Dreams Related To Court

Winning a court case

I was in a court room having a formal debate and there was an audience full of people, so my opponent was talking to the audience telling them his side and when it came to my turn this boy I like said that I was going to do great. Well I went on stage and just stood there and then these 2 women in the audience started arguing and shouting at each other. Then everyone in the audience started shouting, then everyone stopped and was silent and started clapping and I won. I am a female.

Courtrooms and debates are highly symbolic in the dream world as they often point toward upcoming conflict and disputes. You may soon find yourself in such a mess, surrounded by men and women on all sides trying to pressure you to do things different ways. This can be seen both in the number of individuals witnessing the case as well as the shouting and arguing they partook in. However, the presence of your crush and his support of you are a reflection of your inner strength and reasoning ability. This means you should have faith in your own decisions. You can listen and consider other points of view, but you do not need to feel like anyone else knows the answer better than you do. Once you come to a decision, this vision predicts you would feel happy and at peace, as both winning the case and the audiences' cheers point toward success and satisfaction.

Struggling to be a prosecutor

I had this dream where I was supposed to prepare for a court trial and I was the prosecutor. I didn't have my notes and I was scared because I didn't have that much time to provide valid notes with points to help me win. I've had this court trial twice and I've lost twice. Moments later I found myself in a classroom in Nigeria where the dream always takes place, some boy helped me and I was happy but within minutes my aunt came out of nowhere and started ordering me to go and clean the stove.

Being a lawyer in a courtroom is an ominous symbol associated with discord in your household or work environment. Specifically, taking part in legal proceedings suggests you and someone you work or live with may have a disagreement over some aspect of your shared space, such as who buys what or who cleans a certain part of that space. This disagreement is likely to create a very stressful atmosphere, as the image of the school predicts not being able to relax or let your guard down under these circumstances. Your aunt's order to clean the stove in this vision is meant to serve as a reminder not to put off unpleasant tasks. Your relationships and work environment could be more enjoyable and easy to maintain when you perform regular upkeep on them, rather than seeing bad feelings and unnecessary tasks piling up.

Being re-hired after court litigation

I'm a female whose contract ended about 18 months ago and subsequently I decided to challenge the company on their unfair dismissal. I have won two of my cases so far and the company has appealed the second case where it will come up at the Labor Court in May. However, I dreamt this morning that my manager has put my name down for a job in the same department that I worked in as he was NOT the person who let me go, but his Director who used me as collateral damage for her dislike in him.

This dream vision could be a projection of your current concerns over the unfinished court case. You could be feeling like this process will never end, that you may have gotten too involved and that even when you do win these people would still have the power to drag this court case forever. You dream that the people you are suing still have power over you, even though this may no longer be the case, because you could be feeling your life is at a standstill, that until everything is decided you would not be capable of moving on to other projects and personal goals.

Leaving a burned courthouse in a boat

I won my court custody case because the court house burned down. Then I left with my kids in what felt like a paddle boat and floated down the streets that were flooded with water.

The burnt down court house in your dream suggests going through an exhausting process which would drain you both physically and emotionally. It also signifies destruction, so whatever you are going through whether you emerge triumphant or you lose would mean that damage would inevitably happen in some aspects of your family. Things would get worse before you can finally hunker down to try and get things back to normal. In addition, the paddle boat points to a tumultuous period which you would go through together with your kids. How rocky this period is going to be depends on the state and appearance of the waters flooding the streets. Flooded streets often symbolize an emotional period or emotional journey, so if the water is clear and calm then it means it would be a less problematic situation, whereas if the water is murky and raging, then you may have to contend with a lot of stressful and fraught dynamics in your household.