Dreams Related To Concert

Being at a concert

Envisioning yourself attending a concert reveals your carefree personality. Despite the chaos or uncertainty around you, your vivid dream is a testament to your resilience. This REM sleep vision means you will continue looking at life from a positive perspective. Unfortunately, others may see your relaxed attitude as being careless. So, to avoid conflict you may be forced to take precautions for the sake of other people's sense of safety.

Conflicts during a concert

While waiting for the performance to start my girlfriend is upset with me and talking to her ex-boyfriend when everyone is kidnapped by the stage crew. I end up rescuing my friends by killing the stage crew with my sword and the female singer at the concert tries to get me to join her by seducing me and turning into a clone of my girlfriend. I kill the singer and my girlfriend leaves me for her ex.

Kidnapping scenarios in the dream world, especially those involving loved ones, can oftentimes indicate barriers in your relations with those individuals. Perhaps you have recently been having trouble communicating clearly with your partner or you are inadequately acknowledging her needs and personal issues. This tendency to undermine or neglect your partner could make the both of you drift apart. In addition, the presence of her ex-boyfriend may refer to her general past. This may be a source of your insecurity about the stability of your bond. Maybe you feel that even your best efforts to reach out and get to know her better end up being futile because she is still burdened by previous experiences or relationships. As such, trust and an open communication may be the message your subconscious is sending you in this dream scenario.

Someone killed during a concert

Witnessing someone getting killed during a concert points to a wake up call. So far, your life has been happy and free from conflict. However, this peaceful bubble will soon burst because of a tragic incident. You could suddenly learn that a beloved friend or family member has a terminal illness or you could face bankruptcy due to financial irresponsibility. This life-changing news will put your life in disarray, so you have to be mentally prepared to handle the upcoming challenges.

Unable to attend a planned concert

Not being able to attend a planned concert, perhaps due to work or a family emergency, means you are a practical and level-headed person. Your significant other could invite you to a vacation overseas or your friends might encourage you to take up an expensive hobby, but your frugal nature will ultimately make you turn down these suggestions. Instead, you are probably saving up for a big investment like a house or becoming your own boss with a startup business. People might think you are depriving yourself, so perhaps you need to let them know about your plans and priorities so they will understand your lifestyle choices.

Shooting during a concert

A shooting that happens during a concert is an omen about an abrupt change in your daily life. A tragic incident or calamity could force you and your loved ones to abandon normal routines in favor of living more cautiously for everyone's safety. This could also result from overwork and insomnia. You feel exhausted from too much responsibilities and your work is keeping you from practicing self-care. Perhaps your mind and body is telling you to take a break before you develop a serious illness.

Being unable to attend a concert

I have this recurring dream of always being unable to attend the concert of my favorite boy group. They recently had a concert in my country this January but I wasn't able to attend because of school, but it was really my dream concert. I don't why, but I dreamt about the same idea four times already but in different situations. Like everything I dream about their concert, it's either I wasn't able to attend or I'm attending, but I wasn't able to watch the concert because of distractions or other activities I have to do, but I really want to watch... I'm really into this group, I want to see them...

Dreaming about never being able to enjoy your favorite concert actually speaks of the troubles that are currently plaguing your mind though they are not necessarily related to the concert itself. In fact, it is more likely the concert is meant to represent multiple good things in your life, but for the purpose of this vision, your subconscious has narrowed in on one thing that means a lot to you. Missing the concert completely or being distracted when the event takes place indicates being in a situation fraught with disagreement and misunderstanding, making it difficult to get anything done. The stress of this situation should not be taken lightly and these negative circumstances, no matter how minor or seemingly insignificant, should be dealt with quickly to avoid them snowballing into something completely unmanageable.

Possessions stolen at a concert

I went to a concert of my favorite band, P!ATD. When I got there, I gave the staff my ticket and stuff and told them to take care of it as I go to the bathroom. When I come back, they have stolen my stuff and said that I had never given them anything. I was not allowed in to the concert but I got my stuff back.

Dreaming about being to a concert signifies pleasurable and good times you have in your waking life. This dream is an indication that your life has been happy and carefree so far. However, the image of your stuff being stolen from the venue and your inability to enjoy the concert may have negative connotations. It portends that someone or a chain of events could disrupt your normally happy life. It would be better to keep yourself prepared for any upcoming difficulties which you may come across. Patience and willpower would help you weather any problems with ease.