Dreams Related To Corpse

A corpse in a coffin

Seeing a corpse inside of a coffin is often interpreted by folkloric sources to mean that you are about to lose something important or valuable to you. In many cases, this symbol is thought to portend the loss of property or possession, such as a family house, heirloom or business. This situation would cause you pain and regret for a long time.

Corpses in a property for sale

Hello, I am closing a deal to buy a motel and I had a dream about seeing corpses in that motel. And now I am considering if I should go with the deal or not because I am not sure what the dream means. If anyone can help me interpret it, it would be very helpful. Thank you.

Dead bodies or corpses in the dream world oftentimes reflect your emotional state. As such, you could be anticipating uncertainties and difficulties in your future. Perhaps you feel like the deal is not going to fly or it would not be as lucrative investment as you initially thought. Multiple corpses as symbols have also been associated with betrayal and cheating, in some cases by trusted people or colleagues. There is a likelihood that you think something is amiss in this deal and your subconscious is sending your doubts to the fore by painting this grim scenario in your dream vision.

Being a corpse

Perceiving yourself to be dead in the dream world may sound negative. However, this is usually a reflection of what you are going through in real life that could be wearing you down. Like many people, you might be confused with your own purpose and feel that you are not progressing in life, which you should sort out well to avoid its severity. On the contrary. the image of your own dead body might also be a symbol of a jovial life. You might also meet someone who would make your life more colorful.