Dreams Related To Coworker

Former coworkers

Seeing your former colleagues in the dream realm may be a reflection of your current thoughts about your work environment. Specifically, you could be unconsciously comparing your current job and co-workers with those of your past. This could be a good thing, especially if you feel like you have moved up or improved your position. However, you may also look back on those times fondly if your current position causes you a lot of stress or tends to be filled with drama.

Coworkers at a party

I dreamed I was outside cooking for extended family. Relatives were sitting in the distance, no one talking. I noticed we were out of ice cubes, I sent someone to get some. A friend from work had some loose ice cubes and unwrapped hamburgers in her bag. Then I dreamed a coworker from work was with me and another coworker had just died since I was their supervisor, what was I going to do? Job of deciding what to do passed to me. Then I fainted, deep sleep, couldn't move or talk. Slowly woke up.

This vision has two opposing sets of symbols. The beginning of the vision, when you were cooking outside, suggests you have been lucky in your relationships. You get along well with those around you and may even be part of a strong friendship or affectionate relationship at the moment. Those you surround yourself with are interesting and add a lot of value to your daily existence. In particular, the lack of ice can be interpreted as a positive sign that you would not face any major hardships or conflicts in the near future. While this sounds very promising, the second half of the vision is a little more serious. The co-worker who died in your vision may point toward less than harmonious connections with your former work colleagues or people who are not too close to you. In a sense, this dual situation is manifested in your fainting and being unable to move at the end of the vision, as such a symbol is usually associated with opposing ways of thinking. Perhaps you treat your personal relationships different than your other social connections, thus leading to an unbalanced social life. It may be wise to adjust and improve how you treat those around you in order to create harmony and give yourself more peace of mind.

Romantic affair with a coworker

Romancing with a workmate.

This dream could reveal your tendency to professionally succeed or fulfill your tasks and duties by relying on someone else's skills, abilities and performance at work. Subconsciously, you could be repaying or compensating this person's efforts by flirting with them in this dream. The dream could serve as a way of extinguishing your guilt, shame or sense of injustice or being indebted. Alternatively, the dream could simply reveal the existence of some attraction between the two of you. You might feel reluctant to admit to yourself or to the other person your true feelings and affection because of the workplace environment. Finally, you could be dreaming of a workplace romance in the sense of flirting with an idea, project or business. This plan could be in the phase of its beginning and could require a partner. Note that this person whom you need to help you would not necessarily be the one you romanced with in the dream. These scenarios could involve someone else that you associate with on the daily basis in reality.

Spending time with a coworker

I dreamt of my workmate three times, the first time we were sleeping together in the same bed, the second time we had a lot of fun like going to the beach, visiting our parents and he did a lot of my tasks for me, the third time I dreamt when he got married with another lady.

This dream has two possible meanings. First one could be a reflection of your tendency to achieve things and succeed while relying on this person's skills, abilities and performance at work. Subconsciously, you are "repaying" this person in the dreams you are describing. You might feel you need to extinguish your guilt or provide some kind of reciprocation to him. The notion of him "performing your tasks" for you in the dream further advocates that this situation could be indeed what you are going through in reality. The second interpretation could simply be that you really like this person, but feel reluctant to reveal your true feelings and affection towards him because of the constraints which exist in the workplace.

Coworkers in the bedroom

Dreamed on 2 different occasions that colleagues of mine were in our main bedroom. One was using the hand sink to wash.

If you happened to dream about your coworkers being inside or visiting your house and you felt as if you did not like the fact they were present, this is symbolic of upcoming news. You might soon receive an important task or assignment. This added responsibility would not necessarily be work-related. Moreover, your colleagues went to your bedroom. This could suggest that this activity could be of a personal nature or affect your private life. Seeing one of these coworkers or colleagues using a sink to wash could be a sign of possible temporary or permanent separation from your significant half or a close friend. This parting would be caused by the upcoming assignment. This could be how the new duty would affect your private life. Overall, this dream speaks of upcoming changes coming into your life, which could leave a lasting imprint on you because of their nature and possible implications.

Eating boiled fish with coworkers

Dreaming of eating lots of boiled fish with workmates.

Eating boiled fish is often associated with the loss of something important to you, such as a precious heirloom or a relationship. Because you ate the fish with your colleagues from work, it may be related to your job. For example, you may have to give up more of your free time or a hobby in order to further your career. This dream is not necessarily negative. Instead, it makes us consider the value of the things and people in our lives and helps us decide what is most important.

Having a relationship with a coworker

I am female. On most random nights this guy always pops up into my dreams. The guy and I used to work together and we used to have sex a lot, this was 2 years ago and it was really good I might add. I haven't seen him in years because he quit. I did like him a little more than just a hookup but never said anything. Now in my dreams he will show up and sometimes we are in a relationship or doing it. He shows up so much in my dreams, it's abnormal at this point, I think...

Seeing someone you used to be involved with on a physical level is often thought to be a reflection of the impact this individual had on your life. In many cases, this person would appear to you after you have been reminded of them in some way. For instance, if you still work at the same job, going to work every day may be enough of a reminder to make him appear in your visions. It seems some aspect of the connection you had with him then is missing from your life now. If you are currently seeing someone, perhaps they are not meeting your needs in the same way. Alternatively, if you are single, it is possible that you miss the physical relationship that comes with having a consistent lover.

Former coworker asking to buy a tree

Someone who really didn't care for me much at a former place of employment was leaving the place of employment. He asked if I would buy him a tree and deliver it to his home.

Having a dream related to your prior place of employment represents satisfaction at your current job or contentment with your lifestyle at the moment. Dreaming about a past co-worker who did not like you may indicate getting involved with someone from your past, though not necessarily from this job. You may run into someone you once went to school with or a person who lived near you but moved away some time ago. This is further illustrated through the symbol of the tree which, by itself, can be interpreted as a sign of feeling lonely. You may be looking to start a relationship with someone you once knew or rekindle a friendship with someone you have fallen out of touch with.

Interactions with coworkers

In one of my dreams, the coworker threatened to have me transferred and in another dream a different coworker and I had an intense sexual encounter.

Dreams about coworkers are typically indicators of office-related stress or concerns. The first dream involving a threat from your colleague to get you transferred is probably a projection of your fears or feelings of ineptitude. Maybe you feel under-skilled or unappreciated, which is why this particular scenario appeared in your vision. Meanwhile, the second dream where you had an intense sexual encounter with another coworker reveals your resolve to be more proactive and focused on your tasks at work. Perhaps you are beginning to become fully immersed in your craft or career.

A coworker accused of being a prostitute

Female. I dreamt about my best friend, who is the classiest girl I know being publicly accused of being a prostitute and publicly shamed in front of her coworkers and friends who could not believe she would do such a thing. She was prostituting herself to find out secrets about the men and blackmail them afterwards. She just recently got this position quite high up at her workplace and is always afraid of rumors starting about her, although she knows she has the cleanest record ever.

Dreaming that your best friend is a prostitute alludes to her control issues. Maybe because of her position, she has limited freedom to express herself or allow herself to show any vulnerability. This is also a projection of society's tendency to demonize powerful females, putting them in a negative light, usually as power-hungry Black Widow types. Knowing this, you may be feeding off the anxieties and fears of your friend, thus conjuring up this scenario in the dream. Perhaps this is your subconscious trying to keep your friend grounded and vigilant about possible issues that could crop up.

A coworker perceived as mother

A lady that was on my staff as an employee is clearly in a dream in a couple of photos with my father and turns out to be my mother! Everything is so clear and stays with me, usually, I forget my dreams, but this one fact sticks with me. The lady is my junior, so physically impossible.

Seeing your subordinate as your mother in the photos with your father probably means that you feel a kinship towards her. Perhaps you see similarities between her and your mother, which is why she appears to have taken the place of the image of your mother in the pictures. You may also be getting closer to this individual or getting to know her better such that you treat her as part of your family. This affinity is recognized by your subconscious hence it imprinted her image into your dream.