Dreams Related To Country

Being in another country

Being in another country, whether for a vacation or something work-related, is a good omen. Taking in the scenery or sampling their cuisine can only mean good developments for your career. Your long overdue promotion will finally push through or that hefty bonus will soon be yours. Alternatively, traveling in another country can also refer to recognition in a general sense. A good deed of yours may get covered by a media outlet and you will be hailed a modern-day hero. Regardless of the action, your efforts will be rewarded so enjoy your time in the limelight.

Traveling to other countries

I saw myself traveling across different countries.

Dreaming about embarking on a distant travel with no set direction or destination is a symbol of happiness and joyful existence you are about to experience very soon. If you found yourself traveling across distant foreign lands or countries in a dream, this could mean that you are about to become a very important and irreplaceable part of someone's life.

Searching for water in a foreign country

I had a dream that I was in a foreign country surrounded by lots of bodies of water. We kept walking upward on the beach in search of clean drinking water. I was warned not to go too far because I could be hurt by somebody.

Being in a foreign country often is considered a very auspicious symbol in the realm of dreams. It refers to good deeds being committed by you for the benefit of others. The clean water you were looking for supports this portent, as it suggests you have a strong moral compass and a desire to serve others. The important part of this vision is again seen in the symbol of the different country you are in, as it suggests that your admirable behavior would be seen and praised by others. For instance, a passerby may capture footage of you helping someone and upload it online, bringing you some small measure of fame and support from the general public.

Foreign country

The image or scenery of a foreign country in a dream in general represents feeling lost in your life at the moment, much like you would if you were suddenly taken abroad for a trip in another country where you did not speak the language or know the customs. The remedy for this situation is not easy. It requires a lot of reflection and work on yourself, possibly through the building of better habits or dealing with past traumas.

Rebuilding the country after nuclear war

So, a while ago I had dream that this president (I live in US and it wasn't Biden) decided to nuke our country for whatever reason, well me and family had to leave to go to Poland, but we stayed there for a little awhile then went to Canada and decided to reside there. Well fast forward years later, America was destroyed, and I went over there rebuilding the whole country by myself, and I was near a white church behind me that I built. What does this mean? I am 20 adult female.

Envisioning a nuclear explosion scenario in a war-torn country in a dream is a sign that you feel sympathetic about the loss, anger, and emotions of other people and feel deeply about their suffering. In wake life, it may be your family member, friend, or a loved one who might be subjected to a hurtful situation right now whose grief you also share. Your kindheartedness and empathetic behavior is the supreme quality that puts you far ahead of everyone else. Moving to another country in connection to this vision could mean possibly getting a promotion at work which is already long overdue or an incentive or bonus for a well-performed duty or task. All your hard work could be finally recognized and rewarded. In addition, dreaming about observing yourself build a church often is a positively charged symbol. Namely, you would successfully renew a relationship with someone who was once close to you. This could involve settling or overcoming the old misunderstandings or conflicts that originally set you apart. Whichever case, this vision will bring positivity to your life, especially in building relationships.