Dreams Related To Coyote

Being attacked by a coyote

Coyotes symbolize deceitful individuals, hence dreaming of an attack from this animal is a common reminder from your subconscious to be careful of duplicitous people around you. If there is biting involved, then perhaps you are feeling vulnerable and showing this weakness might embolden your enemies into undermining you in real life. On the other hand, if you dream of being chased by a pack of coyotes, then it is possible that you are facing a threatening mob, a group of online trolls for example, and not simply an individual.

A coyote at night

I dreamed i was outside closing a barn or shed door, and there was not far away a black wolf or coyote. I tried yelling to scare it, but it didn't run. I called my husband, and he yelled at it, and it started growling. I told him to run get the gun. He did, and aimed it but didn't shoot it. Then I saw my little terrier dog running toward the wolf. I saw 2 other wolves or coyotes, sort of just a blur of them. The wolf or coyote was on other side of the electric fence on our property.

The shed you were closing in this dream means you need to get rid of something negative or a threat lurking in the background. If it was a wolf in the vision, then the threat is a reckless friend or family member who would knowingly spill either personal secrets or private matters which could put you in hot water. If it was a coyote, then it means there is a duplicitous person in your social circle. In front of you, they would seem meek and trustworthy, but behind your back they would attack you by spreading malicious rumors and telling lies. The good news is that your instincts have allowed you to steer clear of these people, so make sure you keep your guards up to avoid divulging compromising information to suspicious people.

Seeing coyotes

Coyotes, in the Jungian interpretation, represent duplicitous, untrustworthy individuals in reality. You may be in their sights, hence your unconscious mind's effort to alert you to their presence. If you see this ill omen in your dreamscape, it would be wise to look at your personal relationships and interactions carefully. Finding out the one who seeks to use you quickly may allow you to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

Coyote chasing you

The image of a coyote following or chasing you in the dream realm is a fortunate symbol according to Native American dream interpretation sources. The coyote, much like dogs or wolves, is looked upon as a neutral symbol, embodying both positive and negative qualities. The coyote that is chasing you in this vision, however, actually represents you. It means you are chasing your goals and your attention is on the prize. Your eventual success would lift your spirit and bring you peace of mind.