Dreams Related To Bungalow

A bungalow and water snakes

Saw first beautiful bungalow with a swim pool and a fountain, I was with friends, then went to inquire for hiking and while coming back walking on a path full of brown black water snakes, non-harming.

The beautiful bungalow you envisioned in the dream realm represents the perfect life you have attempted to create for yourself in reality. You try to organize your day and space to reflect a person you want the outside word to see. However, the swimming pool and fountain represent passion. This could refer to wanting to throw logic to the wind and get caught up in a whirlwind romance, but it may also represent wanting to break free from the neat life you have created to follow your true dreams. The hike you took can be interpreted as a sign that you have been putting off your true desires for a long time, possibly due to events in your past as seen in the image of the water snakes. However, because the water snakes were harmless in your vision, it probably means that your past would not be an impediment to having a great, exciting adventure in the future.