Dreams Related To Clock

A wall clock

A wall clock in your dream likely serves to remind you not to take anything for granted. You may be too focused on trivial and worldly things. Or perhaps you are too wrapped up in work and duties that you oftentimes miss out on appreciating the small pleasures of day-to-day existence. There is also a possibility that you would neglect your friends and family in pursuit of your dreams. Perhaps you need to think about your priorities and the essential things, otherwise you could end up alone and miserable. Alternatively, the wall clock could also signal an unexpected event that has the potential to lead you to a completely different path.

Mother showing time on the clock

I am female, my mother in spirit came in my dream and showed me a small blue cover clock showing the time of 3 o'clock. What is the meaning of this please?

The spirit of your mother reveals your need for guidance. You are feeling out of control and having a hard time managing a demanding project as illustrated by the image of a clock. As such, 3 o'clock can have a personal meaning to you and this would reveal the hidden meaning behind it. But in general, 3 o'clock usually carries religious connotations. If this is relevant to you, then your subconscious could be telling you to have faith and believe that challenges are not given to you if you cannot handle them.

Observing time on a clock

Observing time on a clock is a dream that in itself can be interpreted in different ways, all of which depend on the clock's speed. If in the dream, the clock hands were spinning much faster than they should be, you may be feeling that time's going by too fast. Maybe there are facets of your life that are progressing too quickly for your liking, such as a job or a relationship. A different connotation of this version of the dream may involve an anxiety deriving from an aspiration, or desire, including sexual desires, which may not have been realized yet. You feel that time is running out and that terrifies you. On the other hand, if the clock's hands in the dream were moving too slow, you may be dreading an inevitable event coming into your life. The event in question may run the gamut from a deadly accident to a long-sought sexual encounter. A slow-turning clock in a dream may likewise foreshadow a long life ahead. The more specific the nuances of the clock, the more detailed the dream's message could become.

A broken clock

Dreaming of a broken clock reveals intimacy issues with your current partner. You may be dissatisfied with your sex life for various reasons, one of which may be your partner's unwillingness to perform certain acts that turn you on. Perhaps your partner's lack of experience is also a factor. In that case, you may have to teach him or her to be more relaxed and uninhibited during sex in order to avoid being sexually frustrated. On the other hand, if you were just angry and annoyed at seeing the broken clock, then perhaps this vision also alludes to your impatient and domineering personality.

A tower clock

Envisioning a clock tower or a tower clock, such as the Big Ben, often points to the arrival of a much-anticipated piece of news. More often than not, this information is usually positive in nature. For example, a friend who has moved to another country may be coming to visit you. It is also possible that you would finally get an approval on a project you have been pitching for the longest time. Whatever it is that you have looking forward to, this dream vision suggests its imminent fulfillment.

A house clock chiming

Hearing the house clock chiming or sounding off on the hour of the day denotes an upcoming life-changing event. This event could affect members of your household as well as extended family, such as an imminent wedding or the passing away of a loved one. If there happens to be two or more clocks chiming away in your dream vision, then a bigger situation is at hand. A movement or societal happenings could irreversibly affect your neighborhood or community. The nature of the event depends on the quality of the sound and your reaction to it. For example, if you were apprehensive in the dream, then this may be a negative event.

Tower clock falling down

To see a tower clock or clock tower falling down and breaking into pieces is a bad omen in dreams. This means that there is a possibility that your health would rapidly decline due to an unexpected event, such as an accident or catching a contagious disease from one of your trips. This unfortunate circumstance is out of your control and could happen either to you or someone close to you, like your friends or loved ones.

Stealing a watch

Stealing a watch in a dream is a bad omen. It means your reputation and credibility may be tarnished in reality because of unscrupulous characters trying to bring you down. They could be doing it out of envy, such as rivals who want to keep you from succeeding. As a result, you may have to cut off toxic individuals who want nothing more than to see you fail.

A floor clock

Seeing a floor clock in your dream is often related to your intimate affairs. Specifically, this symbol represents your sexual relations with someone you initially thought was reserved and conservative. You would be pleasantly surprised at how satisfying and passionate it would become when you finally decide to get intimate. First impressions are not always accurate and this encounter would be a testament to that fact. Perhaps it may not turn into something serious for the both of you, but at the very least you could learn to reserve judgment until you have been fully acquainted with someone.

A clock in perfect order

Coming across a clock which is in perfect order or functioning superbly in a dream is a testament of your strong wok ethic.You have things under control, both at home and in the workplace. It may have taken a while to get to this place, but soon you would establish a routine and organize your days in the most efficient way. This also shows how much you value time, hence you do not want to waste the precious hours.

A new clock

Buying or acquiring a new clock in a dream is a very auspicious symbol. It represents new opportunities and chances to succeed. You could enter into a new business venture or come across a lucrative idea that could significantly improve your financial situation. Furthermore, luck is on your side as there is also a high likelihood that you would win competitions or luck-based activities like gambling or lottery.

Trying to stop a hand on a clock

Envisioning yourself breaking off the hands of a clock or trying to stop the hands of the clock from moving reveals your strong sense of mortality. You may find yourself feeling more and more nostalgic and sentimental as a result of growing older. Perhaps you are prone to reminiscing on past memories and moments, whether good or bad. This may be associated with your approaching birthday or a milestone that would remind you how long you have lived.

Breaking glass in a clock

Breaking the glass of a clock face in dreams, whether intentionally or not, usually points to shallow and unsatisfying relationships. In reality, you could be engaging in short-term love affairs and flings with no intention of forming deeper connections. This may suit you for now, but while your brief love affairs may meet your physical needs, your soul would still end up empty and hungry for something more meaningful.

A single strike of a clock

Dreaming about hearing a single strike or sound of a clock, either from a clock tower or a wall clock, often conveys a negative message. The clearer the sound, the more alarming it is. It means that you may soon suffer from a debilitating disease or your overall well-being would decline in a short span of time. In extreme cases, this symbol can mean that the end is near and there is a strong possibility of an imminent death.

Sound of a clock from a distance

Hearing the sound of a distant clock, such as a clock tolling from across the street or a far-off undefined location, is a symbol of good luck. This dream vision means that you may soon become engaged to be married. On the other hand, if you are already married, then this dream portends a happy and fulfilling existence with your family. You may even welcome a new member in your household, either a baby or someone who would come to live with you.

A clock with a broken face

To see a clock with a broken face in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's need for introspection. The broken face of the clock represents a lack of discernment in making decisions. Specifically, you may have engaged in reckless behavior and risky activities which could put you in serious danger. As such, your subconscious is warning you against the negative consequences of careless actions. Alternatively, for women dreamers, this symbol suggests wrong impressions and erroneous judgment related to romantic prospects. You could be wasting your time on someone who is insincere.

Hands of a clock moving backwards

Looking at a clock and noticing that the hands are moving backwards or counter-clockwise means you would soon enter a rough patch. Perhaps you are gunning for a promotion at work and you would have to overcome a lot of challenges before you would be deemed worthy of the position. Or maybe you are working on getting a business venture to take off and there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through in order to turn out a decent profit. It would take a while before you find your footing and reap the rewards of your hard work, but once you do, you can look forward to a happy and productive future.

Finding a spider inside a clock

Looking at the inside of a clock and finding a spider in a dream likely reveals your tendency to point fingers. Perhaps you are prone to blaming others for screw-ups and errors both at work and in your personal commitments. Instead of being accountable for your own actions, you tend to feel better by playing the blame game because then you get to maintain your confidence in your abilities. However, there is value in admitting your mistakes because this enables you to improve yourself and learn.

A clock with a cuckoo bird

The image of a clock with a cuckoo bird, whether you actually see one or hear the cuckoo chiming, is a very auspicious symbol in dreams. If you have been swamped with work and other responsibilities, then rejoice because a period of rest and tranquility is approaching. The stressful time or rough patch which you have been experiencing is almost over, so you can finally recover and regain the energy you have lost along the way.

An expensive-looking clock

Clocks sometimes can symbolize marriages and what they stand for. A clock's intricacies, both on the macro and micro scales, could be symbolic of the similarly dichotomized nuances of marriages. The fact that the clock in your dream has superior craftsmanship and looks expensive could serve as a prediction of soon entering into a marriage which would prove to be beneficial, stable and favorable to both sides of the union. This dream may foreshadow a union which would be perfect both in material and emotional sense.

A clock with a pendulum

Pendulums in general represent momentum, continuity and kinetic essence. When pendulums are present in dreams, it could mean you are subconsciously introspecting about your body's physiological and psychological well-being. The clock's pendulum in your dream could be symbolic of your own heart, your pulse, your breathing and even your consciousness. The pace of the pendulum may represent the state of all of these aspects of your waking life. A fast pendulum may represent a stressed out psyche and a slow pendulum may be related to a psyche in nirvana.

Ticking of a clock

To hear the ticking of a clock in a dream means you would constantly experience life's ups and downs with not a lot of respite in between. If you only hear the ticking without actually seeing the clock, then this could be an allusion to your strong intuition. You may have a knack for solving problems using your instincts and gut feel, but perhaps this is also the reason why trials continue to come your way. In trying to overcome various challenges, you would have to acquire the necessary skill and attitude to eventually reach your ultimate goal. On the other hand, this can also be a cry for help. The ticking of the clock may be that small voice at the back of your mind letting you know that someone close to you is in dire need of your help.

A clock showing midnight

Looking at a clock which shows the time as midnight in your dream usually does not bode well for your plans. The image of the clock showing midnight means important events you have been looking forward to would end up not happening. Perhaps a wedding date or moving to a new apartment has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, it may take a long while before things go according to plan again. The more you resist, the harder it would be to make things go your way.

A clock as a sand timer

Seeing a clock as a sand timer or hourglass in a dream conveys a negative message. Specifically, this vision depicts the possibility of losing someone close to your heart because of a misfortune or unfortunate circumstance. In extreme cases, the loss could mean death, but it is also likely that losing this individual is due to a separation or the severance of your bond. In addition, if you flip the hourglass upside down, then it means you could be to blame for the loss of your loved one. Perhaps you neglected your responsibilities or failed to extend a hand when your help was needed.

A clock as a sundial

To see a sundial in your dream is an allusion to failure. Specifically, an idea for a business venture or a deal may be doomed to fail for various reasons. Maybe you are reaching too high and expecting returns in a short period which is unrealistic. It is also likely that you would get involved in a get-rich-quick scheme because of a very tempting offer. However, you would only find yourself struggling with little to no profit to show for all your investment.

Cleaning the surface of a clock

Envisioning yourself polishing or cleaning a clock's surface, using a cloth or any kind of cleaning material, portends residing somewhere far from your current location. This move to a far-off place could take place in your old age or when you are retired. You could end up marrying a foreigner and relocate to his or her country or you may be assigned there for work and you would decide to settle there for the long term. Perhaps this would be the home you have always wanted for yourself.

Antique clock

Seeing an antique clock in your dream alludes to reflection and personal realizations. You could be entering a period of introspection as a result of various factors which are out of your control. A lot of things may have gone wrong or you could be dealing with disappointments which would prompt you to reevaluate your lot in life. What good deeds and bad decisions have you made so far? What can you change and improve on as you plan a future for yourself and your loved ones? These would be the questions you would ask yourself as you enter this enlightening time.

In addition, if you see yourself scrutinizing an antique clock, your subconscious may be telling you to correct past mistakes. There may have been times when you committed errors and made bad decisions which affected others, including loved ones. At the time, you may have brushed off the consequences of your actions and now a reckoning may occur. Alternatively, you may need to atone for the sins or wrongdoings of your relatives or ancestors. This would make you realize that lives are more interconnected than you think.

A clock with no face

A faceless clock or a clock with no face is a bad omen. This symbol usually portends a grim event unfolding in the near future. You could be involved in a controversial incident or experience an unfortunate accident. While seemingly random, this awful event bears an important lesson. Perhaps it serves to balance a previous mistake or wrongdoing. To avert this disaster, you may need to strengthen your faith and try not to ruffle any feathers to avoid attracting negative energy.

Winding a clock

If you see yourself winding a clock in your dream, then you may be feeling stuck with your usual routines. Perhaps you have been assigned a tedious and monotonous task at work that you are beginning to feel the strains of boredom. Unfortunately, this may go on for a while before you move on to something more exciting. As such, patiently winding the clock alludes to your commitment in following through with your tasks and focusing on the bigger picture. Soon enough, giving your best in this seemingly innocuous duty would pay off.

A stopped clock

Dreaming of a clock that has stopped often reveals the dreamer's poor time management skills. You may be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do, so you end up struggling to allocate your time efficiently. This includes both work-related tasks as well as your personal commitments. Perhaps you need to learn how to delegate smaller tasks to others so you can focus on your priorities.

Dropping a clock

Dropping a clock in a dream alludes to missed opportunities. This symbol means that losing your chance to achieve a personal goal may have something to do with time. Either the deadline would pass without your knowledge or you would no longer be eligible to apply to a job opportunity or a project. It is also possible that someone else beat you to the punch. You may have let too much time pass and become too complacent.

A loud sound from a tower clock

Hearing a loud sound coming from a clock tower in dreams portends life-changing events. These happenings are often significant in nature that they have the potential of shifting paradigms. As such, these developments would not only affect your own existence, but also the lives of others on a global scale. Perhaps your subconscious is preparing you for the large-scale shift that is about to occur in order for you to be psychologically prepared when the time comes.

Counting clock's bells

Depending on the hour of the day, counting the number of strikes from a clock or bell in a dream can be interpreted in positive and negative ways. If the clock strikes before noon, then it means you would soon be blessed with luck and positive energy. On the other hand, if it is in the afternoon, then counting the strikes or sounds of the clock points to the coming of difficulties or hardships. In that case, you could be apprehensive about the troubles you have to face in the near future.

Watching clock hands move

Watching the hands of a clock moving in a dream vision conveys different meanings depending on the speed and quality of movement. For instance, if the hands are moving quickly, then this reveals your active and hectic lifestyle. You could be dealing with a lot of responsibilities and experiencing high levels of stress in your day-to-day. Perhaps you need to slow down in order to avoid burnout. On the other hand, if the hands are moving slowly or sluggishly, then you may lack the motivation to pursue your goals. In that case, you may have to look within in order to find out the reason for your lack of enthusiasm.

Giving a watch as a present

Giving someone a watch as a present in a dream likely reveals your hedonistic ways. Perhaps you like engaging in spontaneous activities that provide instant gratification. In addition, you may like involving others in your careless ways of behaving which could damage your bond with them. In that context, your subconscious and rational side may be urging you to be more responsible and consider the consequences of your actions. Instead of short-term pleasures, you could benefit more from long-term planning.

Doing things according to clock

Dreaming that you are behaving like clockwork or according to the hour of the day likely reveals your opposition to routine and tedious tasks. You could be doing a lot of monotonous duties and tasks which is why your mind conjured this scenario. Alternatively, there could be someone who is controlling your decisions and daily activities and you are not in full agreement with this dynamic. In order to break free of this frustrating situation, you may need to assert yourself and pursue your passion instead of blindly following orders.

Trying to repair a clock

Dreaming of trying to repair a broken clock alludes to a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. You may be constantly putting yourself down because you think your skills and capabilities are not good enough. However, perhaps you are looking at things in a wrong perspective, you may need to reflect on your strengths and weaknesses in order to have a little more faith in yourself. Alternatively, this symbol may reveal your tendency to get lost in details instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Oftentimes, looking at the small, tedious tasks without knowing the purpose can make you lose motivation and enthusiasm.

Finding a skull inside a clock

Finding a skull inside a clock in your dream, as you are taking it apart or inspecting the mechanism while cleaning it, is an allusion to self-reflection. Your subconscious may be urging you to look back on your accomplishments and experiences up to this point in order to gauge how much good or bad you have done in this world. Weighing your contributions to society would then enable you to plan your future by being a more productive member of your community.

Buying a new clock

Buying a new clock in dreams oftentimes reveals the dreamer's tendency to procrastinate or postpone important things to a later time. In your dream, you are subconsciously attempting to regain control and security in your life that in real life you may feel you have lost. Moreover, buying a clock may symbolize an inherent fear of mishandling situations and occasions because of an inability to manage your time, you may be trying to grasp at facets of your waking life you can control when it comes to time, like buying a clock.

Setting an alarm clock

In general, when you set an alarm clock, whether on an actual clock or on a mobile device, you may be mentally preparing for high-stress events, most likely circumstances involving false accusations for actions you would be scapegoated for. It foreshadows a period in your life in which you may experience many disappointments. The inherent anticipation of the clock's ring fills you with dread and is a direct manifestation of your worries about all of the debacles you would have to face.

Seeing the insides of a clock

When you dream of a clock's inside working parts, the dream most likely signals the excellent state of your health and perfect physical shape. Your physiology is represented by the synchronized movement and mechanisms seen within the clock. Like a quality clock, you are well put together and run smoothly on a daily basis. This, in turn, can most likely be explained by your strict regimen and determination to maintain momentum in regards to healthy metabolism and remain in good physical shape.

Trying to fix a clock

A clock was working and then the pointers fell off and I was trying to put them back. I had a screwdriver, but I needed an Allen key. I had to go look for it as I knew I had one.

A dream about a clock which has stopped working denotes difficulties in managing duties and responsibilities due to limited time. You could be uncertain about your abilities and talents, which is hampering your efforts to succeed. Knowing you have the tool to fix it, but being unsure exactly where it is refers to a need to look within yourself. This vision calls for you to reassess your strong and weak sides and act accordingly.

Clocks appearing on the ceiling

I had a dream about clocks that keep appearing on kitchen ceilings in my parents' house.

Dreaming that clocks suddenly start appearing on the ceiling points to being successful in a myriad of different things you may decide to try. This auspicious sign portends good fortune for everyday activities, business decisions or any other projects. It could also be interpreted as good luck when it comes to gambling or placing bets, as long as you show some moderation.

A clock with a pendulum descending from above

I dreamed about a clock with a pendulum swinging, and at the end of it was a train car. It was ticking back and forth descending down from the clouds. I don't ever dream like this and was wondering if it had meaning.

Dreaming about a clock with a pendulum epitomizes the current condition of your heart as an organ. It could signify that you may have some health-related issues pertaining to it or perhaps you could be concerned about your heart health in general. The symbolic movement of the train along with the pendulum denotes feelings of nostalgia. Such feelings are common when one is feeling down or is not in the best shape. Make sure you keep fit and take life in stride to avoid feelings of disappointment or desolation.