Dreams Related To Candle

A candle that keeps on burning

I was in water and someone was holding a candle and trying to put it out but the candle stayed lit in the water I was in.

Moving or being in water during a dream vision often carries a negative connotation. It means you would face some unpleasantness or difficulty in the near future. The candle that could not be extinguished, however, may be interpreted as a metaphor for the support systems you have in your life. You probably have close friends or family whose presence is a constant in your life, even when things are rocky.

I keep having a dream about lit candles what is meaning

A lit candle

Seeing a lit candle in a dream vision predicts a happy reunion with someone you have fallen out of touch with or have not seen for some time. This may be due to schedule differences or living far away from each other. The circumstances if this meeting are likely to be surprisingly joyous because of some other happy situation you would experience in the near future. This dream vision may also point to encountering or being visited by people who are willing and capable of supporting your current endeavors.

Dream visions of this nature also portend finding new opportunities or being offered a chance to do something exciting and fulfilling. Seeing multiple candles that glow brightly represent happiness and peace of mind, which in turn implies that you have a good understanding of the thoughts and feelings of those who are close to you. Additionally, many candles envisioned in a dream are also associated with religion and faith, romance, and serenity, depending on other aspects and symbols experienced in this dream.

Unable to light a candle

Seeing yourself trying to light a candle in a dream vision but being unable to do so is a negative sign predicting somehow being involved in the death of someone you know. Specifically, this dream points toward some actions or involvement which indirectly lead to someone's passing. These actions are likely to be accidental or unintentional.

Three candles going on and off

I am a boy and I had a dream of 3 candles, one being red, the other being white. I can't remember what the third color was, but those three candles were on and then they completely turned off and then they turned on again and then turned off. Then I grabbed all three candles and showed them to my grandma.

Specifically envisioning three lit candles carries a very happy prediction regarding your future. It alludes to having good fortune or to soon having one of your hopes fulfilled. The red candle refers to something you are passionate about, while the white one reveals that it has something to do with legal matters or the government. For instance, you may finally receive money that the government or courts owe you, or you may get married in a civil union. The flickering that you saw, however, means this situation is not set in stone. You or others in your life could influence or change the future if you act in a certain way.

A candle going out by itself

Seeing a candle that suddenly goes out by itself in a dream vision is often interpreted as an ominous sign indicating soon becoming sick. This illness is likely to be quite serious, possibly resulting in time spent on bed rest or in a hospital. However, if precautions are taken soon after this dream is experienced, it is possible to minimize the damage or completely avoid getting sick in the first place.

A lot of lit candles

A lot of lit candles (possibly night, unknown place).

The imagery of multiple lit candles conveys a very positive message about your personal relationships. The burning candles refer to good developments in all kinds of connections, whether in the workplace or with your significant other. You may also soon reconnect with childhood friends or patch things up with someone you had a falling out with. Those candles essentially signify strong social connections and being surrounded by people who have good influence in your life. This also signifies blessings and good fortune. Having harmonious relationships and supportive people means you can focus on your other goals and grab opportunities where you can show off your full potential.

Blowing a candle out

Envisioning yourself blowing out a candle or attempting to do so is an ill omen predicting receiving or discovering some terrible news that will greatly dishearten or frustrate you. This could be related to something you were working toward or hoping for. This image of blowing out a candle may also portend learning of the passing of someone you were once quite close to. You may have lingering feelings of guilt and regret for not spending more time with this person before they were gone.

A lot of candles scattered around

Envisioning many candles scattered about, such as spilled on the floor or placed haphazardly on multiple surfaces, is an ill omen to see in a dream vision. It predicts people, possibly those close to you or in the general community, turning away from God and religion. As a result of their lack of faith and reverence, violence and immoral behavior are likely to become the norm, further angering the higher powers. This dream also predicts vengeance from above for these misdeeds, possibly in the form of catastrophic but cleansing fire.

A candle blown out by the wind

Dreaming of a candle that is blown out, either due to the wind, a draft or human breath, is a negative sign predicting being the victim of vicious rumors and gossip. These untrue tales are likely to paint you in a very bad light, and restoring your good name in the wake of such an event might not be completely possible. Seeing a candle being snuffed by air may represent facing challenges on a spiritual journey you are currently undertaking. It may take longer to reach the inner peace and tranquility you seek or desire.

Lighting a candle

Having a dream about lighting a candle predicts receiving sexual pleasure, particularly in a way that you have thought about or wanted for some time. This dream also indicates that, should you wish for this to continue, you need to actively participate and communicate with with your partner instead of relying on their sexual prowess.

Envisioning yourself lighting multiple candles in a candleholder may also represent turning over a new leaf or making a new beginning, which brings with it fresh opportunities for success and growth. If you have received offers to move, start doing a different type of work, participate in a group, or meet up with someone new, you may want to think twice before declining if you happened to experience this dream vision.

Buying a candle

Dreaming about buying a cadle, whether from a large store or a small, independent retailer, is a positive symbol associated with success in social endeavors. In particular, dreams about the purchase of a candle are often interpreted as a sign that you will host or attend some large social event which would fill you with immense happiness and joy.

An unusually-shaped candle

Seeing a candle shaped in an odd or unusual way predicts the ability or attainment of some psychic or magic abilities. Dreams involving uniquely shaped candles, whether they are lit or not, indicate some innate powers or proclivity toward the magical, extrasensory or occult. You may have more powerful foresight or a stronger sense of other people's auras than the average person.

Getting burnt by a candle

Envisioning yourself having your hand burnt or injured from a lit candle that you are holding represents your excessively trusting, gullible nature in real life. This type of dream is often a subconscious warning that you are susceptible to being taken advantage of. You may want to be a bit more skeptical and suspicious of information you receive.

Three lit candles

Specifically seeing three lit candles in a dream is a happy sign which means your hopes and dreams are soon to come true. Three brightly glowing candles are usually interpreted as a symbol of luck or good fortune, namely in regards to current plans and goals you are working toward. Tasks you are currently pursuing are likely to culminate in success and have beneficial results for you.

A candle-like glow in the sky

Seeing the sky glow like the flame of a candle, such as at sunset, is a warning to be prepared for events that are to come. This cautionary vision is likely advising you to mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready yourself for some conflict, likely of ideals, morals or principles. When you come to terms with the situation, you may also want to pass on this knowledge to others who would benefit from it.

A fire caused by a candle

Dreaming of a fire that was caused by a candle, such as because one tips over or because something passes over the flame, predicts unrest in your relationships. Visions of candle-caused fire represents getting into fights or disagreements with friends, especially over silly, unimportant matters. This dream is a warning to prevent these conflicts before they begin lest they become larger issues in the future. Should a larger confrontation erupt, you may find that your life becomes much more difficult and troublesome.

A candle lit inside a Catholic school

My dream was my sister's wedding was taking place again in a Catholic school and a woman who was already in the school lit a candle as it was dark. She lit the candle and the candle was red and its holder was attached to what I thought looked like fireplace and once the red candle was lit it literally got taller and taller and touched the ceiling. Then would get smaller then taller again, but the flame never went out and I don't know why I had this dream. I've not been in a Catholic school before.

The setting of this vision is very telling, as schools often appear in dreams as a response to the dreamer's level of stress in wake life. Furthermore, the fact that this was a Catholic school, a type of school associated with strictness, more clearly reinforces the idea of tension. Considering your sister's wedding and the lit candles, it seems that the cause of your mental and physical strain may be related to the current or upcoming union between two people, likely yourself and someone else. While this sounds like a positive situation, the red candle suggests there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Red is often associated with passion and strong emotions. In some cases, it is connected with the idea of deep love, however, it can also show instances where the tension runs so high that it leads to irrational and even violent behavior. It is possible that you see this type of dynamic forming in your relationship with another half. It would be wise to take a breath, step back, and look at the situation as rationally and objectively as possible to choose the best course of action.

Carrying burning candles

Envisioning yourself carrying burning, brightly lit candles is an auspicious sign indicative of success and victory. This dream indicates that some important task or goal you have been working toward is soon to come to an end with positive results for you. This may be work related, like a special project you were assigned, or a personal goal, like making a major purchase or taking a major step forward in life.

A half-burnt candle

Seeing a half-burnt candle in your dream is an ill omen often interpreted as a sign of someone's passing. This may be someone who has been sick for awhile, but could equally be someone who was healthy and happy until recently. The candle that has burned partway down in your vision means this person's passing is likely to affect you in a significant way, causing a period in your life where you relive old memories with that person and are greatly saddened by their sudden departure from this life. A completely burnt out candle is also associated with not being able to achieve your goals or make your dreams come true, representing feelings of disappointment and possibly embarrassment or frustration.

A smoldering candle

Dreaming of a smoldering, slow-burning candle is a symbol revealing negative connotations. It is often associated with threat or danger to your personal safety and health, particularly from an unexpected source. If you see such a candle in your own dream vision, you may consider being more cautious in your daily routines and associations, in order to avoid possible mishaps or misfortune.

Lighting and blowing out candles

I dreamt that I lit three candles which were all in a bin and then I walked away and had a shower. Then I looked into someone's eyes and thought that I could not trust them. Then I walked out onto a dock with an orange and pink sunset in the background and blew out one candle with my breath and the next with the lid of the bin, except I accidentally burnt the bin a bit. Then I walked off of the dock and woke up.

This vision has a number of complicated symbols within it though there are a few that stand out. The first are the three lit candles, which are a particularly lucky sign. They indicate having good luck in regards to current goals or dreams, meaning either making great progress toward or successfully finishing a project. Suddenly going to take a shower, however, suggests what you are working on is uncommon or expensive. This not only makes it difficult to do regularly but also takes a lot of time and money. However, completion of this task is likely to make you a star among your friends and family, if not more widely. This is represented in the sign of the sunset seen from the dock, which predicts recognition for your accomplishments. If there is a project you are particularly interested in at the moment, you should take full advantage of this interpretation and do your best.

A candle burning

Having a dream about a candle that burns smoothly, such as when there is no breeze to cause flickering or dancing flames, predicts experiencing a period of peace and tranquility in your life, particularly in some group, organization, or community you are involved in. Those who sought to ruin this aggregation of people either by means of external assault or internal conflict are likely to lose interest or means for causing trouble. The symbol of the unwavering candle indicates a society or atmosphere of a more egalitarian nature, resulting in prosperity and happiness for all involved.

A candle in a window

Dreaming about seeing a candle in a window when looking in from the outside is a positive sign that predicts being able to solve some enormously difficult or challenging problem with the aid or assistance of someone more powerful or a higher power. Under normal circumstances, this dream predicts being mentored or guided by some influential person who has your back, like a senior co-worker, boss, or older more experienced friend, however supernatural intervention is also possible. In addition, it is likely you are not aware of this person's involvement or, if you do, the degree to which they are supporting and protecting you.

Having a dream about a lit candle that can be seen in a window also represents experiencing love throughout your entire life, and also predicts that this love is likely to maintain the same desire and warmth that characterized it in its earliest days. Despite time, age and any trials of life, the intimacy and closeness with your partner would continue to grow and evolve with time.

People walking and holding candles

Having a dream where you see people holding lit candles, either standing or moving about, predicts past issues or difficulties resurfacing once again. In the past, you may have ignored or avoided dealing with these problems directly, believing they would work themselves out without your intervention. However, this dream may be a warning to not leave tasks unfinished and to make sure all loose ends are tied up before moving on to something else, otherwise you may waste more time as the same problems come back time and time again.

Seeing a candle-lit procession in a dream vision, particularly if the people's heads are bowed or they are darkly clothed, may also portend some terrible, sad occasion or accident, most likely to occur in the spring or early summer. It is also possible that many people will be involved in this tragedy, prompting public outcry and mourning for the loss of life or the terrible inhumanity of the situation.

Candle-lit dinner

Dreaming about having a candlelit dinner may be a subconscious message to be more open and adventurous in your sex life. You may soon meet and become intimate with a sexual partner who is able to satisfy your every sexual need and desire. However, this person is not likely to be a permanent fixture in your life. Therefore, you should learn to rely on your own sexual prowess so that you do not find yourself dissatisfied in the future.

A flickering candle

Being near a candle which has a flame that flickers sporadically in a dream vision is symbolic of the end of a romantic affair. Dreaming of an unstable flame is usually interpreted as a sign that a relationship you are currently in will result in a break up, with terrible consequences and hard feelings on both sides. The cause of this separation is likely to be your fault due to not being open-minded or accepting of other points of view, feelings or cultural differences.

Lighting a candle in church

Dreaming about lighting a candle within a church or shrine is often interpreted as a sign of being alone or not receiving help when it is needed. Even though candles accompany prayers for aid or support, this dream portends those prayers or requests being left unanswered. However, this is not likely due to any ill feelings or dislike of you. Rather, those you would normally turn to are busy with their own lives and issues and simply do not have the time or means to support you as well.

Picking candles from the ground

Having a dream where you are collecting or gathering candles is an unhappy sign which predicts your community, either your neighborhood, city, or larger municipality, will go through a period of turmoil connected to religious intolerance. Picking up scattered candles that have been left about haphazardly indicates that some religious group is likely to be persecuted or scorned for their beliefs. They may be forcibly removed by authorities or at least coerced by those instigating this situation into leaving their homes for less than favorable conditions. The situation is unlikely to improve without outside intervention and support.

Walking on the street lit by candles

Envisioning yourself walking down a street lit by the glow of numerous candles is a positive sign associated with romantic endeavors or aspirations. A candle-lit lane represents finding or becoming involved with the love of your life in the near future. This person is the one whom you have been longing and searching for for so long, and they are waiting for you somewhere nearby. This turn of events is likely to cause some apprehension and butterflies in your stomach, but will also fill you with a deep sense of satisfaction and warmth when all comes to pass.

A candleholder

Dreaming about receiving a candleholder with multiple, lit candles suggests that in your time of need, you will not be abandoned by someone you look to for spiritual or religious guidance, such as a counselor or priest. This significant person in your life will stay by your side in your dark hours to offer counsel and lead you on your spiritual journey or through your crisis of faith. They will also help you focus your energy, bringing some peace to this troubled time. Dreaming of a candleholder that is devoid of candles, however, can be interpreted as a sign that you will soon uncover some confidential or little-known information which may be of use or value to you in the near future.

A wolf with a reflection of candlelight

Envisioning a wolf whose eyes glow with the reflection of a candle flame indicates coming into contact with a wolf in sheep's clothing. This person is likely to carry his or herself as an upright, trustworthy individual who has high morals and good breeding. However, do not be fooled. They are more than likely someone whose true nature is the exact opposite of their appearance and should not be trusted at any cost.

A candle with a bright light

Seeing a candle with a bright, shining light is a positive sign most often associated with success. Dream visions containing this symbol often indicate completion of important projects or achievement of goals with excellent results. If you see multiple glowing candles within your vision, it may also predict attending a social gathering in the near future, either a party or some public event, where you can network and forge some beneficial connections. Additionally, many brightly-lit candles can also represent peace and understanding within your relationships, particularly with people you yearn to improve your communication with.

Seeing a bright candle in a window of a house or building but from a distance predicts there is someone who desperately wants to meet and talk with you. After experiencing a dream with this sign, you should consider who might be expecting or needing a social call from you. This may be a friend who is going through a hard time or an older relative who might be lonely without company. Furthermore, if you have already received an invitation from someone, you may want to consider accepting, as this dream points to having an enjoyable time and improving your relationship with this person.

Making candles

Experiencing a dream where you are making candles, such as forming the wax in molds or decorating the sides, is a positive sign predicting unexpected and amazing success in something you are working on at the moment. Candles, in and of themselves, are generally associated with positive meanings in dreams. Making a candle, therefore, symbolizes creating your own victory through hard work and dedication, usually with fantastic results. Dreaming about making candles may also represent serving as a guide or mentor to someone else, helping them reach their dreams or growing as an individual. This dream indicates your positive influence which would benefit the person you seek to help in a major way.

A candle floating on the water

Seeing a candle floating gently on the water, whether it is lit or not, is a negative sign associated with receiving or overhearing bad news. This may be something directly related to you, like not getting a promotion you hoped for or failing an examination, or it may be about the community at large, such as a tragedy that hits your area. Dreaming of a single candle on the water may also predict that someone close to you will soon pass from this life in a sudden, unexpected way. They may be someone you were close to, like a good friend or relative.

Holding a candle for a woman

For a woman, dreaming of holding a candle is often associated with positive events, particularly in regard to relationships. This could mean being asked out by someone you admired but were sure did not have feelings for you. Additionally, this dream vision may also predict getting a marriage proposal suddenly from a boyfriend or lover. Women who hold candles in their dreams may also experience get-togethers with family and friends who live far away. These meetings are likely to be enjoyable for everyone and to rekindle the friendships.

A candle with enormous flame

Having a dream about a candle with an enormous, bright flame is closely associated with the image of fire. To understand this particular dream vision, referring to the section about fire as a symbol in a dream may provide the most accurate interpretations to determine the meaning of what you saw.

A white candle

Dreaming about a candle that is specifically white in color or perceived as such is associated with legal matters. Seeing the symbol of an un-colored candle burning in your dream predicts being involved with a court case or legal proceedings, possibly as a witness, as this dream does not have a particularly negative connotation.

A black candle

Visions of dark-colored candles, specifically black ones, predict dealing with the loss of someone close to you. Black candles are associated with death, and seeing one within a dream is an ominous sign indicating someone you know well and care for deeply, passing away. This is most likely a family member, but could also be a close friend or neighbor.

Someone taking a candle away

Someone took my candles, in particular, my purple candle.

Dreams which center around the idea of a dark-colored candle, such as the purple one you saw in your vision, are ominous signs which predict the passing of someone close to you, likely a person who has been very influential in your life or someone who has shown great compassion and understanding towards you. While you may become extremely saddened or depressed by this news, you are probably not the only one affected. Dreaming about other people taking your candles could indicate things in your community falling apart because this person is not around to guide and mentor others. Someone, possibly you, may need to step up and take over this person's role to make things run smoothly once again.

Frightened by a white candle

This is for a male friend, he is now 63 years old. At the time of having this dream, he was around 5 years and it still troubles him today. He finds himself looking down a long row of bookcases, all filled with books, one on either side. A candle is glowing in the dark at the end, as he moves onto the next few rows the candle follows. However, he starts feeling dread and in every row thereafter he is waiting for the inevitable to happen, when the candle flies at him, hitting him in the face. Thanks.

Your friend's dream which involves the symbols of books and a candle alludes to knowledge and enlightenment. This vision of him walking between a long row of bookcases represents his journey. In this journey, his experiences provide him with more knowledge and lessons, this accumulated wisdom is symbolized by the books on the shelves. The light of the candle illuminating his path towards the end of the row of books stands for enlightenment. In the course of his journey comes enlightenment, all of the knowledge obtained provides him with a unique perspective on the way he lives. Perhaps the fear he felt towards the candle, and whether it would end up hurting him, has to do with the fact that some of the lessons, experiences and meetings with people could have been done differently according to him.

Left in the dark after candles burn out

It was about candles some were being put out and others were just going out by themselves. All of a sudden everything got dark and I got upset for no reason, but I couldn't move because I was stuck, so I ended up crying.

Seeing burning candles suddenly being extinguished without reason or explanation is an ill-omen. Candles usually represent good luck when trying to reach certain goals, but seeing them being put out points to certain issues that would get between you and what you are hoping to accomplish. Being unable to move and crying at the end could be interpreted as your own feelings of helplessness regarding the difficulties you may encounter along the way.

Walking and holding a candle

Walking alone at night on a sidewalk while holding a lit candle up and then people started to follow me. It was like to remind the world that god is real.

Seeing lit candles in dreams is usually associated with religion and faith, especially when feel that you have opportunities to reunite with God and with others around you, forging deeper connections with people and possibly meeting again with someone you have fallen out of touch with. Either way, it harbors positive feelings of a happier, brighter future awaiting you and your renewed faith in higher power and stronger bonds with your loved ones, which could provide you with peace of mind and solace to dedicate yourself to projects and ideas that inspire you.

A deceased brother with a candle

I am a girl. My brother passed away recently, I saw my brother in my dream where he was holding a candle in his hand and also pouring wax on his body.

Seeing a recently departed loved one in the dream world is fairly common, as they are understandably on your mind a lot at present. Envisioning your brother holding a candle, however, speaks to the difficulty you are having accepting or getting over his passing. Such a symbol suggests you may think you have finished mourning only to find something else that reminds you of him, starting the process anew. The wax he poured on his body may symbolically represent the melting away of your current negative emotions with time. In a sense, your feelings will cool over time and you will be OK, even if it does not feel like it now. Your brother may furthermore be sending you this as a message of comfort, letting you know it's fine to be sad but you can also let him go when you are ready.