Dreams Related To College

Being disorganized in college

I am a female dreaming about my years in college and I was confused with my class schedules and which classrooms to go to.

Dreaming about college or school in general typically means you need to learn a lesson. This may be related to falling into the same patterns or making the same mistakes. In that sense, the confusion about class schedules and room assignments may reveal your anxieties about your present preoccupations. Perhaps you have a fear of failure and you feel you are unable to adequately manage your current duties and responsibilities. Maybe this is your subconscious telling you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to be more effective at your job.

Being in college

Finding yourself inside your college building, perhaps attending classes or just roaming the halls, means something from your past would be dredged up and affect your present in a significant way. You could be blamed for actions in your past which put someone in danger or hurt them unbeknownst to you. This individual may confront you for damage you did not know you inflicted. This could either become a bigger deal than it originally was or it could also be a good opportunity to hash things out and tie loose ends once and for all.

Attending a college

Dreaming that you are attending a college, especially the one you attended during your days as a student, suggests upcoming issues and complications. You can dream of being anywhere in the college, like a lecture room, the cafeteria or even the gym. Regardless of the context or the location, it means you would soon be entering a rocky period in your life. Fortunately, like college, there is an end to it as long as you persevere and deal with the problems as they come. At the end of it all, you would have a ton of lessons learned and experience you can use to find success in life.

College teacher or professor

Dreaming of your college instructor or professor, in an academic setting or a random encounter outside of college, reveals your desire to continue your studies whether with a short course or pursuing graduate degree. It could also mean that you want to slow down or take a breather from your hectic daily grind. You may want to take up a relaxing or slow-paced hobby as an escape from a busy and stressful career. You can do this during your days off or you may be thinking about going on a sabbatical to completely reevaluate your path in life.

College uniform

Envisioning yourself clad in your college uniform, while attending classes or perhaps during a formal college event, means that you have a strong sense of values and ethics that you have picked up in your formal education. Your training at college has evidently made you who you are today, so you take pride in using your knowledge and experience in the real world. Despite the gray areas in reality, where ethics and morals are not strictly followed, you refuse to compromise your values and beliefs which may impress some people while also alienating others.

Entering a college

Entering a college, such as in the morning as you are going to class or even just strolling from the outside of the vicinity and into the college hallways, means you would soon enter a very blissful and fulfilling period in your life. This may be a personal or professional fulfillment, or even both. Your passions may be reignited by someone and it does not necessarily have to be a romantic relationship. You could also decide to grab an opportunity which would propel you into a more challenging career, yet it would also allow you to explore and master new skills.

Visiting a college

Dreaming that you are visiting a college, especially if it is not the one you attended or maybe an unfamiliar academic institution, means you would discover a new skill or talent you have not explored before. Specifically, you could find that you are actually a gifted writer, able to write a compelling story out of thin air or inspired by your own experiences in real life. Maybe you would find the time and opportunity to sit down and write a full story. If you further hone this talent, you may become a successful writer, publishing novels for a living.

Back to college

Dreaming that you are back in college could reveal that your immature behavior or lack of attention to detail would come back to haunt you. You could soon run into big trouble by making an untimely mistake or forgetting to do something important. For example, you may decide to trust the wrong person and lose money. Alternatively, you may neglect to pay some important bill on time or meet up with a friend. The silver lining to this vision is that you would be able to learn from this experience and hopefully not make the same mistake again.

Seeing a college

Seeing a college, such as a university building or college compound with students milling around, means you are harboring growing concerns about your future. If you are already working, then envisioning your former college institution and college life also reveals a sense of nostalgia for the past which may be much more carefree and less complicated. In a way, you are looking back fondly on your youth because you know that you have to face real responsibilities and deal with the harsh realities of life. It could be your way of allowing yourself to be nostalgic one last time before embracing adulthood.

Unprepared for college

Dreaming of being unprepared for college, perhaps for your qualifying exams, your term paper or class presentation, actually means the opposite in reality. Your fear of failing in the vision actually reveals your preparedness and readiness for whatever challenge is coming up, like a project or a job opportunity. You are ready and in the right mindset to tackle adult life and the responsibilities associated with it. If you are still a student, then this means you are fully prepared to ace your exams and tests or submit a well-researched paper to your most challenging class or course.

College filled with children

Finding yourself back in college and surrounded by a lot of children, perhaps in the college auditorium where some sort of event is happening, points to a potentially frightening experience happening soon. It may be scary because it is something that you have not done before, perhaps a challenge or a task that you think is beyond your capabilities. It could also be frightening in relation to your relationships, such as the thought of possibly losing someone you love due to factors or circumstances that are not within your control.

College building from afar

Looking at a college building from afar, maybe as you are driving, while looking out from a passenger window or standing at a distance and spotting the college building, means you would soon be involved in school-related activities or academic projects. Perhaps you would be going back to school for a short course or a graduate degree so this added qualification would help in your career advancement. Or maybe you would be working with academics on an upcoming project or undertaking so you would be spending a lot of time in an academic environment.

Presenting to the class at college

Envisioning yourself presenting in front of your class in college, such as a course report or being called by your professor to demonstrate something, means you would find yourself taking the role of a mentor or teacher in reality. In may not be in a professional capacity, but more out of workplace necessity or as a favor to a friend or colleague. You may not know it, but you could have certains skills or knowledge for which you would be called upon to educate someone or even a small group of people at work or your social group.

Unable to present at college

Being unable to present in front of a class in college, perhaps because you have stage fright, you are scared of the professor or you do not know the answer to the instructor's question, mirrors the same kind of anxiety you feel in real life. You could be approaching a deadline, whether it is a work-related task or something more personal, and you are still not ready to tackle it or mentally prepared for what is about to happen. It is also possible that you are stressing over things that could go wrong which would lead to failure and disappointment.

Misbehaving students at college

Seeing misbehaving kids in college, running in hallways or engaging in similar disruptive behaviors, is likely your subconscious telling you to look out for the well-being of your friends as they could be participating in illegal activities or risky behavior which could place them in danger. Perhaps they think their light-hearted pranks are merely for laughs, but they may take it too far with far-reaching effects or serious consequences. As such, you may have to serve as the voice of reason so they would not do anything they may regret later on.

Being a pupil in college

Envisioning yourself as a pupil or student in college, attending lectures, writing research papers and participating in college activities, reveals your nostalgia for your youth. Perhaps you have idealized this period in your life and now that you are facing adult responsibilities and problems, you are yearning for the carefree and happy college years. Sometimes, stress and big issues trigger this sort of nostalgic type of dreams as a way of escaping the harsh realities even just for a while. It is a bittersweet way of revisiting a time in your life when you felt happy.

Being a teacher in college

Dreaming that you are a teacher, professor or lecturer in college, giving a lecture in a class setting or at the faculty lounge with your fellow professors, unfortunately means that you would soon have to deal with nasty rumors and gossip being spread by individuals you call your friends, maybe because of envy or their personal ambitions. This act of betrayal would greatly disappoint you and would have far-reaching effects. This could even change you both emotionally and psychologically, making you unable to trust someone as easily as you once did.

Seeing an old teacher from college

Seeing your old teacher or professor at the college that you attended, maybe by passing each other on college grounds or visiting your professor in his office in order to catch up, means you are ready to open up your mind and heart to new ideas, experiences and opportunities. This newfound adaptability and flexibility would allow you to take on different tasks and projects with ease. You are open-minded so you are able to change your strategy and approach by working off the strengths of your team or the people you are collaborating and working with.

A college bursting with life

Seeing a college that is bursting with life, such as when you are surrounded by enthusiastic and attentive students or during a college fair with a lot of activities going on, points to a potentially exciting opportunity for you to expand your horizons or advance your career. You could be up for a promotion with added benefits or perks because of your exemplary work. Alternatively, you may also come across a wonderful job opportunity offering more challenging and fulfilling work for a cushy position. As such, the lively college environment reflects your own excitement for the opportunities about to come your way.

Getting lost at college

Getting lost at college, not knowing your way around campus or losing track of your class schedule, suggests your current struggle with planning or your uncertainties about your immediate future. You could be juggling a lot of responsibilities or else you are still adapting to a lot of new experiences or a new environment, so you are naturally a bit overwhelmed and confused about these things. Perhaps you are starting a new job or a new project so you are still wrapping your head around how to approach the initial stages of this undertaking.

Unable to find your class at college

Dreaming of being anxious and panicked because of your inability to find the right room of your class in college could mean that you have too much on your plate right now. Trying to take on a lot of responsibilities may be causing you too much stress. Perhaps you have a tendency to say yes to any tasks, commitments or appointments because you are a people pleaser. Unfortunately, you just do not have enough time or energy to accomplish everything. Maybe your mind is telling you to slow down and let others take on some of your tasks and responsibilities.

Standing by the blackboard at college

Envisioning yourself standing by the blackboard at college, such as during a class presentation or report, reveals your desire to open up to others about your issues or personal concerns. As such, the blackboard represents your willingness to communicate with honesty and clarity. Alternatively, this could also be an indication of your need to be validated by the opposite sex. Perhaps you feel like a wallflower or neglected especially by the people you are attracted to, so you are making a conscious effort to be noticed and desired for who you are.

Dark figures of pupils at college

A dream vision about seeing dark and ominous figures of depressed looking students or pupils at college, with or without a professor in the group, is a bad omen associated with death. Your very own life could be in danger as the dark and gloomy appearance of the students as well as the shadowy environment foreshadow a tragic incident that could lead to your death or the death of a loved one. Your subconscious may be warning you about this impending demise in case you can avert this tragedy.

Pupils exiting the college

Seeing the mass exit of pupils from a college building or the college campus, perhaps due to an emergency evacuation or an emergency drill, points to a period of conflict and disagreements between you and someone you encounter on a daily basis. The scenario involving students leaving college grounds representts irrationality and allowing emotions to prevail instead of logic. This could be the problem that would lead to misunderstanding, if you or the other party allows anger or similar emotions get the better of you.

A big blackboard at the college

Looking at or standing by a big blackboard at college, like something that takes up a lecture room or auditorium wall to wall, means you would soon have to deal with a ton of issues and annoyances that would disrupt your normal routine, whether at work or in your personal life. The problems are relatively minor, but they would be numerous enough that you would need to give it significant time and effort to resolve, which is why any major plans or projects may have to be delayed because of them.

College years

To dream of your college years, such as re-imagining your life as a student whether the academic aspects of it or the social experiences with your college friends and acquaintances, means you may experience some missteps in reality as a result of your immaturity or inexperience. Mistakes may be made at work or you might run into trouble with the authorities because of being too trusting, naive or gullible. Fortunately, this whole ordeal would be a great learning experience for you which can help you become a better version of yourself.

Failing while in college

I am a 50-year old housewife, I saw a dream that I am in college and did not attend any class of math and I keep avoiding the class and fear that I will fail in that subject, and I dreamed this same thing again and again.

Dreaming repeatedly about developing a fear of failing in anything which you have undertaken is symbolic of your current situation in waking life. It signifies that you are afraid to take any steps towards progression only because you feel that you may not experience the outcomes that you desire. This feeling of trepidation could be causing hindrances and obstacles for you and preventing you from achieving true happiness. It would be better to focus on things one at a time so that you do not become overwhelmed.

A proposal and pregnancy while in college

I had a dream last night that my boyfriend of 3 months proposed to me with this hideous engagement ring, and I was incredibly overwhelmed being we are both in college still. After the proposal he told me I was pregnant, and I was very confused about how he would even know that. I was incredibly stressed the entire dream.

In general, dreaming about a marriage proposal is an auspicious symbol of positive encounters and events in your future. In your case, however, your negative reaction to the proposal may reveal your doubts about settling down and long-term commitment. Perhaps because of your age, you have reservations about being too serious with your current relationship, especially as you enter a new chapter in your personal journey post-college. Thus, the pregnancy alluded by your boyfriend represents your fears of commitment and preference toward personal freedom and independence in your immediate future.