your tendency to please others. Since you often prioritize other people's needs over your own, you likely do not leave enough time and resources to spend on undertakings you are passionate about. These constant self-doubt and abnegation only serve as roadblocks to your personal goals.