Dreams Related To Class

Failing a class you forgot about

If you study in college in your dream and have a recurring vision of missing an exam or a school semester, this portends different outcomes in your waking life. Generally, this dream suggests that you lack confidence. It indicates that you are not sure about the career path you are heading to. You are easily pressured by many factors in your professional and personal life. However, this specific dream business-wise explains your aspirations and drive to be more successful. You are innovative and optimistic in whatever venture you take.

Haven't gone to class all semester

When you consider the haven't gone to class all semester dream meaning, it is important to consider the circumstances in the dreamer's life. This symbol is often seen in reaction to stress. In some cases, it is seen by those actively avoiding their problems or responsibilities in reality by doing drugs, overindulging in alcohol, playing video games for hours on end or just plain being lazy. In this situation, the dream may serve as a reminder to put work before play or to get help for whatever is causing you put off your most important tasks. On the other hand, this symbol is sometimes seen by people who seem to have their life together on the outside but are struggling on the inside. Under these circumstances, the dream may be a warning that continuing to overwork yourself could lead to you forgetting to take care of yourself physically, mentally or emotionally.