Dreams Related To Building

A big unfamiliar building

Dreaming of seeing a big and very unfamiliar building, a place you have never seen before or ever been to, is a sign that you will soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life.

A building falling apart

Dreaming of visiting or seeing a building falling apart or crumbling down right before your eyes is a sign that you are experiencing hindrance or interference from a person or people who are working with you to complete a particular task or goal.

Looking at a building

Looking at a building from a distance, either one that belongs to you or a building that belongs to somebody else, is a warning that you are heading for some serious trouble. It could also mean you are about to face a situation that may result in damages or losses in your life.

Building collapsing

The image of a whole building collapsing into rubble, such as after an explosion or fire, is a metaphor often associated with death and the passing of those you know and love into the next life. Jungian sources suggest that those who see this symbol in their visions may come to learn of the loss of an older family member or a friend. The cause for their demise could be either natural or some type of accident.

Being stuck in a building

To dream of seeing yourself being stuck in a building and not being able to get out for some reason is a sign of negative circumstances happening soon, or it could be a sign of an unhappy life because of the rumors and slandering being deceitfully done behind your back.

A high-rise apartment building

Dreaming of seeing yourself or being near a high-rise apartment building represents your high self-esteem and your skill in communicating your points in order to gain work and personal success and respect from your colleagues, family and friends.

Someone constructing a building

Dreaming of having someone developing and constructing a building for you is a sign of changing living conditions or major changes coming into your life. These changes could relate to you getting a bonus or promotion on your job, or it could be a life changing improvement in your financial circumstances that will produce a variety of advantages for you and your loved ones.

If you are intimately involved with someone or regularly dating someone, then this dream could mean your relationship is shifting to another, deeper level, like an engagement or marriage.

A destroyed building

Dreaming of discovering that you have a partially or completely destroyed building represents you moving to a new location, having financial troubles, experiencing a death in the family, or getting a divorce.

A dream which shows you a partially damaged or completely destroyed building that can no longer be functional or used anymore, not even as shelter for you and your family, is a warning. It means that you need to take some time and consider the situations that may be causing some disturbance in your life and examine how these things are impacting your life as a whole.

A building being destroyed

Seeing a building being destroyed or demolished in your dream means you have an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged and prevent them from being completed.

Extremely tall building

Dreaming of seeing an extremely tall building, like a skyscraper, is a positive sign. It means you will be the fortunate recipient of stipends, bonuses, incentives, and other financial rewards from people and sources you never would have thought of before.

Constructing a building

To dream about constructing a building by yourself or with some help is a sign that beneficial changes and significant improvements are entering your life and changing it for the better.

Cramped building

Dreaming of finding yourself inside a very cramped and confined building with limited space, especially if it was an old building, is a sign that you are about to face a lot of problems. Either trying to complete a task or a project, while being unable to successfully handle an issue associated with it.

Visiting the building of someone happy

Dreaming about visiting a building belonging to a very happy and joyful person can represent unhappiness for you. It means you may eventually experience times of disappointment, regret and melancholy in your own life.

Lost in a building

Dreaming of not being able to find your way out of an unfamiliar building after going inside suggests upcoming times of sadness or disappointment concerning something you are currently doing at this moment.

Leaving a building

To dream about leaving the building where you currently reside is a sign that you are working with and surrounded by people who desire to make you look bad by ruining your reputation and tainting your image within your social circle.

Sneaking into a building

Dreaming about sneaking into or secretly entering the building where somebody resides means you will eventually become a major influence in someone's life, and it will be done of your own free will.

A burning building

Dreaming of seeing the building where you reside burning or on fire is a sign that an unanticipated but joyful occurrence or occasion is going to happen that will encourage you, motivate you and make you feel content and satisfied with your life for a long time.

A building too small to live in

Dreaming about the building where you reside getting too small to live in comfortably is an indication of eventually losing some of your personal assets, which could also mean you may lose some of the properties you own.

Owning an old building

Dreaming of being the owner of an old residential building, especially one that is a source of respect and awe to the people who visit it, is a bad sign. It can mean the loss of well-established relationships, or it could mean you may be facing arguments and quarrels with people who used to be your best friends.

A cottage building

To dream of spending time inside a nice cottage building represents the need to renovate and improve the place you are currently occupying because of dilapidated and worn-down structures and potentially hazardous materials found within the building itself.

Asylum building for mentally disturbed

Seeing yourself inside an asylum building or visiting a mad house filled with mentally disturbed people is a warning about stumbling across situations or conflicts that could prove to be too difficult to handle and deal with.

Being inside a building

Roaming inside of a building signifies your readiness to take on a challenge. The building symbolizes your wildest dreams and walking around the space inside it represents your drive. You could be laying out specific steps to get you to your desired life, whether it is a dream job or going after the man or woman of your dreams. This also suggests a "fake it till you make it" attitude. Some people may tag you as a social climber, but if you persevere, you will eventually earn your desired social status.

Uncomfortable inside the building

Dreaming of being uncomfortable and uneasy while inside your own building or a building that belongs to someone else means you will soon experience some minor health issues, or that you may undergo a slight decline in your overall state of being.

Family moving out of the building

Having a dream in which you see your family packing up and moving out of the building you are currently living in represents a highly beneficial and positive situation happening to your wife or female head of the household where you reside.

Walking into a building

Seeing yourself stepping in or walking into a residential building means you will participate in a project or endeavor that will produce positive results and beneficial outcomes in your life which will definitely lead to a successful completion of your project.

Many neighbors around your building

Having many neighbors living around the building where you currently reside indicates that you will be collaborating and spending a lot of time with a coworker, it could also mean you will be switching to a profession where you will have to network with many customers or clients in order to get the day's work done.

Military people entering building

Seeing military people like soldiers or troops entering the building where you reside is a sign of positive change soon entering your life. It could also be considered a lucky occurrence or circumstance you may encounter in the near future.

A building being auctioned

To have a dream about the building where you reside being auctioned along with all the furniture represents riches and manifold prosperity. This dream can also mean you are soon to receive or get access to something you have been wanting to have for quite some time now.

A tiny door to a big building

Dreaming of seeing a tiny door to a big building that you cannot get through in order to get inside means you are getting ready to have a passionate or romantic encounter or some sort of love affair.

Entering a building

Dreaming of seeing yourself entering an unfamiliar building you have never been before is a sign that you are becoming a hindrance by interfering with the way someone is living his or her life or falling into certain habits.

Painting a building

Dreaming about painting a residential building, either your own or someone else's, means you will experience acts of goodwill and will have the comfort of receiving a lot of needed help from those who are close to you and care about your well-being.

Your building occupied by someone

Dreaming of seeing your building being occupied by another person or by some unknown creatures could indicate that you have a relationship with your surrounding environment that is very unstable and imbalanced.

If your life is constantly surrounded by sadness and instability, then this dream is trying to let you know that it's time to face these feelings once and for all and deal with them in order to stop this recurring cycle of instability and drastically improve your well-being.

A half-constructed building

Dreaming of seeing a half-built or incomplete building that is still under construction is a sign of your determination to try to make something happen that is not supposed to happen yet, or it could mean you are not in the right position to make this project complete at this time.

Locked residential building

Standing in front of or trying to get inside a locked residential building in your dream is a warning of unfavorable circumstances taking place in your life. It can also mean that an inhabitant of that building may soon pass away.

Spacious building

Dreaming of being inside a spacious building with big rooms or hallways, especially if it is very clean and brightly lit, means you will experience much success in accomplishing your goals and plans. These accomplishments will lead to a much happier life for you and your family.

Newly-renovated building

Dreaming of seeing or being inside a newly-renovated building is a sign that some uncertain or strange issues will be handled in such a way that the outcomes will turn out to benefit you.

A building full of people

To dream of having a building full of relatives, friends, or guests is a sign that you will be able to attract a lot of financial fortune and an abundance of assets and resources for yourself and your family.

Renting your building to someone

Seeing yourself renting the building where you live out to someone means a highly significant and lucrative promotion or career advancement could be in store for you. It could also mean you are getting ready to land a new job or position that is more profitable than your current one.

Getting dressed inside the building

Seeing yourself getting dressed inside the building where you live is a sign of indecisiveness and the incapability of making sound choices. It could also mean you are about to unveil the mystery or a secret that has been kept from you for quite some time.

Building sinking into the ground

Seeing your building or someone else's when it is sinking into the ground is a sign of an unfortunate death impacting the life of someone you hold dear to your heart. This person could be someone from your immediate household or another family member.

A horse inside the building

Dreaming of seeing a horse inside the building where you live, in the middle of the living room, is an indication that a highly significant written notification may be sent to you from an acquaintance. This individual may be very close with and your family, like a business partner, a relative of sorts or friend.

Grass growing inside the building

Dreaming of seeing grass growing inside the building where you live, more specifically on the floor, is a negative sign. It could mean that the people who are currently living in this building might soon move out to another place.

No way to get down from a building

In my dream, I saw a scary building and I was on top of it and then I couldn't find a way to come down.

Buildings are often metaphors for life choices. Being on top of a scary building could mean that you have reached an important decision in your life, but are afraid of the consequences of making this decision. The fact that you couldn't find a way to come down could mean that you are in a trap, you may have realized other options that also exist. Whichever choice you ultimately make, it could have both positive and negative outcomes for you.

Unable to locate a building

Dreaming of searching and not being able to find a building means you are soon to lose confidence and faith in people after having a few encounters with individuals who were very deceitful and manipulative.

Moving to another building

Dreaming of seeing yourself moving into another building that is very different from the one you are currently in is a sign you will receive important news or suddenly travel somewhere.

A small building

Looking at or going inside a small building in your dream is a sign of developing a new relationship or starting new friendships or becoming acquaintances with new people who may eventually end up playing a major role or become a source of meaningful and rewarding experiences for you.

A bamboo building

Living in a bamboo building in your dream is an indication of your meekness and your tendency to put too much trust in a higher power to direct the course of your life. In the meantime, you are maintaining a state of peace and hope that one day your life will transition to something much better than it is right now.

Swapping buildings

Having a dream about changing your place of living by swapping the building where you reside for someone else's is a sign that your life will never be the same because of some major transitions that are getting ready to happen in your life real soon.

Laying foundation for a building

Dreaming about you or someone else laying the foundation for a new residential building means you may be about to receive a very profitable offer or beneficial deal that will lead to a lot of wealth and good fortune flowing into your life. This may, in turn, bring along stability and a worry-free existence.

A wild party in the building you live

Dreaming of seeing a wild party going on in the building where you live while watching from the outside is a bad sign. It foreshadows having to attend the funeral services of someone close to you who might pass away in the near future.

A building made of sand

Dreaming of living in or being inside a building made of sand means you are about to see the end of a string of unfortunate events or senseless offers and the onset of beneficial things which will help you get your life back on track and on the right path.

Doing chores in your building

Dreaming of seeing yourself doing continuous chores or trying to do home improvements to the building where you reside means either you will receive a guest that is a long-time friend you haven't been around for a while or you will have an addition to your household, such as a new baby.

A warm and cozy building

Dreaming of being inside a warm and cozy residential building indicates that you are about to hear some rumors or chunks of information that will have a great impact on the intimate relationship you are currently having or on the relationship you have with a loved one.

Building wall collapsing

To dream of seeing a building wall collapsing right in front of you means that an inhabitant of that particular residential building is getting ready to meet an untimely death and may soon pass away.

Inheriting a residential building

Dreaming about inheriting a residential building means you will soon get to know and become deeply involved with a new friend or lover. This person will prove to be a beneficial asset to your life by improving it in ways you could not have done without their assistance.

Residential building in the countryside

Dreaming of seeing a residential building located in the countryside or some other rural area means that life-changing events may soon be approaching. It could also mean there will be some highly unexpected and remarkable experiences happening to you soon.

Building of officials

To dream of seeing yourself going into or being inside a building belonging to officials is a sign that you will be encountering and facing some unanticipated financial losses. Most likely stemming from having to spend money to take care of issues you had no control over.

Building made of white stone

Dreaming of seeing or visiting a building made of white stone or marble means you may experience an increase in your social status. This would happen progressively as you gain more respect among the people you interact with daily.

Persuaded to get down from a rooftop

I am standing on a high ledge looking down at the ladder to get me down. Someone unknown is with me. Down at the bottom is a person telling me to step on the structure to get down and being very convincing. I knew if I step down I will fall and kill myself for the structure is very unstable. Finally,y it said NO, and took the service elevator down, even if the power was not working in this very high construction building. Finally, I reached the ground safely and said to the person with me "See, if I stepped down on that structure, I would have killed myself. Now I am safe back on the ground."

Finding yourself in a high place with others who are urging you to come down is symbolic of rising negative energy in your life. However, you seem to understand the danger of falling from this height, which indicates you are aware of the evil around you and seek to distance yourself from it though you may be unsure where to turn or how to go about this. Reaching the ground safely by way of an elevator predicts meeting or being introduced to someone who has a very positive impact and influence on your life. This person can guide you on the right path and help you overcome the challenges that may arise due to the circumstances which surround you.

No building to live in

Dreaming of finding out that you do not have a building to reside in is a warning of a sequence of negative circumstances, bad luck or an increase in your financial problems heading your way very soon.

A building in good condition

To dream of seeing yourself visiting the building where you used to reside and discovering it is in good condition and comfortable to live in means you will be the recipient of good news, and you will experience a happy and prosperous life.

A building in poor condition

To dream of seeing yourself visiting the building where you used to live and discovering it is in bad condition because of lack of repairs or because it has been abandoned is a sign that unfavorable occurrences or situations are about to occur which you will have to face and resolve.

Roofing a building

Encountering a dream where you're adding a new roof to a building under your ownership or to an arbitrary structure unveils a compelling symbol, hinting at the potential for unforeseen losses tied to your personal possessions or financial aspects. Just as you engage in constructing a new roof, your dream suggests the looming presence of unexpected setbacks impacting your material and financial realm. By interpreting this symbol, you're encouraged to approach your affairs with a discerning eye, recognizing the potential for hidden challenges. Similar to the dream's depiction, this serves as a reminder to navigate your personal property and financial matters with caution, preparedness, and a proactive approach to safeguard against unexpected losses that may arise.

Cleaning the building

Seeing yourself cleaning the building where you reside or someone else's building in your dream, like dusting or sweeping, is a sign you will be having unexpected company, or it could mean you will be reconnecting with people you haven't had a chance to network with for a very long time.

Mopping floors inside a building

Dreaming of mopping or scrubbing the floors of a building you own or a random building is a warning that someone close to you is about to pass away or have an untimely departure. This individual could be someone in your family or a friend whom you care about deeply.

This dream can also mean that you may become separated from a dear friend or family member because of your traveling engagements that will be the result of your responsibilities or brought about by unpleasant circumstances which will need to be dealt with.

Leaking roof of a building

Seeing or inspecting a leaking roof on the building where you live, whether you are viewing it from the roof or from the inside of the building, represents you relocating to another place to live because of circumstances that make moving a viable and desirable solution.

A new building for the sickly

If you are sick and had a dream about constructing and erecting a building to reside in, then this is a sign of you meeting an untimely death by passing away from the illness in the near future.

Being invited into a building

Dreaming about being invited into a building by the owner or some of the inhabitants means someone is getting ready to ask for your help and assistance because the person is in a situation that requires extra support from a friend.

An old building

Seeing or being inside an old building in your dream means you are going to reconcile and repair relationships with people whom you almost forgot about and who once were an important part of your life. This will be especially true if you observe a lot of antique items within the building.

A new and big building

Dreaming of seeing a new and big building that belongs to you is a sign of taking on new projects or ventures, and you will have the option to decide whether or not you want to actually participate in making these endeavors happen.

Moving into an empty building

Dreaming about moving into an empty residential building by yourself or with family means all the hard work and effort you put into completing your projects will turn out to pay you back with large benefits resulting in increases in your material wealth.

A building haunted by deceased

Dreaming of visiting or being inside a residential building occupied by deceased people means you will get all the necessary support and resources needed to accomplish your current ventures or plans.

Celebrity's building

Seeing yourself visiting or staying at the residential building of a famous person or celebrity is a warning about receiving some very negative information or you may experience some unfortunate situations or circumstances for a brief time in your life.

A building made of wood

Dreaming about seeing or living in a small wooden building represents your shy nature and tendency to not want attention drawn to you. If you could have it your way, you would happily live in total isolation from other people. This dream could also mean that you are lacking the power or determination to accomplish your own goals and ideas.

Buying a new building

Dreaming of buying a new residential building represents the happiness and wealthy living you are about to experience if you accept an offer or opportunity that will be presented to you very soon.

Someone in a new building

Dreaming about seeing someone moving into or living in a new building means this person or their family are about to undergo some very troublesome times or experience some losses which will be very hard for them to recover from without the help of you and others who care about them.

Decorating your building

Dreaming about decorating the building where you live for a special occasion like Halloween or Christmas means you are getting ready to have a new addition to your family in the form of a baby, or it could mean someone else you know is going to have a new addition to his or her family.

Splashing water on your building

Dreaming about splashing water on the building where you live is a sign of the compassion and understanding you will acquire when you encounter someone who is in dire need of resources, assistance and support.

A building without doors or windows

Dreaming of seeing a residential building without doors or windows is a warning of the death of someone close to you, like a close friend or family member that will have a profound impact on your family and your friend's family.

Unfurnished residential building

Finding yourself inside an unfurnished residential building with bare walls in your dream means you will have to deal with some problems or conflicts that will prove to have a solution only if you solicit the assistance and support from those who are closest to you, like family and best friends.

Well-furnished residential building

Dreaming of being inside or coming out of a well-furnished residential building with splendid decor is a sign of your pining for unfulfilled dreams. This is also a sign that it is time to act on your desire to achieve your long-awaited goals or dreams.

Strange noises coming from a building

Dreaming of hearing strange noises coming from a building means you will soon encounter a highly superstitious person whose paranoid beliefs will begin to cause all sorts of problems in your life and become a nuisance that will greatly annoy and aggravate you for a while.

Things in double quantity inside the building

Dreaming of seeing items or things in double quantity in the building where you reside is a sign that your apprehensions or fears may become a reality. The best thing you can do is try to stop obsessing over your fears and worrying about things you really can't control.

Building renovated by relatives or neighbors

Dreaming about the building where you live being repaired or renovated by relatives or neighbors reflects your inability to provide the appropriate solution to an issue being presented to you that is persistently bothering you. Your indecisiveness in solving the problem will cause you to lean towards useless advice and suggestions from other people while shunning appropriate advice.

Abandoned or dilapidated building

Visiting or staying in an abandoned or dilapidated building in your dream is a sign you may encounter much dissatisfaction with the actions of someone very close to you, someone whom you really trust. You could lose the support of this individual and may discover that reconciling with this person would be next to impossible.

A poor-looking building

Dreaming of seeing a poor-looking residential building or shack in which you may be residing is an indication of spending some time in an unfamiliar location. This could happen during a vacation trip, which may end up using a lot of your free time.

Living in unfinished building

Living in an unfinished or half-built residential building in a dream means you have been overly concerned or preoccupied with issues related to the possible loss of some of your hard-earned wealth, properties or personal assets.

A communal residential building

Dreaming of seeing yourself living in a communal residential building with other people is a sign that the plans or ventures you intend to embark on will be met with interferences and hindrances that will postpone their completion.

Empty building from afar

Dreaming of seeing an empty building from afar means your current desires and dreams may not materialize no matter how much determination and effort you put into trying to make them happen.

Rearranging things inside the building

Seeing yourself rearranging things or furniture inside the building where you live in a dream represents the possibility of receiving an unexpected visit. People you hold dear to your heart, like close relatives and friends that you haven't seen for quite a while, may soon drop by your doorstep.

Hiding inside the building

Dreaming about hiding inside the building where you live and barricading yourself in represents your success in being able to ward off any situations or circumstances that could cause you potential harm.

Golden building

Dreaming of seeing yourself going inside a golden-colored building is a warning about getting into a dangerous predicament that will require a lot of your time, patience and energy to get out of.

A casket inside the building

Dreaming of seeing a casket inside your building or someone else's is an indication of being content with life and experiencing a blissful existence. Such well-balanced and fulfilling existence would remain a part of your life for a while.

A deep pit inside the building

Dreaming of entering a building and almost falling into a deep pit inside is an indication of an approaching dilemma or the onset of a major conflict. This issue that you are about to experience may involve one of your family members or relatives.

Building shaken by the wind

Standing in front of or living inside a building being shaken by a strong gusty wind in your dream is a sign that you may be moving out of your current building and relocating to another place of residence very soon.

Renting a countryside building

Dreaming of vacationing and renting a building in the countryside is an indication of you losing your current position at your job. It could also mean your place of employment is getting downsized due to some unforeseen events.

Court litigation involving a building

Dreaming of being in the middle of a court litigation or proceedings involving a building, like a disagreement between you and your spouse, means the sadness and sorrow you may be experiencing now could soon be replaced with joy and contentment thanks to the way your life is progressing.

Slates falling down the roof of a building

Feeling fear and some degree of concern while witnessing slates falling down the roof of a building means you are likely to have a debate or serious argument with a member of your household or another person with whom you maintain a close relationship.

Repairing a farm building

Dreams of repairing a farm building, whether on your own or with the assistance of others, can be seen as a positive symbol. This dream often signifies the prospect of a prosperous and fulfilling life, characterized by contentment, happiness, and good fortune. It suggests that your efforts to restore or improve aspects of your life will lead to abundance and well-being. It's an encouraging sign to continue working towards your goals and making the necessary improvements for a bright and rewarding future.

Throwing someone off a building

Throwing someone off of a building could reveal a crack developing in your relationship with them, especially if it was someone you generally consider yourself close to. For example, you may have had some awkward text conversations with this individual or read some disturbing things on their online journal. The problem with this symbol is that it suggests you only have a short period of time in which to deal with this situation. Perhaps talking to them would help them open up and reveal what is actually bothering them.

Can't find way out of building

Many people see the dream can't find way out of building. This dream is a metaphor for feeling trapped by work responsibilities. You may see other symbols, like piles of paper or office furniture, that give further credence to this interpretation. In most cases, this imagery is simply a reflection of work stress piling up, so it can be alleviated by taking some vacation time, scaling back your hours or trying to fix particular issues at your job that cause you extra stress.

A building collapsing after a lightning strike

I dreamt that while at work in a high-rise downtown, another high-rise a few blocks away was struck by lightning. You could see the lights were out in the whole building. Then it started tipping to the right. I woke up before I fell any further.

Seeing lightning in your dream portends an unexpected event in your future. The lightning that struck the high-rise building suggests possible hardships and devastation. It could also mean a possibility of forest or other types of fires, which could negatively impact the living conditions in your household, neighborhood, or even the entire community. This dream vision conveys the message that some things are beyond your control and all that you can do is remain vigilant and prepared.

Building with a name on it

An image of a building with a name written on it, whether it is only a drawing or a real historic place, is usually related to your emotions and the changes you create in your life in the waking world. Additionally, this also forewarns the possibility of financial or material loss. The image of this architecture might represent the impact of this situation, so pay attention to the elements perceived, for this would highly affect you in real life.

Being pushed off a tall building

Being pushed off a tall building and falling in a dream reveals more than just a simple fear of heights. There may be people or a certain someone who is pushing you to do something. The helplessness you feel in this situation may contribute to stress or anxiety. In this situation, the best thing you can do is not lose your sense of self. You know who you are and what you believe in. Do not give in to those who would not do the same for you.

Abandoned building

Dreaming of an abandoned building, such as an old house or someone's dilapidated home, symbolizes elements of your past that you have neglected or left behind. In terms of interpretation, it suggests a need to revisit and address unresolved issues or situations tied to your history. As Carl Jung believed, the abandoned building represents your shadow self, urging you to create a plan for personal growth and development.