Dreams Related To Celebrity

Meeting a celebrity

Meeting a celebrity or famous person, whether they are an actor, singer or some other well-known individual, suggests you desire to emulate them in some way. For example, you may wish to donate to a charity they favor or copy their fashion sense. Your desire to be like this star suggests they are influential in some way to you. Hopefully you are interested in copying their good behavior, rather than some of their bad habits.

Being assaulted by a group of celebrities

I am a female. I woke myself up scared and trying to escape terrified. I was drinking with 3 celebrities, 2 men and one woman. I thought it was cool until they raped me and then made make go in a room they put a passcode on my phone and one by one came in and were beating me saying really mean things to me. I was so scared.

Celebrities in dreams often embody certain attributes or characteristics you want to emulate. Rape and torture, however, often have a highly negative connotation. Those violent acts typically represent a very difficult time period for the dreamer. So, in the context of your dream, being raped and tortured by celebrities could mean that society or perhaps peer pressure is forcing you to follow in the footsteps of some well-known or famous personalities. Even if you do admire those celebrities in real life, a part of you knows that emulating their habits or lifestyle is not good for you in the long run.

Celebrity as a normal person

Envisioning a celebrity as a normal person you talk to or interact with while dreaming could reflect your desires to live the celebrity lifestyle. You may be enticed to buy celebrity brands or celebrity-endorsed products, such as the Kylie Jenner make up line or Dwayne Johnson's tequila. Alternatively, rather than buying their products, you may snoop online to find the same outfits these celebrities or influencers wear, the gyms they frequent or the events they attend.

Meeting a celebrity at the airport

I was sitting at the airport and suddenly Eminem came and sat beside me (Eminem is my idol). So I asked him if he would help me to be a star like him and he said "Yes" and then danced and went away.

This symbolic vision of meeting a celebrity (Eminem) is obviously a subconscious manifestation of your obsession and extreme interest in this person. You could be completely absorbed and blown away by his life story, appearance and success. You might have desire to be closer to this individual. Another interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. The vision of being at the airport in the dream is probably the reflection of your plans and intentions already deeply rooted in your brain or completely overtaken your life (e.g. "sitting at the airport" usually means "about to take off"). For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something extraordinary or have a far-reaching and ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be exposed to frustrations and disappointments down the road. The dream therefore cautions you to get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and ambitions.

Being friends with a celebrity

To envision yourself as a friend of a celebrity is a common and memorable dream scenario illustrating your love of this particular celebrity. Or you could simply have been consuming a lot of content related to this popular person and this eventually bled into your dreams. Alternatively, you probably aspire to rise to the same prominence as this celebrity and your wish to become a celebrity yourself has manifested this symbol into your dream vision. Perhaps it is time you take a stab at stardom and get yourself out there.

A celebrity romantically

A dream about spending time with a celebrity with romantic overtones represents your ambitious nature, according to modern dream interpreters like Miller. Given the image of a highly prominent or well-regarded individual, it seems your drive to impress is linked with getting the attention of someone in reality, like a crush, parent or potential employer.

A celebrity crush

Having a crush on a celebrity in the dream world, whether or not you have such feelings in reality, could represent a lack of affection or attention from others in waking life. For instance, you may not be in a relationship at present, or you may have recently been spending more time on your own. In either case, your feelings in this vision reflect your desire to have a deep connection with someone, although you may subconsciously realize that it is not likely to happen soon. Just as celebrities are fairly out of reach, so does this vision indicate that your journey to find someone to care about may take some time and effort.

Being helped by a celebrity on the street

I was crossing the street when near the end, right by the curb, I fell and was unable to continue. A car was heading right toward me, but it stopped before it could hit me. I was still unable to get up because I did not have any energy left, when all of a sudden, Tony Stark (Iron man) came and helped me up onto the sidewalk, and stayed with me.

Crossing the street in your dream means putting yourself in danger. You probably have a tendency to take risks and go against popular opinion. Your rebellious nature could be creating a lot of enemies or detractors for you. However, the appearance of the superhero Iron Man in your moment of weakness could be indicative of your tendency to depend on others when the going gets tough. Perhaps you are used to being bailed out or being rescued. The vision could be opening your eyes regarding this personal shortcoming, so you can work on being more independent.

Being recognized and receiving an award

Dreams about being an award-winner and people were amazed I was preparing a banner ready for the function.

Receiving an award for a dream vision is considered both a positive and a negative sign mixed together. On one hand, it predicts being recognized or rewarded for endeavors in waking life, earning you the admiration and respect of colleagues and friends. On the other hand, it also suggests your success could cause some envious person to become jealous of your achievements.

Dressed as a celebrity

I had a dream I was part of a sketch comedy act. I was dressed as Ozzy Osbourne and it was set in a retirement home. I had on a Beatles T-shirt, and when they asked me why I had on a Beatles T-shirt, I said "because they f"""ing dress me here!".

Dreaming about performing while portraying someone famous or popular means that you tend to imitate or act like this person or people in your waking life. The questions asked by the audience about your performance or about the way you were dressed could also mean that some people from your social circle or even unfamiliar people could be displeased or even irritated by the way you act and present yourself in front of them. The dream could also serve as a warning of some upcoming surprises or news which could be both positive, or not so pleasant when you receive them.

Ordinary people looking like celebrities

My mum was a teaching assistant and she sat next to me in Spanish class, but we had this really awful supply teacher and we kept moving classrooms, so we went outside. But this girl who looked like Wednesday Adams had a chipmunk on her hand and she screamed and ran into the forest. We went into this really modern house and we had to go through challenges to escape and I did, but I went back in because it was Khloe Kardashian's house and I was hiding behind the TV, but then I was walking around and she was dressed up as Bubbles Devere from Little Britain.

Noting a lot of personalities you are describing in this dream, it is possible that there is a great deal of disconnect that exists in the relationship between you and your mother. Some flashy and short-lived drives, events or occurrences may be taking your attention away from her needs and prevent you from maintaining a sound connection with her. This vision could also be reflective of your tendency to refrain from discussing your issues and problems with other family members because you want to remain within the comfort zone you have created for yourself.

Receiving name cards from a celebrity

I'm in a crowded place, I walk outside and see Alexander Skarsgard walking just across from me. I'm suddenly in front of him and I ask for his autograph, he says "Yes, wait here". He walks to a car and takes out 3-4 pieces of paper, he goes through them and gives me one. I look and my name is on the top, spelt correctly. There's a sentence that I can't remember, then my name again, but spelt wrong. He then gives me a small piece of paper. I ask what it is and he tells me it's his number, just in case I need him.

Celebrities, the people whom we all admire, often end up in dreams as a sign of our need for recognition and approval. Asking for an autograph from a celebrity suggests you may be doubting your competence in handling everyday responsibilities or the tasks that were recently assigned to you. Nevertheless, you may well be called upon to take on a challenge which makes you question your capabilities. This fear of handling things you cannot manage may have led you to the decision to delegate some or all of these tasks to others. But it seems that your performance is suffering no matter which path you have chosen to follow.

Hanging out with celebrities

I dreamt David Bowie was walking in the middle of the road, in long shoes walking slowly with the traffic. Then I think it was Chrissy Hynde who said "Wait, he has got a birthday card for you". Then he suddenly appeared with the biggest, most colorful flowers in an orange card color way. I also had another separate small bunch of orange roses. I went to his house and put them on the bed as I arranged for them to be put in water. He walked into the room, and he had this glitter brooch or badge.

Dreaming of celebrities or popular personalities reflects your aspirations. You could be desiring certain characteristics of these prominent people or wanting to achieve a similar kind of success. Since Chrissie Hynde and David Bowie are icons in the music industry, maybe you want to cultivate your musical inclinations. The flowers, and roses, in particular, refer to growth and progress. Specifically, the roses indicate a blossoming romance. As such, you may be given a break or come across a potential collaboration which could ignite your passion and inspire you. In pop culture, orange has been associated with insanity. A more grounded interpretation of this color is becoming overpowered and irresistible offers. For that reason, your vision contains an inherent warning to keep your wits about you and take everything with a grain of salt.

Getting very personal with a celebrity

I am female. In my dream I met someone (a celebrity, I believe), and he showed me around his house. It was a very beautiful house, and I was amazed. There was even an indoor garden. He left for a bit, and I was there, I think with his wife. We hit it off really well, and found that we had some things in common. When he came back with a friend, I remember thinking he'd probably be happy that we were getting along so well. Overall, the feel of the dream was very positive.

While you may have felt positive energy after witnessing this vision, you should consider the symbols involved as a warning. Being invited to a celebrity's place of residence and interacting with others there is actually a slightly ominous sign associated with deception or poor decision-making. It is usually seen around times when you would have to make a big choice or express an opinion on something. This dream suggests that you currently either do not have enough information or that the information you have is flawed or biased in some way. Perhaps you got a one-sided story from a trusted friend or only rely on one source of free news rather than looking at multiple sources. If you do not open yourself up to all the information available, you may end up making a bad decision or embarrassing yourself.

Kissing a celebrity

Kissing a celebrity in a dream represents your drive and ambitious personality. You want to penetrate the inner circle of powerful and influential personalities. There is probably a specific person you want to impress and you are willing to do anything to get noticed by this influencer, vlogger or popular gamer. Unfortunately, the lengths you go to just to get a reply or a shoutout will turn you into a different person. You could resort to trolling which will turn off your own friends and followers. It is up to you to decide whether it is all worth it.

On an obstacle course with celebrities

I'm at a waterfall and standing beside me is Leonardo DiCaprio. I turn to look at him and when I look back at the waterfall, there is this awesome looking parkour obstacle I've ever seen. We start to do some parkour, when all of a sudden all the actors I know of start coming from the bushes and start bum-rushing us from everywhere. There's too many to fight off, so we start to parkour in one direction and the way we were going seems endless. When I go to jump on a platform, it disappears and I fall.

This dream involving crowds of celebrities reflects your ambitious nature. In particular, you may aspire to follow the steps of Leonardo DiCaprio, either in terms of his career path or his dogged perseverance to succeed in his chosen craft. The first part by the waterfall alludes to some turbulent times ahead. You may already be experiencing unpleasant circumstances or difficulties in reality and your mindset, in connection to DiCaprio, is to refuse to give up even when the odds are against you. The inclusion of other actors, therefore, symbolizes competition and parkour as a way of navigating the obstacle course means that you need to be alert and adaptable to remain one step ahead of your toughest rivals.

A celebrity kissing you

To kiss someone famous in your dream represents validation. You will finally be recognized for your efforts, especially by someone you admire and respect. This intimate interaction with a celebrity is an allusion to your slow but steady ascent. You are finally getting closer to your dreams with each achievement. Alternatively, this kiss could mean you are prone to being spellbound and charmed by powerful people. You could either use this to your advantage by fueling your ambition or you could also be prone to being manipulated and taken advantage by your idols.

Socializing with a celebrity

I've had a dream about the same person and he's a celebrity. I've had this dream 3 days in the past week, one was about I was showing him around my city holding hands with him as we were a couple and the other was we were working out in the gym exercising.

This dream has two meanings depending on your personal situation. First, it could be an indication of your obsession with or excessive interest in this particular celebrity. You could be completely absorbed and taken by the life story and appearance of this person. You might have desire to be closer to that individual. The second interpretation involves your own desire to be a celebrity yourself. For example, you could have been trying to accomplish something or have a grand ambitious plan. However, you would most likely be over-estimating your abilities and resources available to you. This means that you could be about to face frustrations and disappointments. The dream would therefore work as an advice. You should get your feet on the ground and be more realistic about your goals and self-assessment.

Compliments from a celebrity

I saw a celebrity looking at me and saying she too looks beautiful.

The encountering of a celebrity in this vision seems to predict some negative energy in your life. This is particularly true if this person was very famous or good-looking. The negative energy, however, is not likely to be anything serious. Instead, it is most likely to manifest as some trivial inconvenience, like hitting traffic or being forced inside by bad weather. Having a celebrity compliment you on your looks suggests spending too much time concerned with your appearance and possibly having narcissistic tendencies. You may want to spend more time focusing on inner beauty than outer looks.

Seeing celebrities and disliking them

My dreams were about I was in California and I saw Kendall and Kylie Jenner and I don't like Kendall and she is so ugly and means and she is so snobby.

Despite your aversion to these particular celebrities, this vision is actually a very positive sign. Being in a known location, particularly if you live quite far from it in real life, predicts some happy and exciting events taking place in your life. You may be offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or take a major step forward in your career or personal life. This is further supported by meeting famous people, which is often interpreted as a sign of expanding your social circle and being involved in multiple groups. Networking may be what sets off the chain reaction of positive events. If you have the chance to meet and interact with people who could positively affect your life, you should take the opportunity to introduce yourself.

Being threatened by celebrities

My dream was about my K-pop idols, they wanted to bury us in the Bermuda triangle.

While it is unclear whether you are presently alone or with a group of people, being buried in an area in the middle of the ocean could indicate feeling isolated and cut off from others. This was likely triggered by some recent event in which you asked for help and did not receive it for some reason. The fact that it was K-pop idols having this intention, whom you normally admire, the notion of them doing this to you suggests you have been deeply hurt or disappointed by this situation. You may want to consider expressing your feelings to the other party instead of keeping them to yourself.

Entrusted with a baby and a house by a celebrity

In my dream, somehow I knew this famous model and actress who lived in a large beautiful house and we were friends of sorts. She had this beautiful little girl, so maybe I took care of her. I know that the baby trusted me. So she just gave the keys to the house to me and told me it was mine. Upon waking, I remember feeling renewed.

This vision sends a rather mixed message, making it difficult to determine its true meaning. The image of the celebrity and receiving her home as a gift could be linked with the idea that things are too good to be true. This would suggest you may have received an offer that requires you to take advantage of it quickly. However, doing so is likely to only cause you trouble and misfortune. You need to seek a new path independent of the one presented to you. The baby girl, then, represents the change you must undergo and the friends and family whose advice you can use to help you through this situation.

Toilet paper fluff becoming a celebrity

So, I went to the toilet to have a pee and then I saw a bit of fluff in the toilet water. Then I looked at it and said "mwahahahaaaa" and then it got googly eyes and a little cute mouth and said "mwahahaHAAAAAAAAAAA" and jumped out the toilet and became the guy from "Dare Devil" on CBBC and scared me, then I run out the toilet. I woke up and went into my mum and dad's room and they tried to make me say a swear word with a tongue twister. This was a long time ago, I don't have dreams about fluff anymore.

To dream of going to the toilet to pee reveals your need to get rid of false impressions and misconceptions about yourself, or attempt to change previously-held beliefs and outlook. The fluff which becomes animated in your dream suggests that the aspects you want to let go of are stubbornly clinging to you. Perhaps you are having a hard time trying to change your ways. This ties in with the final scenario in your dream wherein your parents are coaxing you to say a swear word. This means that they want you to be accountable for your actions. To change your ways, you must make a stronger resolve and commitment to your transformation.

Husband interested in a dead celebrity

I dreamt that my boyfriend was watching Anna Nicole Smith mow the lawn and I was extremely jealous because I knew he thought she was very attractive and he kept watching her. We got into an argument about it. I have no idea why I would have a dream such as this. I just think maybe he doesn't think I'm attractive. Thank you very much, this is just a very weird dream. I don't know why she would even be in my dreams since she passed away and he is desiring her but she was attractive and not me.

Dreaming about celebrities usually means that you admire or covet certain qualities of this individual, whether physical or other salient characteristics. In your case, it seems like the dream could be a reflection of your insecurities. Perhaps you think you should have Anna Nicole Smith's physical attributes in order to remain desirable to your boyfriend. However, this may not be the case in reality. Perhaps this dream scenario is merely a projection of your doubts and uncertainties. Alternatively, his wandering eyes in the dream could mirror his lukewarm attitude in reality but perhaps the reason may not be what you expect it to be. It may be best to keep an open mind and maintain a relationship based on mutual trust.

A celebrity telling what to do

Celebrity and two little girls and a celebrity gamble with chocolate candy, tells me to find the rabbit hole. I turn into a mouse, bear chases me into a rabbit hole?

Dreaming about chocolate candy suggests an immediate increase in your performance and productivity. In most cases, this symbol also means you would have an excellent opportunity to start a new enterprise with a partner. The celebrity in your vision indicates that this man or woman could be someone prominent and well-respected, like a boss or local leader. It is also possible that a new co-worker would be hired by your company, and this employee would either work together with you or support your current team. They would have exceptional power and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and realize your vision. Furthermore, being chased by a bear indicates romance may also bloom during this time. The future is full of very exciting and interesting prospects for you.

Eating a key in front of a celebrity

I dreamed that I am eating a small metal key, I chewed it slowly and crushed it completely like candies, then swallowed it. This scene happened in front of a famous star singer in my home country, he was watching me doing this process astonishingly, I asked him "Did you eat a key before?", he answered sarcastically "No I didn't", after a while I felt afraid that it may hurt my stomach or have negative consequence or could kill me, I asked my mother is that danger, she looked at me with worry.

Eating the metal key in your dream represents your yearning for a fresh start. After several bad decisions and a few frustrating failures, you are ready to let go of the past and try your luck in a new place or meet new people. The celebrity or singer watching you in the dream is a symbol of your aspirations. You want to make a splash, so that the right people would notice you for your unique abilities and skills. Perhaps you want to become an influencer or a vlogger, so you are planning to reach out to other successful people in this field to find out the secret to their success. Your commitment to eating the metal key reveals your hunger for success. You will do whatever it takes to be rich and famous.

Being greeted by a celebrity

I was in a car, my mum was driving and in front of us was Keanu Reeves with his bike, smiling and waving his hand at us.

Envisioning yourself as a passenger of a car indicates a lack of ambition. You likely do not aspire to be a figure of prominence and would be happy to go along with another person's plans for you. However, this could also make you prone to control and manipulation. Seeing a celebrity riding a bike suggests a level of self-awareness. It is possible that a part of you desires freedom and a carefree attitude. Keanu Reeves symbolizes the person you aspire to be. Perhaps you want to carve out a path that is similar to this celebrity, whether it is about fame or a reminder to remain humble despite your success.