Dreams Related To Ceiling

Cars on fire and collapsed ceiling

Multiple cars on fire in the driveway of my childhood home. Jumped to inside my childhood home to find the plaster ceiling collapsed throughout entire house. All in the same dream.

The idea that your childhood home is in a state of disrepair could point to some terrible or unfortunate circumstances coming about in the near future. You may find your situation rather dire, making it impossible to be comfortable or feel happy. The idea that there were multiple cars on fire just outside your house may indicate that your friends or associates are the cause of your problems. Being involved with them may get you in trouble or on the wrong side of the law if you are not careful.

Ceiling fan

Envisioning a ceiling fan in the dream realm can illustrate the positive changes and efforts you are making in your life. This rotating object symbolizes the natural progression of life and the constant evolution of your thoughts and actions. The power and strength of the fan are a metaphor for your own ability to create change and steer your life in a positive direction. Moreover, these visions are full of signs that you harbor a sense of contentment and peace with where you are in life. Overall, the dream is encouraging you to continue your efforts and trust in your own power to create a happy and fulfilling life.

Rain coming through ceiling

Rain that is leaking through your ceiling is an ill omen about household conflict. According to dream workers, rain coming through ceiling dream meaning may indicate worsening family relations brought on by differences in values or priorities. Finances could also be another factor for quarrels with your relatives. If not addressed quickly and with proper sensitivity, you could end up permanently severing your ties with this family member.

Leaking ceiling

Finding leaks in your ceiling is an allusion to an ongoing conflict in your household. Ignoring this problem will lead to a more serious complication that may not be easily fixed. Similar to a leaking roof, this can also predict relocation. Problems in your neighborhood or finding a better job elsewhere will make you decide to pack up and leave. This decision to move will give you the opportunity to start fresh and make new friends.

A huge spider in the ceiling

Napping on couch on day off from work (which I was really doing). People dropped by for roof estimate I'd forgotten calling about, spouse took them round, let me sleep. Left with estimate more reasonable than anticipated. We went into the bedroom and discovered large ceiling crack leak with water raining on floor. Toweling that up, discovered a spider had been disturbed. She was light brown, furry and HUGE. Basketball sized. She had babies on her back. I was terrified of this thing, crawling everywhere, shooed her out of the bedroom but all the babies were in the air. Thanks.

Dreams containing images of water dripping from the ceiling can predict coming into contact or having to deal with individuals trying to mess up your life or something important you are currently undertaking. This person or people could be standing in your way and blocking your progress, intentionally or without realizing what they are doing. Finding a giant spider in the bedroom points to possible confrontation with a con artist or an authoritative figure, possibly connected to the developments mentioned above. You could also expect being humiliated or let down by people who surround you in your waking life.

Water leaking from the ceiling

Envisioning water leaking from the ceiling of your home is often indicative of an upcoming move or relocation. According to the works of Miller, this symbol suggests you would leave your current residence in the near future. This could be due to a happy event, like moving for a new job or marriage, but it may also be due to unsafe living conditions or the sudden loss of income. In either case, leaving this place behind gives you the opportunity to move on to better things in the future.

Ceiling leaking water

The vivid, memorable image of your ceiling leaking water, such as during a rain storm or due to a burst pipe, is often thought to represent an upcoming move. You may soon relocate to a new city or country, although whether or not your reason for leaving is positive or negative is unclear. No matter the circumstances, your new location is sure to offer you new opportunities and a chance for a different, better future.

Leaky ceiling because of relatives

Clear rain falling through my ceiling in the kitchen and bedroom of my 1bhk, but not in the hall. Also, the hall had no rain and no ceiling. My husband's mother in the hall was dry and had no ceiling, asking me to remember what was removed from the house. The areas where the ceiling was raining had almost knee-deep water. Also, a few days ago, my in-laws (husband's mother, father, and brother) visited us and stayed in the hall, while we stayed in the bedroom.

The interpretation of this vision depends to a great extent on your relationship with your in-laws and your mother-in-law in particular. Dreaming about the rain that causes flooding in the house represents growing sorrow in your household, most likely related to your interactions with extended family. If your relationship with your husband's mother is good, it could suggest a fear of hurting or worrying her about issues that are on your mind. However, if your meetings with her are difficult or leave you feeling agitated, this vision could represent your apprehension to tell your husband what is wrong for fear he would take her side over yours.

A ceiling on fire at school

I dreamt that I was watching boys run out of a classroom where the ceiling was on fire and I walked with them to the fire exit.

Classrooms and the school setting in general represent anxiety or stressful situations present in wake life. Seeing boys run out of the classroom could reveal others are in the same situation as you, but rather that enduring unbearable circumstances, they are finding a way to avoid the trouble. This is reinforced by the burning of the ceiling. Not only does the emergency itself reflect how dire your case may be, following the boys who run away could mean you would learn from their ways and not subject yourself to unnecessary pain.