Dreams Related To Camp

Summer camp

The image of the quintessential summer camp as a location or idea in the dream realm has caused much speculation and evoked multiple interpretations based on whether the interpreter followed Christian dream traditions or another style. No matter origin, all sources suggest this type of setting is an expression of community or mutual understanding of the dream realm. Christian dream interpreters further allude to growth and maturity associated with tolerance of the differences in others. Various other sources, such as Islamic traditional interpretation, only add that the sense of community may only be felt in certain, specific situations.

Being told to live in a concentration camp

I dreamt that I came home and my mom was telling me we needed to pack up because we had to go to a concentration camp. So, I started packing and woke up right before we left the house.

A dream with references to the Holocaust could be a result of consuming material about that period in your waking life. Reading a book about it, watching a movie, or having relatives and ancestors who experienced this grim part of history can store these images and symbols in your subconscious. If it is not a current exposure to the subject matter, then its associations could be the reason why you dreamed about it. The concentration camp suggests confinement, imprisonment and torture. Are you perhaps feeling marginalized in reality? Packing up and heading to the concentration camp reveals a threat of losing your existing freedom. Some major changes may come up in which you could be forced to give up some luxuries and liberties.