Dreams Related To Chocolate

Chocolate in general

A dream vision in which you see some form of chocolate, not accompanied by any other specific details to catch the eye, is a rather controversial omen. On one hand, it symbolizes your keenness and capability of protecting, loving, caring and providing for your closest surroundings, such as friends, family and romantic alliances. But on the other hand, certain sources tend to interpret such a dream as a foreteller of upcoming conflicts and losses related to your closest relatives. The magnitude of said events cannot be predicted, so they may not necessarily consist of something disastrous or irreversible.

Chocolate cake

A chocolate cake, with its luxurious and sinful ingredients, is usually a metaphor for rewards in the dream world. You are likely celebrating your accomplishments and mentally giving yourself a pat on the back for your hard work. Perhaps you are planning a vacation or buying something for yourself. On the other hand, this could also be an allusion to hedonism and falling into a path of self-indulgence. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to strike a balance with your pleasure-seeking ways.

Hot chocolate

Dreaming of yourself drinking hot chocolate may speak of an upcoming brief period of challenges and misfortunes that would later develop into a pleasant and prosperous chapter in the story of your life. Alternatively, the same dream could be the harbinger of petty issues and even conflicts in your current relationship, namely its sexual aspect. If this proves to be true, do not hasten to see yourself as the cause of such events, as they could be the result of your partner in love experiencing a temporary episode of disinterest towards this kind of interaction. Do not exaggerate the possible meaning of this vision, instead just patiently wait for everything to return to its normal state.

Making chocolate

A dream vision in which you observe yourself in the process of making chocolate is a symbol of your creativity and unquenchable desire to amaze and surprise people around you. Such a dream may depict, for example, you following a cooking recipe or taking part in a chocolate making course. But the described trait is an ambiguous one, as it could be either the expression of your personal qualities and feats or the embodiment of your thriving to make your surroundings envious of you or egoistically manipulate them into focusing all of their attention solely on yourself.

Aged chocolate

A dream vision in which you purchase, consume or in any other way interact with chocolate that makes the impression of being old, unfresh or even rotten, may speak of the possibility of certain health issues. These problems may come in the form of an acute illness, a worsening of a chronic condition or just a general feeling of weakness and fatigue. As an alternative, such a dream may be a sign of upcoming displeasures, adversities and headaches in your waking life.

Being offered chocolate

After seeing a dream in which you are offered chocolate as a treat or receive it as a gift of some sort, you should be extremely cautious in the nearest future, as there could be a good chance that someone from your surroundings is planning on betraying, fooling or generally using you for the sake of satisfying his or her ambitions. It is impossible to predict whether the deceiver would be from your family circle, working environment or close friends, so it is crucial to pay attention to everything happening around you.

Chocolate candy

A dream in which you see, purchase, eat, or interact in any other form with some sort of chocolate candy speaks of an upcoming expansion of your working and creative circle. For example, you could get introduced to a new business partner or influential person, as well as your company could hire new employees to work alongside you or under your guidance. In any case, these new connections would have great potential in helping you to seize your goals and fulfill your dreams.

Buying chocolate

A dream in which you see yourself purchasing chocolate, be it in the form of candies, bars, hot drinks and what not, is usually considered to be a rather ill omen. Such a dream may speak of upcoming health issues, general weakness, mood swings and even melancholy or depression. Additionally, if this dream portrayed you eating the chocolate right after buying it, the approaching distress and troubles could prove to be of exceptional magnitude. Most likely, you would need significant time to fully get over this future physical or mental condition.

Burnt by hot chocolate

A dream vision in which you burn yourself with hot chocolate, either by drinking it hastily or by spilling it on yourself, may be foretelling that soon you will meet an ardent lover, with unquenchable desire and refined hidden skills. This lover's enthusiasm, energy and willingness to please his or her partner in love would be deeply carved into your memory, regardless of whether you would make physical contact with this person or would just hear about his or her romantic and sexual feats.

Treating someone with chocolate

A dream in which you see yourself sharing chocolate with someone, be it one of your friends, a relative, a lover or anyone else, is a symbol of your outstanding ability to meet the expectations and needs of even the most demanding sexual partners in your waking life. You can deservedly consider yourself to be a skillful and experienced lover, as you are able to bring incomparably deep pleasure to anyone you have an intimate relationship with. Be proud of this and do your best to hone and honor such a valuable feat.

Alternatively, such a dream may be speaking of your efforts to grab the attention of a certain person in your life with the sole intention of accelerating your own projects or seizing some sort of personal victory. Generally speaking, this dream indicates that you may be purposely using someone to advance your plans. If so, know that this attitude is doomed to failure, as the person in question will most likely reveal your true intentions very soon.

Indulging in eating chocolate

If you dream of yourself delighting in chocolate, savoring every single bite, enjoying every little piece of it, you may consider this vision as a harbinger of upcoming displeasure or dissatisfaction concerning how other people see and perceive you, your attitude, work and general efforts. Perhaps, you could be investing a lot of vigor and time into demonstrating your value and worth to your surroundings, yet not getting the acknowledgment, gratefulness and recognition you had expected to receive.

Getting chocolate bars from people

There were people holding brown paper bags with large chocolate bars in them. I recognized a couple people. I was able to go through the paper bags and take several chocolate bars from each for myself and family.

One interpretation of this dream vision is your anticipation of Halloween and everything that comes with it, like trick-or-treating or having a gathering with friends and family. However, traditional interpretation sources refer to vision about being offered or treated to chocolate as a warning to be careful with people you interact with on everyday basis. Perhaps some of them could be deceiving or "tricking" you for bad or not so sinister intentions. Because you meticulously went through the bag with chocolates before picking them in this dream, chances are these acts of deception will leave you unscathed.

Seeing yourself buying or eating chocolate chip cookies symbolizes receiving things you always wanted or welcoming positive developments in your endeavors, such as pleasant news or an immensely valuable gift in the near future. In essence, this dream manifests that you will soon be presented with favorable offers compared to what you have had in the past. At the same time, you are advised to practice positive attitude and express gratitude, for generosity begets peace of mind.

Eating white chocolate

Eating white chocolate in a dream can be seen as a metaphorical representation of indulging in something that appears sweet and pleasurable, but lacks the depth and richness of true experience. White chocolate is often considered sweeter and less complex than dark chocolate. In a dream context, it signifies embracing superficial pleasures or temporary gratification without delving into deeper aspects of life. It encourages you to explore experiences with more substance and complexity, seeking fulfillment beyond just surface-level enjoyment. Just as white chocolate offers a different taste from dark chocolate, the dream is urging you to savor the multifaceted flavors of life rather than settling for what is merely sweet on the surface.

Swimming in chocolate pudding

Dreaming of swimming in chocolate pudding symbolizes a unique blend of indulgence and playful exploration. Chocolate is often associated with pleasure and comfort, and pudding is a smooth and soft substance, reflecting a desire for emotional satisfaction. Swimming is an act of immersion and freedom. This dream might represent a longing for a more lighthearted and enjoyable approach to life. Metaphorically, the dream also represents your subconscious urging you to savor the experiences of life and find joy in the little things. It is a reminder to embrace pleasure and explore the less conventional, more delightful paths in life.