Dreams Related To Collision

Trying to swim after a boat and ship collision

My dream is about me riding a small boat with other people I don't know. I was the only passenger awake, then I saw a big ship colliding with the boat I was on, I sunk under the water. I thought I would die but I resurfaced in the water and tried to swim even if I don't know how. My dream ended with me trying to keep swimming and looking for something to hold onto.

Being in a small boat at the beginning of your vision alludes to some health problems in wake life that, while not life threatening, could make your day to day activities more difficult. This could include anything from temporary injuries, like a broken leg, to a consistent issue, like diabetes or high-blood pressure. The tension dealing with this medical condition would cause is likely related to the second symbol, which is the collision of your boat with the much larger ship. The image portends butting heads with someone in wake life, likely someone who is actually trying to help you. For example, if you are married, your spouse's attempts to care for and comfort you could make you feel like an infant and incapable of doing things for yourself. Of course, if you are treated like a baby or child, you would be upset and ready to lash out at those who no longer see you as strong and capable. The final image, being trapped underwater but eventually resurfacing, suggests you would be able to overcome these emotions and accept your situation. The grace with which you conduct yourself would earn you the respect and affection of those who care about you in reality.

Head on collision

Being part of a car accident in the dreamscape points to losing control of your own feelings. The head on collision is a manifestation of all the worries and stresses you carry in your life. There might even be a conflict at present that you try to avoid addressing which causes your anxiety to worsen. Having this vision is also a portent to being passive-aggressive and your likeliness to explode anytime is high, so you need to handle your emotions carefully.