Dreams Related To Car trunk

Car trunk with a person

A car trunk with a person inside means receiving classified information. You may soon gain access to some valuable and possibly juicy fact that is confidential in nature. It can be related to work or about someone you know.

Open car trunk

An open car trunk is a sign of making a very risky or shaky business decision. You could be involved in an endeavor that is not destined to bring good results. This can also be a sign that you will receive some news that will surprise you.

Closing a car trunk

Closing a car trunk is a sign of realizing dreams. Your will soon find the fulfillment of your wishes that you have been yearning or working on for a long time. It can also refer to purchasing something that you have coveted for a long time, because you have been very wise and practical in handling your finances.

Loading your car trunk

Loading your car trunk is a symbol of having unsatisfied needs. Your partner is craving for more affection and attention from you. However, for whatever reason, you may not be giving what he or she needs at the moment. Maybe you need to be more appreciative of your lover and a little romantic flair wouldn't hurt.

Looking for something inside a car trunk

Looking for something inside a car trunk or rummaging through it in search for an item is a warning. There could be sorrow or a major disappointment that might come your way. It can be either from your work or related to personal life.

Perfectly ordered things inside car trunk

A vision of having perfectly arranged things inside your car trunk is an indication that you are tired of how your life is structured right now. You do not want to see chaos and disorder in your current life and wish to be more organized. Now may be the best time to do something about this.