Dreams Related To Bus

Unable to find the right bus

Recurrent dream. Unable to find a bus going in my direction.

Waiting for a bus means you are looking for the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with. At this point in your life, you are no longer interested in flings and meaningless relationships. So, this recurring dream of being unable to find a bus going in your intended direction or destination reveals your frustrations about your love life. You feel like your significant other, as well as past partners, do not share your outlook about the future. Perhaps they lack the maturity needed to settle down. Alternatively, for married people, this dream symbol suggests a desire to find a business partner to help you build a lucrative venture from scratch. Not everyone can commit to a long-term goal, so it is essential that you find someone who complements your personality and will not abandon you when the going gets tough.

Riding a bus

Dreams of taking a long bus ride can symbolize the presence of genuine friends in your life with whom you share common interests. This dream reflects the support and camaraderie you enjoy with these friends. It suggests that you have a dependable network of companions you can rely on during your life's journey. It's a reminder of the strong connections and shared passions that bind you together, offering you a sense of community and belonging.

Bus ride

Riding a bus can have different interpretations depending on the context of the vision. For instance, riding a bus with fellow passengers alludes to working on a project or toward a specific goal with the help of other likeminded individuals. Riding alone, on the other hand, may reveal that you would need help but assistance would be lacking or difficult to find at all.

Waiting for a bus

Waiting for a bus symbolizes a persistent hope of encountering that moment when you meet a person that you know beyond any doubt was meant to be with you for the rest of your life as a companion or lover.

Boarding a bus

Embarking on a transformative journey aboard the metaphorical bus of life entails finding oneself in the company of someone who may not align perfectly with their individuality, as this connection is often forged from a place of profound solitude. Such dreams, rich in metaphorical symbolism, can be understood as an exploration of personal growth and the pursuit of meaningful relationships amidst the vast expanse of human experience. By delving into the depths of loneliness, these dreams provide an opportunity for introspection, guiding us towards the realization that true fulfillment and compatibility can arise even from unexpected circumstances.

A school bus

School buses are considered a metaphor for the daily grind. Modern dream interpreters look at the image of the school bus as shedding light on some aspects of your daily schedule that are causing you a lot of stress. Some of these stressors are potentially unavoidable, for example, traffic or annoying co-workers. However, some may be due to your own poor planning. For instance, if you do not prepare your lunch and set out your clothes the night before, you may be setting yourself up for a more stressful morning than necessary. Perhaps you need to take a look at the parts of your day that are not working for you and try to find ways to make them more enjoyable, like listening to a nice audio book on your commute or preparing for your day the night before.

Standing while riding a bus

Standing while riding a bus means your business will meet and be challenged by competition and you should be mindful of potential competitors or people interested in taking over your achievements.

A bus with broken tail lights

A charter bus with broken and missing tail lights. I refuse to board and will not let church members get on board for a church trip.

Broken tail lights in dreams could be an allusion to a muddled past. Perhaps the charter bus in your dream vision represents a belief, a movement or a project which is being promoted as something that would be beneficial for you and your peers. However, the broken tail lights mean that there could be something fishy about the proposition. It could be that the individuals behind it have questionable motives. As such, your instinct is likely telling you to be more careful when dealing with shady personalities to protect those you care about from being scammed or taken advantage of.

Driving a bus

Envisioning yourself as the driver of a bus means you are carrying a lot of responsibility. You could be the boss of your own business or in charge of a huge corporation. This huge weight is probably weighing on you and you are anxious about making a mistake which could jeopardize your operations. Similarly, Freud interprets a bus as a metaphor for struggle and obstacles in your path. You are about to experience major shake ups in your company and you would need to lead with courage and conviction in order to steer the company back to stability.

Crowded bus drives by you

If a crowded bus you normally ride on passes by you while waiting for it, it means your assistance is required for helping someone who is in a tricky dilemma that only you have the expertise and wisdom to solve at the moment.

Monotonous or reoccurring bus rides

Monotonous or recurring bus rides mean you choose to have your life repeat familiar patterns of experiences because of the comfort of repeated choices that leave no room for variations in what to choose and eliminate the fear of choices with unknown outcomes.

A misbehaving dog on the bus

In my dream I boarded a vehicle, as it was about to move, a pet of mine (a dog) followed the vehicle and I helped it climb up, everyone on the bus asked to let the dog go, as they were not comfortable. Out of love and pity, I begged them to allow me, as I was going to control it, unfortunately, the dog jumped off my hand running around. Then the driver told me I could no longer continue the journey with them, I was left in the middle of nowhere. When I asked how long it would take me to reach my destination, the driver said one day. This dog also peed on me while in the vehicle, but in real life, I don't have a dog.

Cars, trucks and other vehicles appearing in dreams are all considered symbolic of our journey through this life. In this case, your journey was cut short midway because of your travelling companion, a dog who does not sit still. This suggests that some aspects of your life may not be going as original plan. Travelling with a dog is normally associated with expanding your group or friends, such as joining a new interest club or getting a new job. However, the dog peeing on you, in conjunction with being forced out of the vehicle, predicts getting into a major conflict with your newly acquired acquaintances. The circumstances of this conflict are unclear, but you may be more at fault for the disagreement than you are willing to admit to yourself.

Travelling in bus with family

In general, dreaming of traveling on a bus with your family can evoke a sense and feeling of togetherness and shared experiences in your public life. Moreover, it signifies a journey you're currently living, where riding together shows the importance of supporting and bonding with the people you care about. Take this dream as a suggestion to cherish the trip of life with your loved ones, appreciating the positive aura they bring and creating lasting memories along the way.

Riding a bus all by yourself

Finding yourself riding the bus all alone in dreams suggests that you grit your teeth and prepare for a potential problem that you will have to face on your own without help from the people you trust or it could also mean the need for you to mature in your judgment and decision making.

Being left behind by a bus

Dreaming of being left behind by the bus means ignoring some of your inner potential due to a lack of confidence. This dream also indicates that you have conflicting feelings toward yourself because of your insecurity. The symbolism of being abandoned by the bus may also represent your ability to make and maintain relationships with people around you. As you have missed the bus in the dream, so do you miss the good in people because of your tendency to doubt their real intentions.

Choosing a wrong bus

Accidentally picking or discovering you are riding a wrong bus symbolizes the need for you to re-evaluate things in your life considered to be important or those you deem to be insignificant.

Losing the bus ticket

I wanted to travel on a bus with my two kids. When the bus arrived I realized I didn't have a ticket for my youngest child.

Planning to travel by bus and waiting for it to arrive symbolically represent your desire to meet someone who truly gets you. This could be a soulmate or a good friend you can rely on even in the darkest of times. However, forgetting or losing the ticket for one of your children suggests you may not be in the right time or place for this to occur.

A bus with exotic birds inside

I dreamt of a passing bus filled with all kinds of exotic birds. Thank you for your interpretation.

A bus passing by in a dream suggests going against the grain. Maybe there are friends or colleagues whom you disagree with. The disagreement could be making you feel out of place. The exotic birds signify high-flying figures, ambitious individuals, and you cannot seem to relate to them. Perhaps this group rubs you the wrong way, unfortunately, you may need to find a common ground with them if you wish to further your career.

A bus after an accident

A bus full of people tipped over, onlookers were silent and backed away. I was watching this with my 2 girls wondering if I should help. Then a door to the depot closed with the bus inside, a "Closed" sign was put up at the door.

Witnessing a bus accident in your dream alludes to your sense of responsibility. The feeling that you are responsible for the well-being of the group inside the bus possibly represents existing concerns related to friends, family or colleagues. Maybe you are presently in charge of a project and have been experiencing the weight of your duties lately, which made this scenario manifest in the dream. Your hesitation and the bystanders around you reveals your reservations in fully committing to your role. However, deep inside you know that you need to step up for the greater good.

Running after the bus

I had a dream that I was running and trying to catch my bus. Ultimately I caught the bus and sat down happily. What does this dream mean?

Dreaming that you are running to catch your bus and finally becoming able to get on it points to certain fundamental issues within your current relationship. Such a dream could be interpreted as a sign that the person you are currently with is not a particularly good match for you. It can also mean that your relationship was something that was born out of loneliness rather than a true desire to be together.

Being forced to drink alcohol on a school bus

I was on a school bus with a bunch of people. Some were older, some were younger. And there was an adult and she kept making us drink alcohol, like vodka, shots, whatever. And she was saying "This is a bug where you kill yourself, you drink so much that you die" and everybody was cool with it, but for some reason, I wasn't. I started saying "I don't think I am ready to die" and someone else said "I know I am". So I had to go back to my seat and just keep drinking.

This dream alludes to your heightened awareness of mortality. The waking life could have triggered thoughts about death and existential concerns. Riding the school bus with a mix of young and old folks reveals your personal journey characterized by continuous learning based on your experiences along the way. The alcohol consumed on the bus, which supposedly brings you closer to death the more you drink it, alludes to the risks you take throughout your existence in this world. It is always a choice of safety and comfort over taking a leap of faith toward your dreams.

A bus with people inside exploding

A bus caught fire at the back and about 6 people are against the window. I am outside the bus. I decide to call an ambulance, a fire man was already there. The doors won't open, the bus explodes, but the explosion is just inside the bus. The bus stays intact, no windows break, but the people are dead. The fireman turns to me and says "It's your fault, you never broke the windows".

Being outside of the bus while a fire ignited within likely reflects your independence. You tend to go against the grain, questioning the position and opinions of the majority. The bus and the passengers could also symbolize a project or an endeavor you have been tasked to lead or supervise. Consequently, being outside of the bus probably indicates your frustrations about others' lack of ability or effort, causing you to take on more than you should. Unfortunately, if you decide to wash your hands of the situation and leave it up to the management to deal with, then things could potentially blow up in your face. Perhaps you also need to hear your teammates' side and perspectives in order to find a common ground and be able to achieve better cooperation.

A school bus held hostage

I remember feeling confident and aware. I was approaching a local school bus stopped uphill a couple miles from my home. A man was holding the bus driver at gun point. I gave the man with a gun some sort of identifying documentation. I spoke to the children. I left with the armed man. We walked downhill into another vehicle. An older man inside this vehicle spoke. He accused me of being just another criminal. My response was to mention that I was a veteran with an honorable discharge.

Approaching a school bus may allude to looking back on your past experiences. You may have been rather retrospective lately, taking note of how far you have come or the lessons you have learned over the years. Seeing the bus driver held at gun point, then, suggests you have noticed something new or have interpreted something differently than before, causing you to question what you know about yourself or someone else. This is mirrored by your conversation with the man in the car downhill from the bus. The man accuses you of being a criminal despite your military record. It is possible you are questioning some aspect of your service or those you worked for during that time. You may want to seek the counsel of an older family member or friend who has gone through something similar in order to get a better perspective on your situation.

Bus driver

Seeing a bus driver in your vision, particularly if he or she was doing their job, represents someone being in control of one aspect of your life. Rather than feeling like you are being micromanaged, however, you feel fortunate for the guidance and support. This aspect of the vision reveals that you consider this person helping you to be a mentor or a guide helping you to achieve what you really want.

Bus ticket

Buying a bus ticket is a fortunate symbol to perceive in dreams. It is the manifestation of various choices or mysteries in your life. The path you follow and the results it yields would depend highly on your dedication and creativity. If you make careful decisions, you could find yourself in a much better position than you were before.

Missing the bus

Missing the bus in the dream realm should be taken as a sign to slow down in the waking world. You might be doing everything you can to achieve your goals fast in fear of missing out in life. Doing so is rather disadvantageous than beneficial as you can imagine. Likewise, this dream symbolizes some missed opportunities due to your indecisiveness. Certain situations might have opened important doors for you, but you failed to recognize them.