Dreams Related To Cellar

A cellar full of cats

At a friend's house going down to the cellar to see her new kitchen. The room is full of cats, I chase the cats out of her house.

Going down into a friend's cellar can be interpreted as a metaphor for delving deep into the psyche of your friend. In a sense, your subconscious is rooting around your memories and past interactions with the individual to try and figure out something that is bothering it. This is likely because you suspect, at least subconsciously, that your friend is acting strange. Perhaps you are worried they are growing apart from you or may sabotage, back-stab or otherwise hurt you in the future. The cats you see represent those possibilities, but chasing the cats out of your friend's house means you desire to save the friendship at all costs. It may be time for a heart to heart with her so that you can both share your concerns for the present and hopes for the future.