Dreams Related To Conflict

A conflict with someone you know

Finding yourself in a conflict with someone you know extremely well, like a family member or friend you have grown up with, is a positive sign associated with being successful despite experiencing hardships. In the case of business affairs, this vision points to making profits and good deals, even if the project got off to a rocky start. In terms of romance, this dream also predicts finding or wooing a good partner. Finally, conflict with someone close to you may also mean you are soon to come into a sum of money that will improve your financial situation considerably.

Other people in a conflict

Having a dream where you witness a conflict or fight between other people is a negative sign indicative of having bad experiences at your place of work. In particular, this vision points to some flaws with your attitude to work or authority figures being an issue, meaning your performance or actions are not appropriate or beneficial for the office. Basically, your own behavior is likely to cause you trouble and problems at work. Seeing other people having a disagreement in a dream vision may also represent feelings of disappointment or disillusionment with the occupation you currently hold. It may not be the type of work you expected, or you may have to do things which you do not feel are morally right to keep your position.

Observing a conflict from a distance

Having a dream where you witness or observe a conflict from a distance often means you are soon to be inconvenienced or hurt due to someone else's laziness or inattention to detail. Eavesdropping or spying on someone else while they are in the middle of a conflict makes you a part of it in some way. In real life, this usually means being indirectly affected by the actions of someone else. You may want to be more careful after being faced with this sign so as to avoid possible serious outcomes of this other person's mistake.

Conflict inside your household

Seeing or taking part in a large conflict within your household is a negative sign associated with things going awry in your life, usually for the worse. This vision usually means that major roadblocks or challenges are about to arise in some aspect of your life, either personal or professional. Work-related issues might include a proposed deal going downhill, while more personal matters may be related to relationships or scheduling conflicts. Fights and disagreements observed taking place within the home in a dream also represent deeply-seated disappointment or annoyance with some aspect of your life, particularly in relation to goals and dreams you have been working toward.

A conflict with a friend

Having a dream where you experience a fight or disagreement with someone who is a good friend in real life is an ill sign associated with sadness and loss. It usually means you are soon to have some financial difficulties, including the loss of property or material possessions, or some tragic event that would leave you exhausted and emotionally-drained.

A conflict with a stranger

Finding yourself in a dream where you are having a fight or major misunderstanding with someone you do not know at all is symbolic of beginning a new activity or starting a new adventure. Dreams where you rub a stranger the wrong way reflect the butting of heads which often characterizes a new project or the difficulties experienced when trying to do something you have never done before.

Conflict between men

Having a dream where you see or observe a conflict between two grown men is often associated with feelings of jealousy and can be interpreted in two ways. First, witnessing men quarreling suggests being jealous of someone important to you and telling them about those feelings. This may be as a means of discussion or part of a larger disagreement. In addition, this vision can also indicate others being jealous of you due to some privileges you have earned or special treatment you are given.

Conflict between women

Finding yourself in a dream where you see two women fighting or having a disagreement is a negative sign pointing toward others acting against you. In particular, two women arguing means that others are spreading untrue gossip and rumors about you. Their perceived actions may be a reflection of your hurt feelings, and it is likely that your reputation and the rapport you currently have with others would be jeopardized, especially with people like colleagues, whom you see on a daily basis.

Participating in a conflict

Envisioning yourself having a conflict or participating in some larger argument within a dream vision is usually interpreted as a sign of needing the support of good friends in a time of need. You may be experiencing some hardship now, or you may hit some unexpected difficulties in the near future. In either case, asking your friends for support is likely the best way to overcome it. This imagery also means you trust and value your friends in a special way.

Having a dream where you become an active participant of a disagreement could also predict participating in such a conflict in real life. Specifically, this vision may represent your internal feelings and subconscious inclinations, meaning you have been experiencing the buildup of agitation for some time. This may be something work-related, like differing opinions on a course of action, or it might be some growing resentment within your group of friends.

Conflict between children

Having a dream where you are watching or trying to stop a fight between two or more children, such as on a playground or inside a classroom, is actually a positive sign predicting spending time with people you really like being around. In general, a disagreement between children in a dream vision means having an enjoyable experience as an adult. This gathering with people you are close to is likely to put you in a good mood for a while after the event has taken place, leaving you feeling satisfied and content.

Conflict between spouses

Finding yourself in a dream where you are watching or subjected to a fight between spouses is often interpreted as a positive sign of getting good, useful information in the near future. A conflict which involves a married couple in dream visions means receiving correspondence or verbal news which may be highly beneficial to you. It may be information regarding some aspect of your work or career which allows you to advance before others, or it may be some news which lifts a burden from you and gives you hope and guidance for the next steps in your life.

Conflicts for women

Dreaming of a conflict in general, for a woman, is a negative sign associated with having differences of opinion with others in your real life. This could be a conflict among co-workers about a project or within a group of friends over something that would normally be trivial or unimportant. In the case of an unmarried woman, this dream shifts in meaning, portending a series of challenges or roadblocks which make life more difficult or cause inefficiency. For a married woman, seeing a conflict in a dream vision may indicate having such a conflict in real life between her and her spouse. If not solved quickly and with care for the feelings of the other, this disagreement could end in a short separation or even divorce.

Conflict between a man and a woman

Finding yourself in a dream where you are watching or witnessing an escalating conflict between a man and a woman predicts meeting or being introduced to someone new with whom you may start having a sudden, passionate romantic affair. Seeing a man and a woman fighting in a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign of having a romantic rendezvous with a member of the opposite sex sometime in the near future, possibly to the detriment of other areas of your life due to the uncontrollable force with which you are pulled into the short affair.

Solving a real-life conflict

Trying to solve a real-life conflict while you are dreaming reflects the weight and importance the outcome of this situation has on you and those around you. For example, young people and Millennials may feel that they are dealing with the aftermath of problems left by others. This may specifically refer to their parents, like bad money habits or emotional trauma, or it may have to do with overarching issues facing society, such as global warming or shifts in the labor market.

A conflict and reconciliation with someone

My dream is about me fighting with a white male, he was disturbing me and in the end we both were a couple and we got back together. The main thing is I am an Indian girl who has not encountered or had any relationship with a white male.

Fighting with a male figure that you seem to be unfamiliar with suggests you are about to enter into a new, happy phase in your life. There are likely to be many changes for the better, such as moving house, starting a new job or meeting a new romantic partner. Making up with this person, however, indicates that at least one of these "happy" events is likely to not be as good as it seems on the surface, meaning you should not let your guard down, especially if something seems too good to be true.