Dreams Related To Bugs

Bugs inside your body

Dreaming about bugs in and around your body suggests that the way you look at life is very dim and unexciting. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. In either case, the extent of the damage to and the eventual outcome of this negativity in your life depends greatly on the type of bugs encountered and your reaction to them within the dream.

Bugs under skin

Miller's notes on dream interpretation suggest that dreaming about bugs under your skin is actually a metaphor for something bothering you in wake life, similar to the phrase of someone or something "getting under your skin". You may be in a delicate mental state, tending toward pessimistic and darker thoughts during this period of time. Short bouts of depressing thoughts are not uncommon, especially in times of difficulty, but if the feelings persist, it would be wise to talk to a doctor.

Bugs coming out of skin

In traditional dream analysis, seeing bugs crawling out of your skin is a sign of passivity. Since you try to avoid conflict as much as possible, you tend to sweep little annoyances under the rug. Unfortunately, your avoidant personality may move your rivals to abuse your patience and stage an all out attack to weaken your resolve. Once the discomfort becomes too hard to bear, they could successfully kick you out of the group or force you to quit.

Flying pesky bugs

Dreaming about pesky, flying bugs that swarm about your eyes and ears usually means you are overly interested in and concerned about the personal matters of people around you. This vision suggests that other people have noticed you are sticking your nose where it does not belong and digging up information that is not necessary to know, possibly through underhanded tactics like gossip or snooping. This implies, in the eyes of others, that you are gathering these facts in order to take advantage of others or manipulate them in some way when it suits you.

Killing bugs

Envisioning yourself killing bugs in a dream vision is often interpreted as a positive sign in regards to your intimate relationships. It predicts being able to solve problems and overcome obstacles connected to your performance during sex. These solutions may be in the form of a new sexual partner, finding a ritual or movement which promotes orgasm, or being in a trusting relationship which allows you to fully enjoy the exploration of each other's bodies.

Trying to hide and being afraid of harmless bugs

Hi, several themes keep coming up in my dreams. I write them down\ religiously. One is hiding, but not in a good place, almost out in the open, but trying hard to wish I am not seen. Btw, I am a female. Another theme is pretending to sleep, so that others will think I am asleep. Another is flying bugs that appear to be very dangerous, but then my son, as a child, picks them up and they are harmless, much to my surprise. He is no longer a child, but in my dream he is. Thanks!

Dreams involving the image of hiding or wanting to be hidden suggest that you are ashamed of something or are keeping a secret in reality. It may be because you know some delicate information or you do not want others to realize your internal struggle. Pretending to sleep is another symbol that is closely related to the first. It can be interpreted as a sign that you are anxious in real life, likely because your morals are continually forcing you to reflect on your actions. It is possible that you are doing something that does not fit in with your moral code. Finally, the flying bugs are also an ominous sign that foretell of a dreadful economic condition that you may soon find yourself in. Your business or work situation could change, possibly due to your recent behavior. The sudden loss of income or revenue would make it difficult to even afford the most basic necessities. It would be wise to look for other possible sources of income or a side project to make some extra cash.

Bugs in general

Seeing bugs in a dream vision, in general, is indicative of having pessimistic thoughts or being affected by negative emotions. This is due to the fact that dealing with bugs in reality (usually their removal) is associated with dirtiness, trouble or some kind of hardship. This negative energy is most likely the result of outside forces. Other people may be burdening you with their problems, you may be absorbing the negative energy of people who tend to be intimidating to you, or you may be having your energy sapped by dealing with annoying people.

Butterflies as bugs

Bugs which are represented by butterflies are associated with mental focus, a strong resolve, and a penchant for self-improvement. This indicates you have the willpower and drive to make positive changes in your life should you see the need to do so. Seeing butterflies may also represent a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past, most likely your childhood. It could be connected to a certain memory, or just a general wish for times past. Additionally, this sign is often associated with transformation and change, especially if you are experiencing a period of time where things in your life seem uncertain.

Escaping from a bug invasion

Being in a dream where you successfully outmaneuver, avoid, or escape from an oncoming invasion of bugs, particularly if the insects seem to be specifically after you, is often interpreted as an auspicious sign associated with luck. Specifically, this symbol means you are likely to succeed in a task you are working on or overcome obstacles that were hindering your progress. You may also be relieved of some responsibilities that you found tiresome or annoying due to their placement on someone else's to-do list, giving you a well-deserved break. For students, running away from a swarm of bugs predicts that some uncompleted assignments are not likely to count against you.

Attractive bugs

Having a dream where you observe a bug which is attractive or pleasant in appearance to you is an ill omen which predicts misfortune for ventures you are currently involved with. Any expectations you may have had in hopes that they would come true are unlikely to materialize in reality. The power of this dream symbol is usually magnified if shared with people around you. It might be better to keep this one to yourself.

Gigantic bugs

Seeing giant, monstrous bugs in a dream vision, such as those in a sci-fi or horror movie, is often interpreted as evidence of internal fear or worry. This is especially true in relation to phobias and unrealistic concerns, such as those over germs, catching a rare disease, or being the victim of some random attack. While none of this is likely to come true, your preoccupation with such thoughts is likely to cloud your judgement in other, more important matters.

If the giant bugs attack or injure you in some way during the course of the vision, it may be a warning that your fears may actually be attracting negative energy. If too much accumulates, you may find yourself in a dangerous or unfavorable situation. Unless your worries and phobias are kept under control, this situation could spiral even further downward, causing disastrous results for you and your family.

Bugs crawling on the body

Having a dream where bugs are crawling all over your body with the intention to get inside is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to become the victim of a group of gossipers. This could be the work of people on the "Phantom Web", who are giving and receiving information without any direct personal communication with you. All the talk going on behind your back may make you feel paranoid or uncomfortable. If this dream, and the resulting rumors, carry on for too long, you may have a panic attack or a nervous breakdown from all the stress and anxiety.

Swarming bugs

Envisioning a swarm of bugs crowding around you represents the accumulated stress caused by the routines, tasks, responsibilities and worries of your daily life. If you let these concerns take up too much of your life without relaxing or taking a breath, you may experience a nervous breakdown or panic attack. This dream can be considered a warning to take time and smell the roses, giving yourself some time and space to just be you.

Being chased by bugs

Envisioning yourself being chased by bugs is often interpreted as a sign that you shy away from busy work or small tasks that are presented to you. The reason you are shunning this work or shirking these responsibilities is because you find them beneath your dignity. While you may think you are above menial chores and daily routines, others may find this attitude difficult to work with. If you do not prove your worth by doing smaller duties well, others are not likely to trust you with more complicated, important and challenging jobs.

Trying to catch bugs

Dreaming about catching bugs or attempting to do so, whether you are using a net or a glass contraption, predicts wasting time, energy, and effort on plans that are not destined to come to fruition. These unachievable goals are likely to leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed, especially after everything you put into them.

Countless bugs

Finding yourself in a dream where you are surrounded by a countless amount of bugs is actually a positive sign associated with business matters. In particular, this vision carries the interpretation that you are soon to experience success at your job or participate in some venture which greatly advances your career. This is especially true if you have recently been involved with a creative or innovative project or activity.

Successfully exterminating bugs

Being in a dream where you successfully exterminate bugs which have infiltrated your home or apartment is symbolic of achieving happiness and being at a good place in your life. However, the benefits you gain from this period of joy may be darkened by some other negative event in your life, such as a major sickness or accident which affects a friend, relative or one of your immediate family members.

Bugs quickly flying away

Dreaming about bugs which are disturbed and fly away when you suddenly move indicates that you have a deep-seated, subconscious concern for the health and well-being of young children, particularly your own or those under your charge. This is especially true if you are some type of teacher, coach or mentor. This vision may have been triggered by a child suddenly needing to leave you, either for a happy reason, like moving out for college, or something more serious, like being admitted to the hospital.

Bees as bugs

Having a dream about bugs in the form of bees, particularly large black bees or the typical yellow and black striped bee, predicts becoming involved in a romantic affair. Bees are often associated with romance and affection, and seeing them in a dream vision suggests becoming completely enamored with someone. This passionate courtship may even become a full relationship or something even more intimate with time.

Insects and bugs in dreams what is interpretation of these images

Beetles as bugs

Having a dream where you find or encounter bugs which are in the form of beetles is usually interpreted as a sign that your internal fears regarding a certain person, thing or event are getting worse. If you continue to dwell on these thoughts, you may experience anxiety or a panic attack. Additionally, seeing beetles in a dream vision may represent an aspect of your personality that is self-centered and cold to the needs of others. This may cause people to spend less time with you, as they always have to do what you want when you want to do it.

Beetles, in the context of a dream, also carry a negative prediction associated with loss. Specifically, this interpretation points to either material loss or declining health. If you were able to crush or squish the beetles within this dream vision, however, there is a chance you may hear some good news about the above situations or find some practical way to turn your bad luck around.

Mosquitoes as bugs

Seeing bugs in the form of mosquitoes in a dream, whether they are biting you or just buzzing around, indicates you have a low tolerance for annoying sounds, especially monotonous, droning tones. You probably hear these sounds often in wake life, either near your house, like the sound of traffic, or at work, like the clicking of keyboards. Being sensitive to these annoying but unavoidable noises may wreak havoc on your stress tolerance and mental well-being if you do not take time in quieter, calmer environments once in awhile. This is especially true if you see this sign in dreams often.

Dreams filled with mosquitoes may also represent sabotaging your dreams by being insecure or having low self-esteem. You may be next in line for a promotion to a position with more responsibility and duties but are unwilling to accept it. Your lack of confidence may hinder your ability to achieve career goals. Dreaming about exterminating mosquitoes, however, predicts that after an intense period of work, you can spend time well-deserved with your friends and family. This resting period may help you recharge your batteries and prepare you for the work ahead. It is also likely to improve your relationships with those closest to you, providing a safe haven to return to after a long day's labor.

Spiritual meaning of a moth or many moths

Moths as bugs

Envisioning bugs in the form of moths in a dream vision indicates having some deep internal struggles about a particular topic. The subject of your musing is likely dark or gruesome in nature, indicating that whatever hidden thoughts you have are also rather spine-chilling. Currently you may be pondering how to go about the situation you have been placed in or wondering how to fix the cause of these macabre ideas, though spending too much time entertaining these notions may have interesting effects on your psyche.

Having a dream about attempting to catch a moth that is just out of reach is often interpreted as a negative sign. It means you may be the victim of some malicious, untrue rumors which require you to go into defense mode. Dealing with these accusations and defending your honor and reputation may take up a lot of you time. The source of this gossip is likely someone who is using your degradation to rise up in the world.

Spiders as bugs

Dreaming about bugs in the form of spiders is an ominous sign suggestive of being controlled by a female who is overbearing and controlling. In real life, this may be a mother, step-mother, spouse, or boss who is always on your case and micromanages your day. This meddling is likely to cause you a lot of stress or anxiety. Outside of a dominating female, seeing spiders in a dream vision may also represent feeling a lot of pressure from society or the people you associate with on a regular basis. This pressure may infringe on your personal freedoms or your ability to express your thoughts and opinions freely.

Having multiple dreams about spiders and spider webs may represent obstacles that are currently preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams. You may find other people are the cause of your issues or that you do not have the resources or tools to complete things in a timely and efficient fashion. This is also true if you are attempting to break through or destroy the webs in this dream. This vision can also mean you have some internal hesitations about accomplishing some task because of self-doubt. Additionally, breaking through spider webs points toward going through domestic chores and your daily life in a bit of a haze, not paying attention to the details that make life interesting. This may hinder your ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

Dreaming about insects or bugs on your body

Ladybugs as bugs

Seeing bugs which are represented by ladybugs is usually interpreted as a positive sign in a dream vision. It predicts that you are soon to be blessed with an auspicious, beneficial period of time or circumstance which would allow you to make progress on or complete your most important goal or dream. You should be on the lookout for this time and make the most of the chance that is about to be given to you.

Poisonous bugs

Dreaming about poisonous bugs in particular predicts that the people you are competing with most seriously in wake life are about to launch a full-scale attack against you, your accomplishments and your reputation. This initiative would be made with the intent to advance their own agenda and bring you down. While the size and type of bugs can give a better idea of the amount of danger you are in, you should be on the lookout for any possible signs of what your rivals are up to.

Flying bugs

Envisioning bugs that fly, buzz, or flutter about is an ill omen predicting a dire financial situation in the future. The severity of these monetary troubles may cause bankruptcy and make it difficult to provide even for the most basic needs for you and your family. This is most likely tied to your work or career, suggesting you should be on the lookout for any signs of approaching trouble. Making a contingency plan may also be a good idea.

Water bugs

Seeing or interacting with bugs that live near or around water is a happy symbol which is often associated with the receiving of good news or going through a wonderful period of time in your life. Water-related bugs predict happiness and joy, and they are an especially welcome sign after going through some challenges or difficulties.

Blood sucking bugs

Having visions about observing or being pestered by bugs that suck blood indicates having to deal with headaches, both literal and figurative, due to a difficult situation. Blood-sucking bugs are often considered harbingers of mental turmoil, and seeing such a sign in a dream predicts experiencing troubles and annoyances which try your patience and internal strength. The situation you find yourself in is most likely caused by a young person, either a family member or some other person you are close to, who you see on a regular basis and have some vested interest in.

Caterpillars as bugs

Seeing bugs in the form of caterpillars in a dream vision predicts meeting or having to deal with an egotistical, self-centered person. This person is trying to deceive or mislead you with the express purpose of getting you to do something which furthers their selfish agenda. This is most likely something you would not normally wish to do or partake in because it puts you in a bad situation or is inconvenient.

Worms as bugs

Envisioning or observing bugs that appear to be in the form of worms is a promising symbol most often associated with success in business and financial security matters. Specifically, this vision suggests that you are about to change jobs or start a new career path which may lead to great gains in your wealth and overall well-being. This newfound prosperity is also likely to improve your mood, general outlook on life and attitude toward others.

Ants as bugs

Seeing bugs that manifest themselves in the form of ants is an unfortunate symbol to experience in a dream vision. It predicts having a bad day either directly following or soon after waking up. You may hear some unhappy news or hit a patch of bad luck, meaning that you are likely to spend most of your time cleaning up messes rather than making progress.

Flies as bugs

Seeing or observing common household flies in a dream vision is an ill omen suggesting that you may find you have contracted a disease in the near future. Specifically, insects in the form of flies represent contagious, transmittable diseases or those that are acquired through living and moving about in unclean, germ-infested environments. If you experience this sign in a dream, you should take care of your health with simple precautions like washing your hands and not sharing drinks with others.

Dragonflies as bugs

Envisioning yourself coming into contact with or observing dragonflies in a vision is often considered a positive sign connected with marriage. This dream in particular indicates you may soon experience a period of carefree living and a life free from monetary concerns due to your marriage to a rich and successful individual. This marriage may come out of nowhere, surprising you as much as your family members, such as parents, friends and acquaintances.

Being stung by bugs

Dreaming about being attacked and stung by a bug, particularly one with an obvious stinger, is an ill omen predicting going through a period of challenges and hardships. This might include building stress due to overwork or general bad luck when trying to accomplish tasks that are important to you. Additionally, being stung in a dream vision may also represent feelings of sorrow and regret about some self-centered behavior you may have indulged in recently. This was most likely you putting your wants and needs before others' or at the expense of other people's time and resources.

Bedbugs as bugs

Finding or observing bedbugs in a dream vision is often interpreted as a negative symbol associated with health. Specifically, this sign suggests you are about to go through a series of health-related troubles or have a terrible accident. This can also be extended to your immediate family members and other close relatives.

Lice as bugs

Having a dream where you see or find bugs in the form of lice, especially if they were present in your own hair, is an ominous sign associated with broken friendships. This vision points to unfair or cruel behavior on your part which may fatally damage your relationship with a long-time friend or acquaintance. This disagreement may even completely end this once happy relationship, forcing you to split up and go your separate ways.

Ticks as bugs

Finding or discovering a bug represented by a tick within a dream predicts going through a seriously complicated and troubling time in the near future. These unexpected, negative situations are likely to cause some major shifts in your living and working situation, though not for the better. It may take some time to fully recover after these blows.

Images of sacred bugs

Coming across or observing in a dream the likeness of a bug in some sacred state or form, such as a religious image or artistic representation, suggests there are envious people near you who would do anything to take your position and station in life for their own. Sacred bugs as a depiction within a dream vision predict inability to live a peaceful, happy life due to the constant threat of sabotage, which means you should take action against or otherwise incapacitate your rivals. Once you have done so, you may find you are much more productive and at ease.

Dense aggregations of bugs

Envisioning a dark, dense cloud of swarming bugs circling in the air around you or hovering over a particular object is a highly ominous symbol associated with ongoing health issues. Seeing an aggregation of bugs represents germs or other foreign invaders in your body which are breaking things down piece by piece. This deterioration is likely caused by some serious, life-threatening illness or condition.

Movement of bugs

Envisioning yourself watching or noticing the monotonous, systematic movements of a group of bugs is often associated with the body and the healing process. Seeing this sign in a dream vision represents some of the normal, helpful side-effects of cell turnover during the recovery process of some prior disease you suffered from. On the other hand, this same symbol can also predict bodily changes that take place as you become sicker, such as a rising fever or splotchy skin, which predict an oncoming illness.

Ground completely covered by bugs

Dreaming about standing or walking on the ground that is covered in a dense layer of crawling bugs, with the exception of locusts, represents a budding talent or ability to diagnose illnesses that are affecting people. You may have the gift of intuitively understanding the meaning behind someone's sore throat or the reason your friend has been feeling tired lately. This newfound quality may lead you to discover your true calling for being a healer.

Having a dream vision where the ground has many bugs covering it is also interpreted as a sign of dark thoughts or negative emotions forming a cloud around you. While the traditional meaning is tied more closely with visions of hell and demons, in the modern world this symbol suggests harboring ill will within you or wishing evil on others. You might need to take some time to recognize and analyze these notions and where they come from in order to completely eradicate them from your life. By doing so, you are likely to feel more tranquility and peace of mind.

Body covered by bugs

Envisioning yourself covered with bugs from head to toe is an ill omen predicting an internal battle between good and evil. This means you might be tempted to commit some immoral or illegal act for selfish, dark purposes. You may need to rely on mental power to control these urges and choose the correct, righteous path. Seeing another person's body in a similar state of exposure to bug invasion represents this person's internal struggle with a similar dilemma. You may wish to lend support to this person to strengthen their resolve to do and be good.

A dead body covered by bugs

Seeing or observing a dead, lifeless body covered in a layer of bugs suggests you have an interest in the functions and processes of your own body. This focus could be general, like tracking size, keeping tabs on your temperature, or making note of irregular situations. However, you may also get involved in researching more specific areas, like gut health or specific diseases. This symbol may also indicate some obsessive compulsive behavior, such as excessive hand-washing or cleaning rituals. In addition, you may be overly critical of yourself or your appearance, being hard on yourself for things other people would never notice or care about.

Dead bugs on body

Though it may make your skin crawl, those dead bugs are actually signs of better days ahead of you. Finding bugs stiff and lifeless on your body points to the end of your worries. You may have been spending sleepless nights with zero appetite because of a scuffle with your best friend or your significant other. The argument has cut off your usual communication and lighthearted banters, so you are keen on getting back to their good graces. Fortunately, this dream symbol means you do not have to do anything. Things will resolve by themselves. Alternatively, this also suggests you no longer care too much about your reputation and how others perceive you. You would much rather live your life the way you want, so long as you are not harming others in the process.

Bugs in your bed

Finding bugs in your bed while you are dreaming is generally considered an ill omen for future events. However, vividly remembering the type of bug could provide more information. For example, bed bugs may reveal an upcoming period of infirmity due to disease or injury, while ants of any variety may represent depression caused by a series of troubles at work and at home.

Bugs all over house

Dreaming that there are bugs and insects all over your house, such as an infestation of roaches, termites or ants, often represents the metaphorical awakening of conflict and ill will among the members of your household. Miscommunication and knee-jerk reactions would be the rule rather than the exception, leading to everyone feeling like they are bombs on the verge of exploding. To diffuse the situation, you may need to sit down and have an airing of grievances.

Bugs burrowing under skin

When you interpret the dream bugs burrowing under skin, Miller's body of work should be consulted. According to his analysis, this symbol is associated with being annoyed or bothered with something in reality, such as being busy or feeling overwhelmed. It is also connected to depression and anxiety, especially in troubled times. Seeing this symbol in a vision, then, may point toward a need to seek out help or take some time for yourself.

Popping bed bugs with fingers

I was killing bed bugs (blood suckers) with my fingertips. Pressing them to the floor then blood was sputtered. Bugs were running for their lives.

Dreams containing images of bed bugs can have two possible meanings. One of them could be telling you that you have recently changed your spending patterns for the worse, possibly because of some increasing demands for household necessities or due to additions to your family. Another meaning entails having people in your social circle who may be draining a lot of energy or make you irritated and tired. It seems like you have been preoccupied with finding possible ways to solve these issues, whichever apply to your current situation.

Bugs coming out of the crack in the wall

I was looking up at this huge crack in the wall of my house, it looked like water damage, and suddenly bugs started seeping out of the crack and filling up the wall, it was terrible.

A crack in the wall from water damage in this dream implies that someone in your family or social circle is experiencing some obstacles or issues and keeping it to themselves. The trouble is, if the difficulty is not dealt with soon, it could end up affecting the rest of the family members or friends, as symbolized by the bugs. Alternatively, certain individuals in your surroundings could be aware that there is something wrong, but they choose to turn a blind eye. The dream vision is showing you the greater damage you would have to fix when you continue ignoring the problem.

Trying to kill bed bugs

In my dream I was trying to kill bed bugs.

The bedbugs in your dream which you saw yourself exterminating can be interpreted as a negative symbol, one which is most commonly associated with health. You may have an accident that could leave you bedridden or fall sick for an undefined period of time. This could also happen to a member of your immediate family or one of your closest friends.

Bugs infesting the body

I dreamt that I had loads of lines under the skin on my legs and bum cheeks. When I picked at the line or bumps, they moved because they were stripey bugs like caterpillars. After a while, I clawed my skin to get them out of my body leaving gaping holes everywhere. Every time I ripped one of them out I crushed it and it seemed another one appeared in the hole in its place. Eventually, I got all of them out from under my skin and there were huge gaping holes in my legs where they had been.

The vision of caterpillars under your skin alludes to stunted potential. Clawing them out of your skin is a reflection of your frustration and anxiety about being unable to reach your full potential. You could be stressing yourself out trying to hit all sorts of targets and standards that you have set for yourself. Being too hard on yourself, however, could lead you to self-destruction or a loss of your optimism and passion. Alternatively, the caterpillars could be individuals in your waking life who are leading you astray. The holes they leave as you pluck them out of your life refer to the irreversible damage and negative consequences of following their lead.

Bugs coming out of eyes

Dreams about bugs coming out of my eyes.

Dreaming that bugs are coming out of your eyes portends the start of a new venture or project. The bugs specifically point to a new endeavor which brings you great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, while the exit location of the eyes suggests you would act as the leader or director, managing others and setting deadlines so that everyone stays on task. While you would be very happy being in charge of a project you feel strongly about, be careful not to let the power go to your head.

Being bothered by a bug

I was with some old friends and a bug wouldn't leave me alone, and no matter how much fuss I made over it, no one else noticed the bug. Female.

Dreaming about being with friends is a manifestation of events which have recently taken place in your waking life. The notion of enjoying a day out with your buddies could be a reflection of a similar gathering in the waking world. The idea of being bothered by a bug could be taken as a sign of you being uncomfortable around a certain individual belonging to the group. Also, since no one else was aware of the bug annoying you, it could indicate that it is only you who may be experiencing bad vibes emanating from this person. It would be better to re-examine whom you consider to be true friends and keep yourself away from negative people.

Bugs coming out of a child's eyes

I was in a garden with a child who I think was one of my own but as a child, they call to me and when he turns to look at me I see bugs coming out of his eyes.

The image of bugs coming out of someone's eyes suggests new ventures and fresh opportunities. Gardens are associated with growth and cultivation, so perhaps the new endeavors on your horizon are associated with family and maternal instincts. Perhaps you are called upon by your children to provide appropriate wisdom and guidance regarding their choices and decisions. Of course, this dream vision is also tempered with a reminder to not let your influence and power go to your head lest it sows seeds of discord and resentment in your household.

Bugs getting bigger

Bugs are a typical metaphor for negative thoughts. Perceiving them growing in size in your dream foretells the similar weight of the burdens you carry in your actual life. These negative emotions prevent you from having a good time, for you always worry something might go wrong or that the happiness you feel is fleeting. However, this dream also holds a different interpretation, which concerns your maturity. If you see this event happen at home, this signifies that your sense of responsibility has developed, and you are now becoming responsible for your thoughts and actions.

Eating bugs

Eating bugs or using them as a food source in a dream can reflect a general fear or anxiety you have in your waking life. However, the act of overcoming this fear and actually consuming the insects in the dream indicates a desire to overcome challenges in your life. This dream also implies that someone in your life has a negative aura or energy that you are exposed to. It may be time to distance yourself from that person or situation to nourish yourself with positive energy and experiences.