Dreams Related To Classmate

Trying to be noticed by a classmate

In general, seeing yourself in a dream trying to get people's attention, whether you are at school or your workplace, indicates that you like to be the life of the party. However, you are beginning to feel as though you are underappreciated, hence this emotion manifested in the dream world. On the other hand, if you are a guy wanting to be noticed by a female, then this simply means that you are a warm person and could easily make a friend wherever you go. Therefore, it's best to analyze your circumstance for a proper elucidation of this dream.

A romantic relationship with a former classmate

Dreams of a guy that I made up with in 8th grade and my dreams are about me and him being juniors in high school and the last two dreams I had were that we were at the park and chasing each other and we told each other we love each other. The last dream we were planning our wedding and then we got married. The dream felt so real that when I would wake up I would feel him in my heart and I still do. Does this dream mean he's real that I would meet him in my junior year of high school?

This dream you have experienced reveals you nostalgic feelings and good memories about the moments you had with this person in the past. It serves as an indication that you would like to continue seeing this boy and reflects your hopes that he will be spending more of his time with you to make the relationship more meaningful and rewarding. At the same time, the reciprocity and mutual exchange of these happy feelings between you and him could be something that only you perceive to have continuation and flourish. So, to answer your question, you are the only one capable of turning these visions into reality without causing yourself heartbreaks and disappointments in the future.

Having a crush on a former classmate

I always dream of my classmate in high-school. We are together as lovers in my dream. But we are too far from each other. The truth is he is my crush. But only that. There are not so meaning. We have now family. But I don't know why? I am always dreaming that we are lovers...please help me. Thank you...

Dreaming about having a strong crush on someone is usually is a favorable, relationship-related symbol. You could be experiencing the strengthening of some existing friendship, affection toward someone or professional connection. Alternatively, it could mean that you could be going through a period of happiness and satisfaction in your life. You seem to be attributing these feelings to past experiences with your former classmate. There could be many reasons behind this belief. For example, you relationship with your classmate, albeit merely a crush, might have brought you great joy. The world might have seemed a better place in his presence. Thus, in your unconscious, he appears to reinforce and magnify the state of happiness and delight. The subconscious brings up this person whenever these feelings are involved. Still, you might be idealizing him, and look down on everyone you have encountered since then. Perhaps you could think back at your past relationship with the classmate. Explore the feelings you experienced at that time in greater details. This could give you a better idea of what this person actually symbolizes for you.

Meeting a deceased classmate at church

My classmate who is deceased was in my dream and sat down in church. In my dream I got frightened and then when I looked up, she was sitting next to me. I got frightened once again, then I woke up.

Seeing a deceased person in a dream signifies important news or announcements coming your way, whatever the message this person tries to convey to you, it should be considered true and relevant. The church in the dream pertains to your need for guidance and spiritual enlightenment. Are there aspects of your dead classmate's personality which stand out? Or maybe there is a lesson to be learned following her death. No matter what the case may be, this individual could hold the answer to whatever you may be going through.

Scared by a classmates' visit

I saw two young boys from class 12 come to my house and gave me half a glass of milk and spinach. I am scared of them as I am feeling that they had come with the wrong intention. But they entered my house during the night. I locked myself in the washroom.

Someone entering your house without permission in a dream vision, especially at night, reveals your fear of having your privacy invaded. This is likely a reflection of your anxieties about being found out or losing your personal space. The milk and spinach given to you are symbols of goodwill. Milk generally refers to kindness and nurturing, while spinach alludes to strength and wellness. This means that your fear of being vulnerable may be clouding your judgments, resulting in being suspicious towards even those who just want to get to know you better.

Kissing with a classmate

I am a 19 years old girl and I have a male best friend at the university who is very caring for me and treats me a little more special than other girls, he shares his problems with me. Last night I dreamt he was putting his arms around me, and gave a slight kiss. We never do these things being best friends only, we never touched each other, but this dream was an opposite of reality. I want to know if my dream means something?

Kissing your best friend is a testament to the strength of your friendship. Your connection has gotten deeper recently, hence he appeared in your dream. This usually happens if something significant occurs in reality. Perhaps he disclosed something extra sensitive to you or vice versa. This could also have been triggered by an unexpected emotion you felt while you were hanging out with him, which may not be necessarily romantic. Because he was the one who made the first move in the dream, it means he may be expecting more from your friendship. The more he makes himself vulnerable with you, the more he needs you. On the other hand, this could also reveal your desire to experience romantic love. It just happens that his image is the most accessible for your subconscious since you spend a lot of time together.

An unruly classmate

A classmate crying, raping others, looking back.

Dreaming about your classmate behaving erratically or out of control, whether you know them closely or not means that you may soon need to correct a past misdeed by sacrificing something you want.