Dreams Related To Catapult

A catapult set to hurt someone

Snow, pine trees, me in a strange house, a large wood house across from me. A catapult set up to throw rocks that smash the windows of the house across. I noticed an old man in a wheelchair and I need to save him. I feel no fear.

Seeing a strange-looking house in your dream vision suggests some upcoming sad event like a funeral, but it also can foretell an encounter that will bring you joy. Maybe you will meet a family member or a friend you have not seen for a long time. Envisioning a person in a wheelchair indicates that someone in your close surroundings needs your help in waking life. This person can be the one who will show up soon. He or she is probably embarrassed about asking support from you because they may be attempting to hide something from the rest of the world. However, your supportive approach can open their heart and mind toward you. Not feeling fear implies you probably are dealing with a burden yourself and it is related to that person whom you want to help.