Dreams Related To Cobra

A cat and a cobra killing each other

I was living in an apartment with my cat, and my friend lived downstairs. We would go and visit, but my friend's neighbor had a 20-foot cobra living outside his door. It was always very aggressive and my cat, a Norwegian Forest Cat, was always protectively aggressive back. One day the cat was bitten by the cobra, but the vet managed to save its life. However, the cat and cobra fought a second time and they killed each other. I was sobbing over my cat's death and livid at the cobra.

Living with a cat in the dream world likely reflects your independence and self-reliance. Perhaps you tend to be spontaneous and enjoy living in the moment. Meanwhile, the gigantic cobra guarding your friend's door could imply a huge rift between you two in reality. You may have a misunderstanding that leads to a confrontation that could hurt both of your feelings. Alternatively, the cat and the cobra may represent opposing sexes, as the cat may signify femininity in opposition to the masculine attributes associated with the cobra. If you are in fact male and female, then the conflict may stem from gender issues or sexually-related concerns, especially if one or both of you harbor feelings for the other.

Cobra snake

A cobra is generally considered a good symbol to perceive while you are dreaming. Traditional sources attribute it to bouts of creative genius and ingenuity. By itself, this particular image suggests you may soon find a unique solution to a problem you have been facing or come up with a one-in-a-million idea that you could take straight to the bank. However, it can also have negative connotations, suggesting you would not use these powers for good, depending on the other symbols present.

A king cobra on the street

I dreamt I was outside of my childhood home with my brother and we took a bus and got off on the street next to us. We then headed towards where we would usually catch the bus for school. Then I saw a king cobra heading towards the sewers, I looked at it then it rushed towards me then I woke up. The king cobra had a greenish-white tint with little red spots.

The bus trip in your dream reflects your personal journey in reality. In this case, your childhood home and the presence of your brother point to some nostalgic feelings and perhaps a desire to reflect on how far you have come in life. The greenish-white cobra represents some idea that you have carried in your heart for a long time, possibly since childhood. While you may not think there is any problem with your understanding of the situation, it is possible you are hurting others or yourself by dwelling on your preconceived notions rather than getting the facts from someone else. Now may be the time to seek the truth on issues that have been on your mind for some time.

Being bitten by a white cobra

I was carrying a white cobra when it suddenly bit me in the neck. I pulled it away but it stricken again. My neck swelled up and it was becoming harder and harder to breathe. I then passed out. I have no fear of snakes.

Carrying a white cobra in a dream alludes to a well-meaning idea or concept you have been entertaining for a while. While it may seem worthy and harmless, this idea may just as well have questionable or even destructive consequences. The cobra's bite on your neck reveals your tendency to get caught up in theoretical ideals without considering their practical implications. It is in the implementation of your concept that trouble may be hiding behind, so think carefully about the bigger picture instead of getting lost in particulars which can potentially spell disaster for you in a long run.

A cobra on top of a termite hill

Saw a termite hill and above a termite hill a cobra was sitting and watching me and I was standing in front of it.

A hill of termites can be connected with the idea of problems manifesting themselves before your very eyes. This is likely due to your own recent actions, suggesting that you have put yourself in a bad situation and now you must deal with the unpleasant consequences. The snake staring at you can be interpreted as a sign that others have noticed your behavior and are probably not sympathetic to your present position.

A cobra on a basketball court

I was playing basketball, which was a weird way, because we were using balloons. Then a red king cobra snake came on court towards me and one guy tried to kiss the snake, which was weird. The snake struck once and missed, then struck again and bit him on the forehead. The other guy didn't see the snake, he was on the phone and got bit on his ankle, then the snake got off court into the grass as I call the ambulance for aide. I followed the snake as it played in the grass and I was warning everyone who was passing.

Playing basketball in the dream world often alludes to projects and events requiring teamwork. In the context of your dream, the use of balloons during the game probably suggests tension developing among inflated egos or stubborn members of the team. Headstrong individuals and clashing personalities could cause conflict which would contribute to the failure of certain projects or plans. Meanwhile, the king cobra represents innovative ideas and creative insights that could open opportunities for yourself and your peers in reality. Unfortunately, self-interest and attempts to take credit for certain ideas and efforts may serve only to sabotage a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Cobra eggs in a garden

Me and my friend and our five children were out in the garden and we found seven eggs, but they were more like egg sacks than egg shells. We put them into a clear plastic container and they hatched into what looked like miniaturized adult cobras.

Your dream of collecting eggs in the garden is an auspicious symbol of blessings about to come your way. This may point to a possible promotion at work or a lucrative idea for a business venture potentially involving your friends and family. In addition, cobras are often associated with burst of energy and creativity, so be extra observant and keep your mind open to bright ideas and inspiration. You would soon find the energy and passion to pursue a project with tremendous potential. The number seven may refer to a timeline or the number of key insights you would need in order to hatch your plan.

Bitten by a cobra

I was younger (a kid) dropped off at a friend's house. There were cobras and everyone was calm like it was normal but me. A cobra bit me in the back and held on. I saw myself rolling on the floor and I felt pressure on my back. Then the cobra kept circling me, I was terrified.

Dreaming of yourself as a young kid suggests you have committed something improper in reality. Your inappropriate behavior will bring shame and disappointment on you and your loved ones. A cobra by itself is actually a good dream symbol because it represents ideas and creative insights. However, it is in the execution and the incorporation of external factors that would result in destructive consequences as implied by the cobra's bite. One particular idea or undertaking will put a lot of pressure and push you to commit acts that go against your own values and beliefs. Be careful of the people you choose to deal with because they may be enabling you instead of giving good advice.

A cobra turning into a man figure

I dreamt about a King cobra who rose up and turned towards me quickly and without any expression on its face, made me freeze. It turned into a figure whose color was grey and shiny. I am confused, is it God or demon and what does this dream mean? I am male and of 16 years. I hope your interpretation team will help me understand it.

According to shamans and other spiritual advisors, king cobras are often seen by those who were precocious at a young age or perhaps called "old souls". You probably have been carrying a particular idea or way of thinking around with you since you were a child and have recently learned that it was wrong or just ill-advised. The gray, shiny figure the snake transformed into represents the silver lining to this situation, namely that you have a chance to reinvent yourself and discover something new. Now is the time to open yourself up to new ideas and points of view.

Killing cobra

Killing a venomous snake such as a Cobra in a dream contains a positive interpretation. It means that the dreamer will soon come out victorious, it may be defeating an unknown enemy, letting go of a problematic relationship, or even defeating your own fears of any kinds. Soon, all the troubles would be over and your life may be finally turned into a more positive direction, so have faith and remain steadfast.