Dreams Related To Cord

An extension cord exploding

My husband dreamed of an extension cord that he felt was going to explode. Then he moved away from it, but his brother and sister got injured when the extension cord exploding.

Dreaming about an exploding extension cord is an ominous sign in regards to your husband's health and well-being, and he should be cautious. The explosion itself represents the sudden appearance of a medical issue or the effects of a bad accident. But because your husband moved away from it at first, it could indicate that he is already aware of the problem on some level. The fact that his brother and sister were injured in the blast could suggest that it is a genetic problem which all of them would eventually face or, more likely, that they are sympathetic to his pain and share in his sorrow.

Swallowing an extension cord

I had laid down and although I knew I shouldn't, I swallowed one end of an extension cord. Quickly regretting my decision I tried to pull it out, but it only felt as if it was pulling itself further down my throat making it harder and harder to breathe. Until I gave up.

The extension cord in your dream vision likely reveals your introverted personality. As such, swallowing the cord represents your desire to be more lively and sociable, even though this is very difficult for you. Forcing yourself to fit in or become more extroverted may be taking its toll on your mental and physical well-being. Perhaps it may help if you do not put so much pressure on yourself and take it slow, so you are still opening yourself up to new experiences without becoming too stressed.

Umbilical cord

Dreaming of an umbilical cord symbolizes a strong connection or attachment to someone, especially a mother. This connection can represent a relationship or bond that is deeply rooted in your life. However, if the umbilical cord is portrayed in a dangerous or negative light, it indicates a fear of being too dependent on someone or a fear of losing this bond. Evangelist Joshua suggests that this dream also exhibits a need to explore and address issues related to your past and childhood experiences.