Dreams Related To Buying

Buying without money

A dream about trying to make a purchase and not having enough money to pay for the items, can indicate one of two things. There is a possibility that you might soon spend too much money or go over your budget while making purchases. Your overspending may be the result of some external distractions which might prevent you from monitoring your spending. On the other hand, this dream could mean significant profits or returns from an investment or business opportunity that you have undertaken. These returns might come as a surprise or may be a long expected turnover that has finally come to be.

Buying and paying

Dreaming about wanting to buy an item and having enough money to pay for it points toward elimination of worries and concerns that you may have about well-being of your family and loved ones. The safety and happiness that you wish for your loved ones is represented by the item that you were buying. The act of following through with this purchase is indicative of these wishes becoming a reality in your life and the lives of those you love. Whatever worries or concerns you may have had about those close to you, they would soon become a distant memory of the past.

Buying an elegant hat

Envisioning the buying of an elegant or fancy hat in a dream predicts a major shift in style. A new head covering in a dream shows a reinvention of your physical self through either a sudden makeover, a change in self-image, or even a promotion or new job. This new self would be a total surprise for those around you, most likely positive in nature and example-setting.

Buying expensive items

Dreams about shopping and buying the best and most expensive of the available items points towards an extremely favorable future in your business activity. Not only may positive developments form in the near future, they may be fueled by the help and support of friends who will use their connections in the business world to help you reach your goals. These friends would have years of networking and business experience in fields that can help your business grow and thrive, and may soon gladly share this information in order for your business to expand. The support of these individuals could bring about incredibly promising advances to the structure and future reputation of your business.

Buying firewood

Dreaming of buying firewood or kindling represents the spread of gossip behind your back. This type of dream is associated with rumors about you due to recent happenings concerning your words, actions or behavior. Your behavior may not have directly offended or hurt anyone, however it could have been sensational enough to cause talk.

Buying an automobile

Dreaming about purchasing an automobile predicts being able to take control of life's direction once a new project or activity begins. Success may very likely come your way once you take the chance and decide to start a project that you have been dreaming about for some time now. Your business dealings and personal matters would be extremely rewarding, as doors open for you to begin achieving much more than you had ever hoped. The purchase of the automobile in your dream indicates starting this new project, which could benefit you in many ways.

Buying tickets to a show

A dream about buying tickets to the theatre, a movie or a show of any kind symbolizes soon becoming a victim of a fraudulent activity or an act of deceit. This unfortunate occurrence could be related to your personal life or may be in connection to business endeavors or investment activities that you are a part of at the moment or may soon become involved in. It is possible that this fraud will originate from people wishing to impact the lives of your family members or loved ones.

Buying something in containers

Dreaming about buying something that comes in a container of any kind is a symbol of possible instability in future successes and accomplishments. Achievements you have could be incredibly short-lived or end abruptly before you are able to reap any benefits. After these ventures have eventually failed you could experience feelings of disappointment, regret, or inadequacy if your work does not provide the outcomes that you had hoped for.

Buying butter

Buying butter in a dream, such as for baking or cooking, is a positive dream symbol often indicating financial security. Just as butter is an important flavor-adding agent in cuisine, this type of dream indicates fullness and security in your life, particularly in regards to being able to do what you want when you want with no concern about money. Not being concerned with your lifestyle or choices may seem fine at first, but that lack of care may spill over into other areas of your life, such as your relationships or goals, if you do not look after them properly.

Buying butter at a grocery store or market during a dream vision could reflect your personal attempts to bribe, sway or dishonestly persuade someone close to you to take your side on a matter or generally support you. Holding material possessions or incentives captive at the price of their loyalty could damage your relationship with them in the future, as all they really want and need is your love and loyalty in return.

Buying milk

Dreaming about buying milk, either from a local store, a supermarket or an individual, is a negative sign associated with being the target of a crime or the victim of some attack, be it verbal or physical. The purchase of milk is most commonly representative of being deceived or affected by fraudulent activities, most likely identity theft, a pyramid scheme or any deal that looks too good to be true. If taken in by this deceit, it could lead to some serious financial consequences and hardship for you and your family. This type of dream could also mean being surprised by a sudden or unexpected move, usually by someone you trusted or did not think would act in such a cold, vindictive way.

Buying gloves

Dreams about buying gloves, whether they are new or slightly worn, are symbolic of your frugal nature regarding money. Saving money or being strict with your budget are positive indications, especially when considering things you want versus things you need. However, this dream also predicts some instance in the near future where, despite your most prudent planning, you may need to spend extra money or go over your budget. This could be an unavoidable car repair, needing to buy a gift and a new outfit for a wedding, or simply replace a household appliance that suddenly gave out. If you stick to your money-savvy ways though, this small setback will not affect you in the long run.

Buying and trying to save

Dreams about shopping around going from place to place to locate the best deals and cheapest prices for an item or items points toward a future where more may be lost than saved. This may be due to ending up with the lowest quality goods or services, which come at a cheaper cost. Whether it may be grocery items or a house or car, looking for a good deal can become detrimental as it may lead to missing out on a good opportunity in favor of a cheaper but lesser quality product. This habit may also impact your future relationships. Removing a person from your life in search of a better partner may backfire, as the person you lose may be someone you will soon regret you broke up with.

Buying citruses

A dream about purchasing lemons, oranges or other citrus fruit symbolizes the possiblity of overcoming challenges or struggles that may arise at any given point in the future. These obstacles may be large or small, and pertain to your love life, business relationships or personal matters. There is an strong indication that you would successfully overcome these problems that emerge. Some of the successes that you achieve in the future could be highly beneficial to you in many ways.

Buying a vacation home

Dreaming about purchasing a vacation property could signify the possibility of receiving inheritance money or physical property through a will left by a loved one. This relative could be close to you or someone whom you never met or barely knew, however, you may be added to their will before their death. The receipt of this inheritance could come as a shock to you or might have been expected by you for some time now.

Buying lumber

Buying lumber in a dream vision is an ill omen predicting a length of time filled with disappointment or sorrow concerning material matters, such as a business deal falling through or the loss or destruction of material possessions. Purchase of wood could also symbolize a period of time spent in emotional disturbance and heartbreak, particularly related to a romantic relationship or to someone you had expressed romantic interest in previously.

Buying jewelry items

Buying jewelry in a dream is a very positive sign associated with success. Just as the purchase of luxury items indicates wealth and being well-off financially, envisioning such an act in a dream also predicts favorable results, particularly in recent projects or new business ventures which are currently under way.

Buying fragrance

Dreams about buying fragrance or perfume could have two possible meanings regarding relationships. Buying fragrance for yourself is symbolic of sadness or disappointment because of someone you are dating, romantically attracted to or interested in. This might be due to some action or decision you disagree with or simple incompatibility. However, if this person was buying the scent for you as a present, this dream vision has a happier meaning. This version predicts a long, secure relationship in which both of you would happy and satisfied.

Buying famous paintings

Envisioning the act of buying of a famous, well-regarded painting in a dream is a negative sign predicting future mistakes or failure. The purchase of a painting is particularly associated with business ventures or other types of new, important projects. This dream serves as a warning to consider dropping or postponing any unnecessary collaborative efforts in order to cut your losses. If your plans must continue, take care to thoroughly prepare for and avoid possible risks.

Buying carpets

Dreaming about buying carpets is a positive sign to experience in a dream, usually predicting success. The purchase or carpets, rugs or other floor coverings is often associated with involvement in a project or future participation in an endeavor with all signs pointing to victory. The symbolism of this dream is most often indicative of financial gains or profits through this venture, but could also represent intangible benefits like the respect and admiration of others.

Buying lace for women

Buying lace in a dream, for a woman, is usually a sign of growing popularity, especially among members of the opposite sex. It indicates being in contact with or encompassed by a group of admirers, all of whom are vying for your attention and consideration as a romantic partner. While this may seem like a pleasant or novel experience, you could face difficulties in discerning among the interested parties who is best suited to you. It would be wise to consider carefully the person you choose as partner or lover.

Buying items at a pharmacy

Having a dream about buying medicine or drugs at a pharmacy or drug store foretells complications. This type of dream indicates disruption or outright stoppage of a task or project on which you are currently working, causing troubles for you at work or at home. However, if you dreamed about purchasing laxatives in particular, it predicts work-related travel, such as a business trip or transfer, which would be required as part of business endeavors you are currently involved in.

Buying ribbons

Dreams about buying ribbons are a negative sign indicating financial irresponsibility. The purchase of ribbons, whether they are to be used for tying up the hair, complementing an outfit, or decorating around the home, predicts the insensible over-spending of money. This could be in form of a shopping spree or as the purchase of products whose monetary value or sentimental worth will fade quickly. This type of dream is a warning to make your purchases carefully so as not to break the bank or feel regret later.

Buying a shovel

Dreams about buying shovels or other tools for digging are a negative omen symbolic of loss. Most often, this loss is associated with position and rank, particularly at work. This could mean a demotion, being let go or being fired, although whether this is due to your own negligence or caused by outside forces is unclear. The purchase of a shovel in a dream vision could also indicate something you have enjoyed for some time coming to a sudden end, such as a cushy position, the esteem of those around you, or the benefits from some previously established connection.

Buying a new belt

Buying a belt or waist sash as a dream vision may be interpreted as devotion and fidelity, especially regarding romantic relationships and marriage. Seeing this symbol in a dream not only shows loyalty to your partner, but also stability within the relationship. If it is a young woman who has experienced this particular dream, it symbolizes her integrity and purity before making a public commitment to a man in the form of marriage.

Buying fabric for a wedding dress

Dreaming about buying fabric or fabric-based accents for a wedding dress, when seen by a young, unmarried woman, predicts she will soon announce a sudden engagement, much to the surprise of her family, relatives and close friends. This new man is likely to be highly regarded, possibly famous or well-respected in his particular field, and replace an earlier relationship in which the woman was involved, such as an ex-boyfriend or lover.

Buying an encrusted box

Envisioning in a dream the buying of a box covered in or decorated with gems and jewels predicts the discovery of a secret. Just as a lavishly ornamented chest is likely to contain something very valuable, this dream indicates the interception of some written correspondence, be it a physical letter or a digital message, which contains important or sensitive information. It is up to you to decide the best course of action upon coming across this data.

Buying furniture

Buying old, antique furniture as a dream vision is an auspicious sign representing success through hard work. This symbol reflects your can-do attitude and willingness to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals and dreams with positive results, as well as gaining the respect and admiration of others for your dedication. Alternatively, if the dream was about purchasing more modern furniture, this indicates becoming successful and respected with little to no time and effort on your part.

Buying a house

The ownership of a house means you are going to get what you want. It can be a promotion at work, an expensive item you have been eyeing or going on a date with someone you like. Further dream analysis shows that when it comes to your career, this symbol means you will enjoy a prosperous life if you accept a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You will not only be wealthy, you will also enjoy positive public perception because of your achievements and philanthropy.

Buying a certain type of tissue

I had a dream that my mom and I were buying Kleenex and the Kleenex had to be a certain box that I absolutely had to have.

Needing to buy tissues in a dream may indicate having to use said tissues in the near future. This sign predicts experiencing some sad or disappointing event that affects you and those around you, most likely your family given the presence of your mother. Your requirement of a certain brand or type of box can be interpreted to mean that you are trying to control the situation, possibly in an attempt to control your emotions. However, it may be better to let yourself express those feelings naturally and without inhibition.

Buying different types of fish

I was at the fish market buying fresh monk fish. As I was talking to a lady, I decided to purchase butter fish also.

Finding yourself at a fish market in a dream is an auspicious sign of being satisfied with where you are now and living a joyful and happy life. You could be in a situation at the moment when you are trying to make new friends or welcome someone new into your life. The decision to buy another type of fish, in addition to what you have already had, points to your outgoing personality and ability to connect with other people instantaneously.

Buying pork and a warning of war

I dreamt and saw my eyes tied with a red cloth in the dream, then there was a scene where I was joyfully wandering, and then I went onto another scene where I was trying to purchase pork meat, I was happily chatting with a couple who were buying pork from another salesman, but the salesman I was to buy from was not present in his store, I was told to wait for him, and then straight to another scene when I was told there will be war.

This vision has several complicated images which should be interpreted one by one. Having your eyes covered by a blindfold often indicates an upcoming situation which could cause several difficulties and challenges in your life. You should be cautious, especially of your behavior, as the red colour of the cloth can indicate an overly emotional response adding fuel to an already explosive situation. Despite the peaceful scene at the meat market, buying pork suggests health issues due to stress and anxiety, a possible side-effect of whatever negative situation occurs. Finally, impending war in a dream vision predicts being part of a formal meeting to resolve this problem, though whether or not your efforts are to be successful cannot be determined.

Buying roasted fish

Seeing a roasted fish in the market and I have access to buy them.

Seeing roasted fish on sale in a dream is a good indication. It reflects having enough money and possessions to live a joyful and happy life. A market setting also connotes wealth and financial stability inside your household, either presently or in a short period of time following this dream. Being able to buy the fish points to your constant desire and efforts to provide for your needs as well as for others present in your household by using opportunities offered to you in your waking life.

Explaining buying a new car to dead father

Dreamed we were at a seminar and my dad suddenly appeared and helped me carry my things to my new car. My dad doesn't know he is dead and my mom doesn't want me to tell him. He asked why I bought a new car. I tried telling him what happened the morning he passed away and my mom stopped me. My dad turned around and walked away from us. I was his eldest daughter and he always helped me with my old car when he was still alive.

Dreaming of your deceased dad means you are searching for advice and guidance he would normally provide while he was still alive. His presence may have also been triggered by a memory or encounter in reality which reminded you of him. The seminar itself reveals your quest to understand a new situation. This is probably the reason why your subconscious conjured your dad. You need help in navigating an unfamiliar environment or circumstance. Specifically, the new car can refer to a new job or opportunity. Your anxieties and uncertainty about the future make you search your past for lessons you can use or apply to your dilemma. Some of your dad's advice while he was still alive could be the key to resolving this issue.

Buying father's house

I was buying my dad's house and my new boyfriend was there. Ex and his girlfriend came too and we hugged and it seemed melancholic. Dad and stepmom were there too.

Buying a house in the dream world is often linked with the idea of the "American Dream" or getting what you want out of life. In this case, it seems to be related to your relationship with your current boyfriend. Seeing your current boyfriend and ex in the same vision reveals that you may be subconsciously comparing the two, perhaps because the two of you just started going out. But it seems your unconscious mind is already happier in your new situation. The melancholy hug you shared with your ex and his girlfriend may be a sign of letting go of that past so you can focus on your new love interest.

Someone else buying a car

In a dream, seeing someone buying a car could be a strange experience indicating a fortunate and optimistic future. These visions recommend exploring the spiritual facet of your journey and embracing lucidity to manifest positive changes in your path, including financial and personal growth. Focus on yourself and try aligning your actions with your aspirations to move forward with assurance.