Dreams Related To Bullfrog

A bullfrog fighting with a snake

Male, 54 y.o. Walking down a trail in outdoor or forest setting carrying a bullfrog in my hands. Then the bullfrog is on the side of the trail in partial den or debris fighting a snake. I use a stick to try and pull them out of den, and see that not only is the frog trying to eat the snake but the snake is trying to eat the frog, also. Finally I get them out and both the frog and the snake are dead. Then (the same dream) I see that an earthworm has dug into the top of my bare foot and is coming out another hole, I pull it out.

Walking alone through a forest means you are longing for a much-needed break. You have been working so hard and so long that you are exhausted and stressed out from all your responsibilities. However, instead of getting the peace and relaxation you deserve, holding a frog in your hands suggests being involved in some additional activity which would stir up negative emotions in you. In addition, the fight that ensues between the bullfrog and the snake refers to conflicting areas of your life. The frog symbolizes wellness while the snake represents your desire for power. If you want to pursue passions you have long wanted to chase, your health could suffer in the process. But if you prioritize your health, then it means being more laid-back and letting go of certain opportunities. Since both of them are killed in the end, it means you still have not decided which way you are going to go. Unfortunately, being indecisive could compromise both paths. Finally, pulling a worm out of your foot points to your desire to leave behind a lasting legacy or wealth for your family. This is why you want to keep on working even though you may not be as physically fit as you used to be. Ultimately, you need to decide which course of action would be beneficial for you, especially if you have already spent enough time providing for yourself or your family.