Dreams Related To Cashew

A cashew tree and dirty water in a glass

Dreamed I had a cashew tree. The tree had lots of straight branches, with tiny purple flowers along each branch. At the end of each branch was a big cashew fruit. I twisted one of the cashews off the tree, I bit into the cashew. Offered it to my kids, but they said they liked the ones in store better. It was a very healthy tree, full of cashew fruits. I did taste one. I also dreamed I was offered glass of water. Took a sip of it and noticed green slime or algae in the glass.

Growing nuts in a dream vision, like a cashew tree, means that you are probably full of ideas that you wish to implement in reality. These could be business ventures that are connected to your interests and hobbies or totally innovative business propositions. Unfortunately, once these ideas are executed, not everyone may like them or understand what they are all about. In the other dream, the dirty water with green substance means that you may have to be cautious about your own thoughts and insights. While your ideas may appear brilliant or inspired, a closer look may reveal their flaws. So perhaps you need more careful planning and research before you decide to invest your time, money and effort into bringing your ideas to life. It does not hurt to ask for expert opinion or other point of views to give you a more realistic plan of action.