Dreams Related To Caterpillar

Caterpillars coming out of the face

I was with my husband and daughter and we were on a trip to my homeland Puerto Rico, we were in my mother's house and I had gotten bitten by something under my left nostril. My husband saw it and said it was disgusting and to pop it out and when I did these huge caterpillar-looking white worms with black eyes started coming out. I pulled them out 1 at a time then 2 finally I was pulling them out 4 and 5 at a time. It didn't hurt me and they weren't attacking, they just didn't want to get out of my skin, but I just pulled them out and threw them in a trash can in front of me.

Dreaming about travelling with your family is often a negative symbol associated with the loss of material possessions or capital. The caterpillars, however, give a clue as to the origin of these troubles. The first sign is the color of the caterpillars, white and black. This is almost always an indication that someone is trying to give you a message or point you in the right direction, possibly giving you a clearer idea as to the source or cause of your upcoming misfortunes. This is especially true of any written or typed correspondence, so if you have received any messages, it would be wise to check them again for something you may have missed. Additionally, the image of the caterpillars themselves suggests a single person who is trying to lead you astray or do something that would benefit them but hurt or inconvenience you. If you continue to follow their lead, your situation is likely to deteriorate further.

A green caterpillar

Dreamed of seeing a green horn worm caterpillar. It was on some green leaves.

The caterpillar in your dream denotes transformation. You are currently doing the work and biding your time towards a bigger goal. In this context, those green leaves are the nourishment you need to complete this transformation. It could be trials which would strengthen you and make you wiser as you enter a new chapter in your life. The leaves could also represent abundance or funding if you are planning to start a business. In some cases, a caterpillar can symbolize a superficial and self-centered personality who is draining your resources. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to cut your losses.

Caterpillars crawling on you

Envisioning caterpillars crawling on or over you in a dream, especially if you experienced some form of sleep paralysis at that time, is a bad omen of things to come. It means you would be disappointed by many small actions or changes, especially in places or systems where you once felt comfortable. This symbol is also associated with microaggressions, according to modern dream workers. You may experience a wide range of negative emotions during this time from being overwhelmed to sadness to fear.

Black caterpillar

According to Jungian interpretations, the image of a black caterpillar refers to spiritual change and transformation. Much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, this symbol suggests moving from a dark place to a light one. This is also connected with the idea of letting your inner light shine and using the opportunities you receive carefully.