Dreams Related To Cemetery

Hiding from rape in a cemetery

I was at a Catholic church and two men came to me and wanted me to have sex with them. I refused! They persisted. Told me I would or I would be shot, I got free, ran into a cemetery and they we're shooting at me. I hid behind tombstones making my way to a building to find someone I knew! Ended up on an elevator with small doors and was exiting to a floor that was full of greenery and pretty and found my boyfriend.

This dream has a few conflicting images. Churches often symbolize protection and faith, and being inside one represents being in a familiar situation or feeling safe in a certain environment. However, the image of the men who wish to do you harm, particularly the imagery of them shooting at you with guns, points to feeling unsafe, either physically or emotionally. This dream may be showing you that something or someone has come into your life and thrown some aspects of it off-kilter. While you do not mention the state of your relationship with your boyfriend, seeing loved ones at the end of a dream generally symbolizes finding closure and peace of mind after some turbulent experience.

Party that ends up in a cemetery

My boyfriend had a dream that we were out in Florida hanging out with my brother's friends and our friends drinking and having a bonfire and my boyfriend went to the store with someone and when he came back his motorcycle was messed up and his truck was messed up and it was Ricky Jones that messed up the bike and truck and I was gone with one of my brother's friends and we came back I told him we were at the cemetery and my boyfriend was like what are you doing at the cemetery?

Your boyfriend's dream about having a party which turned into a disaster or loss could be a hint from his subconscious about soon experiencing health problems or it could also be a signal about some aspect of his health or well-being slowly deteriorating. Furthermore, discovering his personal possessions compromised by someone means that your boyfriend could soon find himself unable to complete his daily responsibilities or tasks or fall short on making decent earning like he used to before, which may or may not be related to his health. Finally, being at a cemetery in the same dream reveals the need for him to change his living conditions or seek better opportunities in order to get back on track.