Dreams Related To Caviar

Purple caviar in a plastic bag

I saw my mom holding a clear plastic bag containing purple caviar.

Caviar in dreams represents a taste for luxury. Likewise, the color purple has often been attributed to wealth and royalty. Perhaps you look at your mother as someone who has expensive taste, yet does not have the financial capability to sustain a luxurious lifestyle. This tendency to live beyond her means may be worrying you or perhaps causing some conflict between the two of you. Maybe she likes to gamble and you are forced to bail her out because of her excessive spending.

Champagne wishes and caviar

According to the evangelist Joshua, champagne wishes and caviar, such as at a holiday party or special celebration, means that you have a robin hood like philosophy and support, if not say the catchphrase, "rob from the rich to feed the poor." This vision suggests you have a distaste for the luxurious lifestyles of the rich and famous, especially in countries like America and the U.K. The meaning of this vision refers to your position that the wealthy are a leach on society and should see their net worth revered and distributed to the majority of society who is not part of the 1%.