Dreams Related To Cake

Receiving cake as a gift

Being the recipient of a special cake in a dream vision, such as for a birthday, wedding or anniversary, is an auspicious sign associated with sudden, positive developments in your life. This surprise could be related to your family, such as someone getting engaged or the birth of a child, or may be connected to your career, like getting a promotion or pay raise.

A cake in general

Cakes in a dream are normally associated with happiness, rewarding and pleasant experiences in wake life. Seeing one in a dream, in general, also predicts having a good time at an event or party that you may go or soon be invited to. In particular, you can enjoy and spend time with people who mean a lot to you, like family and close friends. This might be a large birthday party, a wedding reception or a class reunion.

Looking at a cake

Having a dream where you look at or closely observe a cake indicates that you have made the right choice in regards to your romantic partner. This person you are in a relationship with or presently seeing is likely to bring you joy and happiness for many years to come. In addition to positive relationships, this symbol also means you are likely to experience material gain or an increase in your collection of valuable possessions, including property and houses.

Baking a cake

Baking or decorating a cake that you made yourself, either for a party or as a special dessert, represents your wildest hopes and dreams coming true in the context of a dream vision. They are likely to come about in an unexpected, unpredictable way, shocking you and those who have been supporting you. After seeing this sign, be on the lookout for things starting to go your way and try to take advantage of the situation.

Envisioning yourself baking a cake may also predict trial by fire, meaning your skills may be tested or pushed to new limits in a big, important project with no time for practice beforehand. Successful completion of this mission can also point toward future success in business endeavors. The skills honed and mastered through your test may serve you well in your future endeavors.

Baking and eating a banana cake

I and my sister baked a banana cake and ate it with two other friends.

When you dream about baking a cake, it represents your hopes and aspirations, the dreams you want to come true. Things could start going your way and, since you mentioned your sister and your friends being present in the same dream, it could mean that all of them would be instrumental in order for you to accomplish your dreams and most likely find their own satisfaction as well. This means your goals are not entirely personal, but have the potential of improving the lives of others around you just as likely.

Eating a cake

Dreams that revolve around you partaking in tasting a delicious cake, whether the flavor is plain, chocolate or fruity, predicts achieving sexual satisfaction in your current intimate relationship. Specifically, this sign points toward your partner selflessly seeking to please and pleasure you during sexual encounters, which are definitely going to leave you happy and completely sated.

Having a dream about eating a slice of delicious cake, whether it is at a birthday party, wedding, or some other event, represents narcissistic tendencies and an inclination towards focusing on outer appearances. You likely spend a lot of time on your own appearance and judge others based on their looks, style or mannerism. Because you do not look or care about anything below the surface, you may miss something important. Not paying attention to internal qualities of a person or people could also cause complications in wake life, especially in regards to your relationships. It's important to remember that beauty is only skin deep.

Buying a cake

Dreaming about purchasing a cake from a large grocery store or a small bakery, whether it is for a party or for personal consumption, predicts experiencing happiness in your life. Just as cake is sweet and delicious in real life, you are likely to have a worry-free, relaxed existence for some time after seeing this symbol. However, you should be careful not to be too carefree and mindless in your attitude. You may experience some financial issues or debts if you gratify your pleasures without thought or planning.

What dreaming about wedding cake could mean

A wedding cake

Dreams about wedding cakes, especially for young, unmarried women, predict experiencing disappointment in regards to your romantic endeavors or the person you are currently in a relationship with or dating. In the case of single women, they may have difficulty catching the attention or eye of someone they are interested in. For women in relationships, the person they are seeing may have a wandering eye or may have changed their personality or attitude recently.

White cake

A cake in the color white, like a snow white wedding cake or cream-colored birthday cake, is usually a positive symbol that represents success or victory. One particular interpretation of this food sign is that it implies important future goals are within reach, like a promotion or a next level in a relationship. Furthermore, if you noticed blue decorations on the cake, it could reveal that you would soon be celebrating an accomplishment that brings you and others great happiness.

Meaning of dreams about cakes or desserts

A fresh cake

Envisioning yourself eating a freshly baked cake, whether it was made by you or by someone else, is often interpreted as an auspicious sign predicting making profits and a good income from your business endeavors. This symbol also has a positive meaning for those in love, as it indicates fulfillment and peace of mind in relationships.

Serving a cake

Dreaming about taking the time to serve to a slice of cake to someone else, such as at a birthday party, wedding, or holiday gathering, represents your efforts to catch the eye of someone you like. You may be flirting with them directly or shyly waiting for them to make the first move. While this vision does not indicate either a positive or negative outcome, you might consider being more straightforward with your feelings if the opportunity presents itself.

A big and beautiful cake

Dreaming about seeing or observing an especially big and beautifully decorated cake is often interpreted as a sign of improvements in your relationships. This is especially true of people you have not seen for a long time. Envisioning a large, delicious-looking cake represents reuniting with people, such as past classmates or old friends, and discussing all the things that have happened over the years. This meeting is likely to leave you with some feelings of nostalgia and a longing for the good old days.

Eating cake

Envisioning yourself indulging in a tasty, decadent cake, whether it is chocolate, plain, or some other flavor, is usually interpreted as a positive sign related to success and profitable enterprises. In the case of work, it indicates closing an important deal or creating a product that earns your company (and you) a lot of money. Outside of the office, eating a delicious cake may also indicate progress and success in personal goals, such as weight loss or quitting smoking, or relationship matters, like getting married or starting a family.

Eating cake with other people

I was at a party, everybody was eating from the same cake, I was very excited to have my turn eating the cake and it was fabulous, especially the frosting!! Very nice moist fruit cake!!

Seeing a lot of people at a party in your dream symbolizes your ability to keep good relationships with your friends or people you know. The cake you partake in is also a positive sign related to social gatherings. It indicates that you are about to host or be invited to a large social function where you can enjoy a pleasant, buzzing atmosphere and eat delicious food. During the course of the evening, you may find opportunities to meet new, interesting people or network with someone who may help you later. Given your propensity for maintaining relationships, this should be a very beneficial time for you.

A stale cake

Trying to eat a cake and realizing that it is moldy, stale, or otherwise inedible, symbolizes your inability to come to a decision in a timely manner. More specifically, this vision suggests that when someone asks you a question or offers you a chance to do something, you wait too long to decide (if you decide at all), meaning the opportunity has already passed you by. This also means that the other person is less likely to offer you such a chance again in the future. Just as you must eat a cake within a certain window of time, so does this dream warn that if you don't take advantage of opportunities quickly, others may jump at the chance.

A cake with a lot of icing

Having a dream where you partake in a cake that has gratuitous amounts of icing or frosting is a positive, auspicious sign related to social gatherings. It indicates you are about to host or be invited to a large social function where you can enjoy a pleasant, buzzing atmosphere and eat delicious hors d'oeuvres. During the course of the evening, you may find opportunities to meet new, interesting people or network with someone who may help you later.

Meaning of dream about chocolate or gelatin cake

Being chased and crushed by a giant cake

Me and my family were getting chased by a giant cake, the size of a mountain, and the cake crushed us all, then I woke up from the dream screaming "CAKE!!!".

A dream in which you see a gigantic cake falling on top of you and your family is a good sign. It represents the rare chance to improve certain relationships. People that you like but do not get to see often may become more involved in your life bringing with them happiness and fulfilling experiences. Seize the opportunity to be more social and you could be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

Deceased grandmother making cakes

My deceased grandmother frying fat cakes. They were laid on the kitchen table, most of them, and I ate one. It tasted nice and sweet.

In general, tasty desserts such as cakes in the dream world symbolize indulgence, happiness and self-reward. A very happy occasion may be on your horizon. You could be celebrating an important milestone which would bring all of your loved ones together. Perhaps you or someone in your family is about to be celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a family reunion.

Cake falling apart

In the dream realm, a cake which is falling apart or crumbling down represents a situation or issue in your life that is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated but instead falls apart. This may be related to your family, social life, or the people around you. You may feel helpless or overwhelmed in the face of this problem. According to modern dream workers, the visions symbolize the breaking down of a façade or the revealing of underlying issues that were previously hidden. This can be a difficult and uncomfortable experience, but it is necessary for growth and healing.