Dreams Related To Bruise

Bruises on arms

Dreaming of having bruises on your arms reflects a rough path ahead of you. You may be experiencing some sort of hardship as you try to reach your goals in life. It also suggests that you are easily swayed by others' opinions, such as your friends, when making decisions. The vision of these bruises also stands for the difficulties you have in your relationship that you refuse to face, which often leads to hurtful arguments with your significant other.

Bruises on someone else

A dream of seeing bruises on someone else warns of a rough period in your life. This means that you are likely to face danger trying to pursue your dreams. At present, you might be experiencing a sense of fear with certain decisions you are about to make and it is good to listen to your instinct this time or ask for somebody's advice for guidance.

Having bruised legs

Generally speaking, a dream involving bruises symbolizes rough situations someone is about to face. This type of dream contains different meanings depending on specific elements. In particular, having your legs bruised reflects painful or dangerous events that you are about to experience. This is symbolic because how you deal with these situations represents your values and your emotional capacity to face challenges in life.