Dreams Related To Cousin

Seeing your male cousin

Interacting with a male cousin during the course of a dream vision, whether you run into him by chance or plan to spend some time together on purpose, is often a sign that you would soon receive some correspondence or message from far away. This could be in the form of a letter, email, phone call or other official document, particularly from a family member or distant relative whom you have not seen or heard from in some time.

Sex with a cousin

I was having sex with my cousin.

Dreaming about having sex with your cousin reveals sexual dissatisfaction. You may have been celibate for a while now and your hormones are raging as a result. This sexual stagnation means you are looking for release and your subconscious conjured the image of someone you often see in reality as a mere representation. Alternatively, sex can be a symbol for pleasure and satisfaction in general. In that sense, you may be envious of someone for seemingly being happier or more satisfied than you are, whether it refers to sexual life or satisfaction in other areas of his or her existence. Perhaps you envy this cousin and want some of his or her achievements or possessions for yourself.

A female cousin

Seeing your female cousin is a negative symbol in dreams. It means you may have to re-evaluate your relationship with someone you interact or deal with on a daily basis. Problems such as lies, deception and unexpected betrayal could irreparably damage your friendship or whatever relationship you share. It does not necessarily mean that it is the other person's fault. You may also be responsible for creating a gap between the two of you, or it is more likely that you would both jeopardize whatever bond you have forged.

A cousin in general

Dreaming about a cousin, regardless of the situation or scenario, generally has something to do with familial conflict. This particular cousin or another relative may disapprove of your behavior or recent decisions. This may have been going on for a while, but a major disagreement or argument could make things much worse. You could be alienated from relatives who are equally disappointed in you. This alienation and cold treatment towards you could make you feel isolated and depressed.

A cousin as a dream symbol could also be an allusion to the possibility of meeting someone who is kind, generous and honest. You could witness this person commit a random act of kindness which may single-handedly restore your faith in humanity. Alternatively, this could also mean that you may be taking a trip to visit some close relatives, not necessarily a cousin. This is your chance to catch up, especially if you have not seen each other in a while.

Cousin harming your daughter

I (female) am talking to my male cousin (he's is an adult now) in the house he grew up in. Then I put my 6-year old daughter in bed. I go to get a glass of water. When I get back to my daughter my male (adult) cousin is cutting and stabbing my daughter's legs.

Seeing your male cousin in a dream vision represents a piece of news coming from far away. You could receive an email or a phone call about it from a long-lost relative or a childhood friend. Unfortunately, because of the dream symbol of slashed legs, this is bound to be heartbreaking news for your family. In the worst case scenario, this means the death of someone near and dear to your heart. You will want to shield your daughter from the sorrow this will bring, however it is out of your hands. You can choose to comfort her and explain the situation to help with the healing.

A romantic relationship with a cousin

I saw my cousin brother whom I consider as nothing more but just a brother to me having romantic relationship with me.

Developing a romance with a relative symbolizes a yearning for connection. This person you treat as a brother is someone you admire and respect, hence the relationship reveals your desire to emulate him. He probably has something you want for yourself, whether it is an admirable trait, a strong partnership with a girlfriend or even a material possession. Pursuing this romance in the dream represents your motivation to attain your goals.

Your cousin dying

A dream about your cousin dying is actually a positive dream symbol. It means you would likely live a long and productive life. The death itself probably reflects your own keen sense of mortality which instead of getting you down, moves you to do more with the finite time you get to spend in this world. Moreover, this gives you more appreciation about the little things, allowing you to celebrate your triumphs and learn from every defeat and disappointment that you would experience during your personal journey.

Making peace with a cousin

I'm a young girl, and my best friend was my cousin, but our other cousins made us fight, worse part we live next door to each other. I had a dream where we made up and talked peacefully and he was smiling and we weren't acting like strangers, we were in my house and everyone was happy we made up.

There are several layers to the fight in your dream, since your relationship with your cousin has different levels. Fighting with your best friend alludes to a setback. Similarly, a fight with a loved one or family member indicates disappointment or possible failure. On the other hand, fighting with a neighbor is an auspicious symbol illustrating harmonious relationships and supportive friends. The conflicting message indicates instability. Your relationships will be tested, but ultimately any issue will be negligible and probably petty. This prescient dream even resolves itself in the end, so you do not have anything to worry about.

Kissing your cousin

Kissing your cousin in a dream vision points to possible conflicts and disagreements in reality. These conflicts could occur between you and anyone in your social circle, including family members. If you are already quarreling with someone, then the kiss could represent your desire to fix the problem between you and the other party. In order to do so, you may have to compromise or be mutually interested in finding a solution to end this disagreement and get back to the harmonious relationship you once shared.

Affection from a cousin

Seeing a male cousin after 2 or 3 days daily and he is interested in me. What does it mean?

Dreaming that your cousin is interested in you in the dream world is thought to represent upcoming conflicts and disagreements in reality. In a sense, the confusion and slight distaste you might find in such a situation in reality reflects how you would feel during this period. The arguments may arise out of nowhere from friends or family members you thought you were on very good terms with until now. Furthermore, you may be disgusted and hurt at the way someone who was once close to you is treating you now. No matter how you feel, however, you should not allow yourself to be drawn into their bad behavior. You should do your best to take the high ground, and they would hopefully see the error of their ways and reform.

Female and male cousins together

Unfortunately, seeing both female and male cousins together in a dream scenario does not bode well for you. This dream symbol usually points to the possibility of injuries in reality, especially involving your extremities such as your hands or fingers. In extreme cases, this could indicate more severe wounds or lacerations resulting from a serious accident. Perhaps this is your mind's way of telling you to be more careful and cautious whenever you are on the road or in accident-prone areas.

A happy cousin

Seeing your cousin in a great mood or in a happy disposition is a positive dream symbol. In whatever dream scenario, as long as your cousin is laughing or smiling, it means good fortune is on your side. This could give you the advantage you need to advance your career or make the most out of the opportunity of a lifetime. However, your good luck will not last forever, so while you still have the momentum, try to give it your all and make the most of it, whether it is work, business venture or investment opportunities.

Unfortunately, a happy cousin for women dreamers is a bad omen especially when it comes to health. Someone in your close family circle could contract an illness which would require a prolonged period of recovery. In extreme cases, this dream symbol could even foretell an upcoming death in the family, especially someone very close to your heart. This loss would also greatly affect your own psychological and physical well-being, so take care not to wallow in too much grief.

Physical fight with a cousin

A dream vision where you get involved in a physical fight with a cousin, such as a fist fight or brawl, likely reveals your mixed feelings about your relationship with your own family. A big part of you may be feeling shunned or underappreciated by members of your family or your relatives. Perhaps there have been previous instances where you were being left out from family gatherings or discussions about important family matters and this makes you feel frustrated, unimportant and outright disrespected.

Aggressive physical fights with cousins in dream visions can also allude to real-world disappointments especially towards your cousin. The negative turn in your relationship may stem from an unsavory bit of information or news your cousin would share with you. Alternatively, perhaps you do not see eye to eye with a relative on big issues and this makes you feel uncomfortable and maybe a bit on edge whenever you encounter each other.

Talking with a cousin for males

A dream scenario wherein you are talking to a cousin, especially if you are male, means you could suffer major disappointments in your love life. Perhaps you would be significantly disappointed with the actions or behavior of your real-world girlfriend, wife or partner. For instance, you may discover something about your significant other which would put them in a bad light in your eyes. This betrayal or unexpected discovery could seriously test the strength of your bond and make you question how much you trust in each other.

A cousin becoming interested in boyfriend

I am a woman and I dreamed that my female cousin had sexual desires for my boyfriend and I became angry with her in a dream and she wouldn't leave us alone. My boyfriend also became angry with her.

Unless there is some basis for this vision in reality, it is more likely that your female cousin's presence in this vision is only to act as a stand in for a woman in general. In this case, the vision can be interpreted to mean that there is something your boyfriend is keeping from you. This does not mean that what he is hiding is necessarily related to cheating. It could be negative, positive or even neutral. However, the idea that he is hiding something from you could mean there is some trouble with the communication between the two of you, so perhaps your communication skills need improvement or maybe you need to find a good time and place to clear the air.

Cousin missing

Dreaming of looking for your missing cousin and not finding him or her could portend an upcoming rough patch in your life. This trying time would be akin to a rollercoaster ride with lots of unexpected surprises, both good and bad. All the unexpected twists and turns could wear you out, though there would also be moments of bliss which can almost make the whole experience worth it. Since it is your cousin who is missing in the vision, then perhaps this tumultuous time would be related to your family and the household.

Verbal disagreements with cousins

Dreaming that you are having verbal disagreements or verbal altercations with your cousins means you may have serious talks and discussions with close members of your family in reality. These discussions may not necessarily be hostile, but it would probably take on a somber tone due to the heavy subject matter you have to tackle. Perhaps it would be about something that could affect yourself and the entire clan so a deliberation would be necessary to take everyone's side before doing something about it.

A cousin giving birth at a cemetery

My cousin was having her baby at the cemetery, and I delivered the baby. But, in the dream I didn't see a casket out or anything.

There are two elements in this dream that stand out. First, the cemetery, does not represent a negative omen, but rather a metaphor for an imminent departure from the mundane or a major change occurring soon. Secondly, seeing someone giving birth is usually a sign of wealth and prosperity, not only for you but also for those around you. So what your dream could be trying to tell you is that you could experience major changes in your life that could force you to leave familiar grounds but, in the end, it could all lead to a much happier and fruitful future.

Arguing with your cousin

Arguments with your cousin in a dream vision is a warning about potential losses in reality. Your own carelessness and inattention could get you in serious financial trouble. Perhaps you are neglecting to double check your work and it gets you demoted or worse, fired. It is also possible that you are not paying close attention to your expenses or lavish purchases so your debt is piling up faster than you can pay it back, so you could get buried in credit card debt or suffer from similar financial setbacks.

Cousin leaving or relocating

Dreaming that a cousin of yours is leaving or relocating, perhaps to a far-away place, is actually an allusion to your own life journey. It generally conveys a positive prediction for your future. Specifically, it means you would live a long life blessed with happiness and satisfaction. This probably has to do with your harmonious relationships with others, so the kindness and positivity you give off would also reflect back as others also treat you kindly and extend a helping hand whenever you need it.

A cousin looking for her son

I dreamt that I was driving home at night and my cousin was on the side of the road yelling and going crazy looking for her son. I saw complete terror in her eyes, I was so frightened then I woke up.

Driving at night means you are currently following an uncertain path. You are struggling with your work probably because you see no future in your current situation. A project could be too difficult for you to see through to the end or you no longer enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Similarly, a missing child signifies loss of hope. Your fear within the dream mirrors the same fear you feel in reality. You are losing motivation in your profession or even in your own abilities. It could be a good time for you to revisit your goals and re-assess where your strengths lie, so you can plot your plans for the future.

Cousin looking sick

Dreaming that your cousin looks sick or ill, perhaps with a yellowish pallor or an ashen complexion, is an allusion to upcoming unfortunate circumstances or developments. These negative events may be work-related or of personal nature. Nevertheless, the cause of these events may be your own fault. You have probably committed questionable actions or failed to pay attention to important details. Overall, your carelessness could eventually cause some trouble which you would have to deal with.

Cousin building a house

A dream where you see your cousin building a house is an allusion to some changes that will happen in your personal life or within your family. These changes might be good or bad and will likely be related to some decisions made in your household recently. Some aspects within your intimate affair or workplace will also see changes that will put you in good condition. It is best to observe the symbolism involved to get a clear elucidation of this vision.

Disowning a cousin

Met a cousin at another relative's house and I disowned him.

Dreaming about disowning your cousin could be a manifestation of your negative feelings about him in your waking life. Perhaps he has done something which may have irked you or caused difficulties for you. Try and adopt a more forgiving attitude. If you feel unable to do so, it would be better to keep mum about it so as to avoid any disagreements within the family.

Told of being ugly by a deceased cousin

I dreamt that my deceased cousin came to tell me I am ugly and my sister who is still alive, and I went to view houses.

Dreaming about your deceased cousin visiting you has negative connotations. It symbolizes upheavals and problems in your waking life. You could encounter circumstances which may put you in a great deal of trouble. The presence of your sister in the dream suggests that these obstacles might be related to her as well. Perhaps the two of you might eventually have a rift. In any case, make sure you remain vigilant of suspicious individuals or situations which might put you or your loved ones at risk.

Wife having sex with a cousin

My wife (yes, she is female) told me she had a dream that she had sex with my cousin (yes, he is male). She said I was dead and my cousin came over and he had sex with her. That was all the details.

Your wife's dream about having sex with your cousin indicates sexual dissatisfaction your wife could be presently experiencing. On the other hand, it can also suggest that she could be envious of someone in your family circle or outside whom she knows for his or her recent success or luck, so in this case, your wife's dream is a manifestation of an unrealized desire to reach a goal or satisfy an ambition. The fact you were dead in her vision also predicts that a conflict may arise between you and her because of this dissatisfaction, which can lead to a rift between the two of you for a short period of time.

Saying goodbye to your cousin

Bidding your cousin goodbye in a dream, whether it is because they passed away or they are moving somewhere else, usually points to family-related issues. More specifically, this dream symbol has to do with the division of familial assets or properties due to some unforeseen events. Perhaps a family member or relative would pass away and you would have to divide the inheritance amongst yourselves. It is also possible that a loved one may experience financial troubles and would have to sell off certain assets to get out of debt.

A letter from a dead cousin

In my dream my cousin who is dead was sick and I was holding her and told her that I loved her and then I left her and went home and checked my mail and there was a letter from her.

Dreaming about your deceased cousin suffering from an illness may serve as a warning to think more carefully about your actions in your waking life. Perhaps you need to reexamine some recent behavior or consider how you would react to a certain situation in the future. This is because you are likely reacting irrationally, and failing to think about the outcome of your reaction could have disastrous results for you and those close to you. The letter you receive from her at the end of the vision suggests you do have the experience and knowledge to properly handle the situation if you do not react emotionally.

Correspondence with a cousin

Dreaming of corresponding with a cousin, either via electronic means or actual letters, symbolizes major conflicts, misunderstandings or disagreements within your household, members of your family or relatives. The correspondence in your dream vision likely represents a need for better communication. Failure to clearly communicate could be the cause of misunderstandings and tension between you and your loved ones. Perhaps you need to reach out and really listen to each other in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

You cousin in or near water

Seeing your cousin wading or swimming in water, or even if they are just near a body of water, is usually a positive dream symbol. This means that you are about to receive some unexpected yet happy news or announcement. The water means this bit of information would likely give you some peace of mind or make you more optimistic. You could land your dream job or have an opportunity to pursue your passion. Furthermore, the presence of your cousin means they could be the bearer of this news or have some involvement in the surprise.

Cousins by age

Dreaming of a cousin's age or maturity level likely reflects your own maturity level in reality. For example, if you dream of your oldest cousin, then it means you are probably thinking about your own responsibilities and whether you are capable of providing for yourself as well as your family. This concern may have been highlighted by your upcoming transition to adulthood. You may be anticipating to carry more responsibilities and accountabilities which is part and parcel of growing up.

Your cousin's funeral

Envisioning a cousin's funeral actually conveys a somewhat different message in reality. It means you would soon enjoy blessings and abundance in your life. The weather during the funeral also provides additional interpretations for this dream symbol. For example, having a good weather means you do not have to worry about serious health problems or illnesses for yourself. On the other hand, bad or rainy weather during the funeral denotes the possibility that you or one of your relatives may soon be afflicted with sickness or a health condition.

Your cousin in a casket

The morbid dream imagery of seeing your cousin inside a casket actually conveys a positive message. Instead of meeting an abrupt or tragic end, you and the cousin in your dream vision would likely live a long and fulfilling life. Moreover, there could be a surprising blessing headed your way, whether it is a career-related development or something more personal. More than the wealth and prosperity you could gain from these advantages or valuable acquisitions, you would also achieve happiness and overall satisfaction.

Insulting your cousin

Dreaming of insulting your cousin is a bad sign for your current undertakings. Things may not go smoothly or according to plan when it comes to your projects or other ventures. On the one hand, you may find it difficult to get help or sufficient funding in order to complete your project successfully. On the other hand, you may be insisting on doing things alone so you have everything under control, but this kind of mindset could doom you to failure since big tasks and responsibilities often require the help of others.

Beating up own cousin

Beating up my aunty's son (cousin) in my dream with the boy shaking his head while beating him in the sense that I'm mistreating him. Today is the sixth time I will dream about this dream in the same way. Note the boy is a second born to my aunty and my aunty is a sister to my mom, the last born of their mother. Thanks.

Violent dreams oftentimes reveal the dreamer's temperament or anger management issues. Perhaps you are known to be short-tempered and prone to emotional outbursts. In this recurring dream, beating up your cousin alludes to your penchant for forcing your views and opinions on others in order to establish dominance. Maybe you think you are helping him by insisting on your values and principles upon his impressionable mind. On the other hand, it could be an indication of your own need for control and validation.

A rich and famous cousin

My cousin, a very popular, respected and the head of the family, gave me a glistening glittering white stone but on the other side it was a seal stamp to keep. Then she bought a part of my former school building and put a casino and gave it to her son, the table in the casino had playing cards scattered on it, then she was called to get money from the government and I asked her to register me as well to get the money which she said was hard. Then she addressed a family gathering and called me.

The white stone in your dream represents wealth and prestige. It is your key to ascending into a higher social status in the waking world. You may be aspiring to become rich and successful in the same way that your cousin is in a position of power and respect. In that sense, the casino becomes this symbol of gambling or risk-taking needed to become successful. Education, therefore, is not enough to reach your goals. Similarly, you may need to learn how to strike out on your own instead of piggybacking on successful peers or relatives. Alternatively, this could be a friendly reminder by your subconscious about the perils of being blinded by money. Perhaps you need to think long and hard about your motivations behind your dream of getting ahead. You may need to weigh your options, temper risks with rationality, and become fully informed about a venture before jumping head first into it with a fatalistic attitude.

Deceased daughter playing with a cousin

I'm 46 female, my daughter has died in a fatal car accident. I dreamt that I saw her playing at her car wash in black vs thermal pjs with white writing. She is 25. I saw her playing with her cousin who is also gone, he was wearing the same black pjs with white writing. I screamed because I didn't understand why she was with him, she was supposed to be with grandpa and my mom in law, very close to them and why in black. I woke up.

Dream visions about those who have passed in the real world is often a reflection of the dreamer's sorrow related to their loss. Seeing your daughter being alive, then, suggests you are still in the grieving process and are not ready to let her go yet. The notion that she was with her cousin rather than other deceased family members you think you are closer to could be a reflection of your fear that she is not in the same place as they are. However, it is more likely that she is on the journey to find those people, meaning she is not stuck somewhere but rather just in the process of finding them and others you had lost throughout your life. Additionally, the black clothes represent your mourning while the white lettering could be the glimmer of hope that her soul would soon be at peace and you would finally attain some consolation and inner peace.

Cousin's wife breastfeeding son

My wife dreamt that the wife of my cousin was breastfeeding our child boy.

Symbolically, the vision of breastfeeding is often associated with good health, positive energy and overall well-being. As such, when your wife saw your cousin's wife breastfeeding your baby, it was likely referring to the developing connection between them, which may become more important as your child grows older. It is possible your cousin's wife would give some important life advice or become a crucial networking element in your child's future.

Deceased cousin giving a steak

I dreamt my cousin who died recently who is giving me a steak that was wrapped with black and white and I was standing on the sand with bare feet.

The steak represents your instincts in this dream scenario. As such, receiving a steak wrapped in black and white points to your desire to uncover the truth behind your cousin's death. You need to temper your instincts with objectivity if you really want to get to the bottom of it. Your instinct could get you in trouble if you do not have enough facts to back it up. Meanwhile, the image of you being barefoot on the sand alludes to frailty and fallibility. This death has made you realize how fleeting and fragile life can be, so perhaps this has inspired you to live your life in the best possible way.

Married to a cousin

I dreamt I was married to my cousin and going to have sex with him. I didn't understand how I got to this place with him. I didn't really like this particular cousin.

Dreaming about having sex with a relative usually predicts undesirable events coming up shortly. However, the symbol of marriage in the same vision indicates valuable opportunities for solving this unpleasant situation by making a compromise with someone whom you experience a lot of disagreements with lately. Alternatively, dreaming about having sex with your cousin reveals sexual dissatisfaction. You may have been celibate for a while now and are looking for release, so your subconscious conjured the image of someone you focused your attention on, even if it was in a negative way.