Dreams Related To Climbing

Climbing down from high places

Going down from high places, such as walking downhill or going down from a balcony, is a positive projection of your altruism, generous spirit, and caring soul. You like serving others and taking care of people. You also do not care much about status or titles. This prescient dream symbol could also represent a setback in your plans. Furthermore, this can mean turning your back on more lofty ambitions and choosing to live a simpler life.

Climbing stairs with other people

I dreamed a while ago that I was going up a blue and white house and the guy I like was behind also going up the stairs wearing a hood and he was holding a child wearing a red jacket. What does the dream really mean?

Dreaming about walking up the stairs is a good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you are climbing upwards, the dream means that you are going through an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires, victories, or successfully completed projects and plans. The guy walking up the stairs behind you represents a part of you that could be lacking. Even with a successful lifestyle, you may still feel like something is missing. This dream reveals your yearning for a happier personal life, maybe a constant desire to establish a family of your own or improve the relationships within an existing one.