Dreams Related To Bullet

Having a bullet in the head and being alive

I had a dream about being told by a doctor that I had a bullet in my head and I will die soon, I knew in the dream it felt like I was in someone else's body when being told this and I was sad. The venue was like a school fest or something with one person (who seemed like a fictional character) saying a few hateful things to me with a hateful look. Later I remember dreaming of trying on clothing in a store, a bit revealing types of clothing.

Being shot in the head during the course of a dream vision often predicts some negative development taking place in reality. You may soon go through a rough patch that seems like it would never end. The doctor's opinion that you would die soon does not indicate upcoming death. Rather, it is a signal that your soul is weary and desires to give up. The revealing clothing you tried on at the end of the vision may point toward wanting to "reveal" what you are feeling to others. This is a good idea. You should try to find a friend or a professional counselor who can help you deal with your emotions and put everything into perspective.