Dreams Related To Chair

An overstuffed chair changing its size

When I was a little girl, 3 years to 9 years old I would have the same terrifying dream. I could even be awake and interact, but still seeing the dream. I saw a large, overstuffed chair that was bound with a rope diagonally. It would repeat getting bigger and smaller with a noise that increased and decreased accordingly.

Dreaming about a chair bound with a rope could be related to your inability to adapt around unfamiliar places. Depending on how comfortable you feel at different times in your life, the chair either gets bigger or smaller, indicating whether you want to break free from a particular situation or not. The chair symbolizes comfort and relaxation and it is overstuffed with things which probably matter to you personally, while the rope symbolizes immobility and even emotional imprisonment. Since you mentioned this was a childhood dream, it could be a mirror image of your anxieties while growing up and becoming, little by little, an independent and confident person.

A chair in general

The image of a chair in general, either by itself or with no special details around it, predicts being unable to fulfill the duties assigned to you or make good on your promises. Unless you find a way to overcome the challenges and obstacles preventing you from doing so, you would face many negative consequences for your lack of action. For example, you may see a downturn in profits from your business or lose the friendship of someone you once cared for deeply. The results of this disaster would not be able to be reversed for a long time to come.

Many chairs

Multiple chairs in the dream room, such as in a waiting room or down a hallway, could predict a favorable starting period for whatever new projects or ideas you have recently formulated. Your efforts on this new path would not be wasted, and you may soon find that they are lucrative as well. It would be wise to take full advantage of this period before the wells of creativity dry up.

Balancing while in a chair

Balancing yourself while standing upon a chair represents balancing the responsibilities of your work with your own ambitions. For example, you may suddenly be given a lot of work to do, but you would be well-compensated or rewarded for those efforts. Alternatively, you may become nervous because you would be given the chance to work alongside someone more powerful, experienced or influential than you within the company. Despite your fears, you would be able to learn a lot from that individual or use the connection to improve your own status when the time is right.

Breaking a chair with your weight

Breaking the chair you are sitting in due to your weight in a dream vision, whether or not you are heavyset in reality or not, suggests you are not learning or listening as thoroughly, effectively or smoothly as you should be. Classes, meetings or discussions may literally be going in one ear and out the other, leading to lost time and productiveness when things must be explained multiple times. Taking time to learn good note-taking skills or to identify key points in presentations could go a long way in clarifying the material presented to you and improving your overall outcomes.

An empty chair

A chair that you perceive as empty or unused in a dream vision may represent soon receiving news of some kind. However, this symbol by itself does not indicate whether or not the nature of the information on the other end is good or bad. In some cases, this symbol has also been known to reflect a passive, follower or sheep-like nature for the dreamer. While this may not be a permanent or even common occurrence, it does suggest that at the present moment you are not the master of your destiny.

Trying to sit in a broken chair

Attempting to situate yourself in a chair that has been broken or damaged in some way may shed light on some disagreements present in reality, particularly those centered around your family and home life. Successfully sitting in such a chair may reveal a happy or mutually beneficial resolution to the conflict, however, failing to sit or falling off the chair could mean permanent damage to the relationships involved or a prolonged drama.

An antique chair

An antique chair is a neutral symbol in the dream realm that represents memories, thoughts and ideas centered on the past. This could refer to positive recollections, such as warmly remembering past events and interactions, or it can reveal hints of regret or sadness tied to past decisions. In either case, the sense of nostalgia may stay with you for some time after waking up in reality.

Breaking a chair

Breaking a chair during a dream vision, whether you sat on it or took a weapon to it, represents soon getting your just desserts. You may soon acquire something valuable or highly desired that you have always wanted or dreamed about. Alternatively, your current projects or efforts may soon be met with favorable outcomes, leading to much happiness and satisfaction on your part.

A chair upside down

A chair in an upside down position is often considered a negative sign in the realm of dreams. It portends job loss, either through a direct firing or through layoffs. If you are not currently employed somewhere, it is also possible this symbol relates to volunteer work or a club activity. In such a case, your services would no longer be needed by the group you support. Instead of being angry or bitter, however, it may be a better use of your time and energy to see what aspects of your life require attention or where your talents may be of use.

Buying a chair

The process of buying a chair in a dream vision suggests those closest to you depend on your sound judgement for decisions or rely on you for the basic necessities of house and home. You may be the main breadwinner in your family circle or possess a wise character that allows you to get to the heart of difficult or dramatic situations. In any case, you use your position in such a way as to have earned the respect and admiration of those closest to you.

Someone sitting in a chair motionlessly

Observing a man or woman whom you know sitting in a chair without moving or talking to anyone else could predict soon learning something unfavorable or discouraging about them. You may come into knowledge of some fault of character which forever changes how you look and interact with them. Alternatively, you may have to go to them as the bearer of bad news. In either case, your future interactions may not be pleasant or smooth.

A chair of stunning craftsmanship

A chair with particularly beautiful or intricate designs reflects your effort spent in reality to improve the quality of your life and add meaning to your days. You may desire to dedicate time to a particular hobby or skill you wish to develop or volunteer your time to help others who are less fortunate than yourself. However, your current financial situation or time schedule may prevent you from putting most of your plans into action. The best thing you can do at this point is to make a list and gather your resources so you are ready when the time to march comes.

Feeling comfortable in a chair

Sitting or sinking down into a chair during a dream vision and noticing that it is particularly comfortable means you are about to receive a surprise or small shock in reality. The nature of this unexpected news is bound to be pleasant, and it would leave you with a warm happy feeling. Following this vision and the information you receive, you would be in a much better mood that infects all those around you as well.

Sitting in a chair in the corner

Sitting on a chair in the corner of a room is a fairly negative symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It suggests some inner reflection and turmoil over your recent words and actions. You may be regretting something you told a friend or stressing over something important to you and your future. Instead of being comfortable, you may feel a distinct lack of comfort and compassion in this dream, which is a direct reaction to your reality. While there is probably little you can do about what is bothering you, there are plenty of things you could do to prevent such a situation from happening again.

A wicker chair

A wicker chair or any other chair made of woven twigs is often the manifestation of the dreamer's own business acumen. You may have a knack for sniffing out the most lucrative deals or a talent for closing even the most delicate of agreements. Were you to put your mind to it, you would be a force in the small business market due to your ability to carefully plan and execute the plans necessary to succeed.

A chair with a disproportionate size

A disproportionately small or large chair carries news of what the future holds for your career or true calling in life. A surprisingly large chair represents improvement in either your work situation or your compensation for it. A particularly small chair, on the other hand, suggests the opposite. In that case, you may need to find a new job or change career paths entirely.

Selling a chair

The act of selling a chair you once owned could reveal a deep rift between you and some family members or, alternatively, between two people you consider family in reality. There may be a lack of respect or reverence between those who call themselves family or a simple disregard for the feelings, desires or property of others. Because it is family, tensions may run high. Therefore, it would be wise to take a step back and look at the situation as calmly and objectively as possible so that no one feels hurt, attacked or disregarded.

Finding a chair to sit

Finding a chair in a crowded room or place could reflect your current satisfaction with the way your life is being carried out. You probably have few complaints about your status, living conditions or financial situation, and you likely are very content with your friends and familial relations. Being asked to sit in a chair by someone else, such as at a job interview, may mean you would soon find yourself in such a happy and content state soon.

A chair of an unusual shape

Envisioning a chair of an unusual shape or design could be a mark of your efforts bearing fruit in reality. The time and money you have spent on a particular goal or ambition would likely pan out and result in future success. Even though it may be slow going or unclear at the present, this would not be in vain. Keep at it and you would eventually be rewarded for everything you have sacrificed and put into it thus far.

Painting a chair black

I dreamt of painting a varnished wooden chair with black paint partially in a room inside my house.

The wooden chair in your dream means you are contemplating how to resolve a problem. You could be sitting on it to try to consider all the options in order to handle it in the best way possible. However, the black paint which you partially put on the wooden chair reveals your confused state. On the one hand, you want to be fair and prudent, which is the logical move. On the other hand, your emotions could be clouding your judgments and making you want to lash out at the people involved in these issues you are grappling with. It is up to you to hold back your anger and let cooler heads prevail because should you succumb to your gut feelings, you would just end up in heated arguments and shouting matches.

A chair brought inside the house

I am female. In my dream a male stranger left a used kid's chair in front of my home (it didn't look like my real home, but in the dream it was my home). He put it down, looked at me and smiled. I bring the chair into my home. Next, a puppy German Shepherd suddenly being in the same place as the left chair. No collar. I let the dog into my home, now I'm sitting. My husband is there too, standing. The dog is now a larger dog, quietly approaching my face. Not aggressive, but I'm scared of it.

The chair which was brought inside your home in the dream alludes to a big decision you need to make in the near future. You may need all the wisdom and advice you can get in order to consider all the aspects of each direction you want to go as well as their repercussions. This decision may have something to do with the puppy which is a symbol of a blossoming bond, friendship or even a new project. Letting the puppy into your home is a symbol of commitment. It means you are willing to put in the effort and investment into that new venture, whether personal or work-related. There could be unpredictable results to your decision or things that are out of your control and maybe that is where the fear is coming from.

Wooden chair

Envisioning a wooden chair is a symbol of either keeping or breaking promises. It is a sign that someone is not keeping their word or is not fulfilling work satisfactorily. It also reflects a lack of trust in someone or a need to be more reliable. The chair also refers to a situation where someone needs to be more honest with themselves or someone else in order to make progress. In essence, the dream is a reminder to be legitimate and faithful to yourself and others to make your relationships even stronger.