Dreams Related To C-section

Giving birth via c-section

I gave birth to a baby boy via C-section, but it didn't hurt and I was healed. I left the hospital without my baby. I didn't feel a connection to this baby. I felt guilty for feeling that way and was headed back to hospital to see my baby. That was my 3rd baby. In real life, I have a boy and a girl both born via Cesarean sections. I also just started working for Child Welfare Services.

A painless and easy birth in dreams means you do not feel satisfied or fulfilled at work. You find your current tasks and responsibilities not challenging enough. In addition, you sometimes feel detached from your colleagues or other people you deal with at work, either because you cannot relate to them or you are unable to empathize. As a result, you feel bad because you do not think you are doing your job well. On the other hand, not being too emotional or attached could be helping make your job easier. So your subconscious is projecting this dilemma through dreams so you can properly asses your performance in order to find ways to feel more productive and fulfilled.