Dreams Related To Butter

Fresh and delicious butter

Butter that appears to be both freshly made and delicious can predict a happy, prosperous state of affairs for multiple areas of your life. You may find success in your personal endeavors, achieve new levels of intimacy with your relations and attain financial stability.

Selling butter

In the context of a dream vision, selling butter predicts making some small profits from your business or achieving some small, insignificant gains in regards to other projects and goals.

Butter for those in love

For those who currently have a crush or are in a loving partnership, butter can predict wedding bells ringing. You may soon enter into marriage discussions with your significant other or be pleasantly surprised by a sudden proposal.

Butter for litigants

For those currently engaged in legal matters, such as a court case or lawsuit, butter represents upcoming progress in your favor. Alternatively, you could completely win and get everything you ever hoped for.

Churning butter for women

The act of churning butter, for females specifically, represents building a solid relationship with a good life partner. She has likely found a good provider and loving family man with whom she can raise a family and share a long prosperous life.

Spoiled butter

Spoiled butter is a neutral dream symbol associated with going through trials and tribulations to achieve your goals. No matter how hard you try, your efforts would be met with obstacles and setbacks at every turn. While you may succeed in the end, it would be hard won.

Someone spreading butter on bread

Watching someone else, like a friend or family member, spread butter on a slice of bread could reveal that you are about to make friends with or meet someone who would bring much interest and excitement to your day to day existence. The relation between the two of you would be mutually beneficial, so you have just as much to offer as this other man or woman.

On the other hand, attempting to spread the butter on the toast yourself but being unable to do so because it is too cold or hard might mean establishing a rapport with this enigmatic man or woman would take considerable time and effort. It is still likely to be worth it for you in the end though, so you should make it a priority to befriend them.

Dropping butter on the floor

Dropping butter on the floor during a dream vision often carries a fairly ominous interpretation. It suggests that you would be the direct cause of some confrontation, fight or disagreement between you and your significant other. It is possible you would accidently insult them by making a careless, off-handed comment or that you would criticize their behavior without fully understanding the situation that led them to that way of thinking.

Churning butter

Churning butter carries a neutral interpretation in the realm of dream visions. On one hand, it predicts having to do some tedious, time-consuming task, but on the other hand, the result of your effort would actually be rather promising and beneficial to your future endeavors. This means that doing your best, even though you do not want to, could yield good results.

Coworkers eating butter

Watching your co-workers eat butter during a dream vision may be a sign that you would soon be promoted at work. Alternatively, you could receive some other benefits, financial incentive or special responsibility that boosts your status in the eyes of your peers.

Eating butter for sales people

For those who specifically work in sales, marketing and other related fields, eating butter is a highly auspicious symbol to see in a night vision. It predicts turning a major profit or being able to expand your business into new markets or areas you did not think were possible before.

Someone throwing butter on you

Someone throwing butter on or at you suggests that a recent negative experience may yield further hardships and misfortune. Whatever bad situation or difficulty you are in at present, it is only going to get worse. It may be better to take a step back and let things play out rather than getting directly involved in the trouble.